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FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

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  1. Ollie the bear
    Yes, I’m using the stock medium tips, are the AE07 comparable in size?
  2. audio123
    Hope this helps. Cheers! :)
  3. cr3ativ3
    i tried spin fits with my acme today. like it very much :) even better then spiral dots.
    very similar to symbio w , but with better comfort.
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  4. SETriode
    Hi @Hawaiibadboy , in your opinion which one sound close to qdc Anole VX : S8F, S8P, S6R, S6P? or maybe Moondrop A8 or BGVP DM7?
    I tried Anole VX and like the sound profile, just don't want to spend that kind of money.

  5. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    The S6P is the most balanced and the most like Anole with dip switches in standard mode.
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  6. SETriode
    Thanks HBB
  7. gazzington
    I've ordered a fearless s8 freedom from lindsoul today. Can't wait for it to arrive. Hope it will pair nicely with ak sp1000
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  8. TAsme
    You wont be disappointed sir. For me the s8f/p currently is the best price/performance IEM out there
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  9. hemipowered007
    Not trying to be repetitively annoying, would love to hear more opinions on andromeda vs s8f, would also love to hear comparison to sony ex1000. Going to guess next one is unlikely but UM mirage is also looking interesting but pretty new.
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  10. Matthew420
    I haven't heard them, but the frequency response graphs suggest the S8 Pro would be a closer analogue to the Andromeda.
  11. jnsaudiophile
    Anymore suggestions for the tips? I've been loving the Comply S-200 "medium" for the S8pro. They sound fantastic and they fit snug so no issues of it getting stuck in your ear canal. I just worry for the filterless design, I am scared of earwax getting into the tubing. And oh since its foam, you'll need to buy lots as they will degrade fast but the sound is amazing. The spinfits I had before are now in the do not use bin for me. I guess for those that had the 8F, the spinfits would make more sense as it warms the sound but its too warm for the 8p imho so something different would probably work.
  12. cr3ativ3
    Did you tried the symbio w ?
  13. jerick70
    I just got some Symbio W ear tips in the mail today, and these are my favorite with the S8 Freedom!!!
  14. jerick70
    I found the perfect cable for the S8 Freedom. The Lunashops 4 in 1 Plug 8 cores 99.99% Pure Silver Earphone Cable. IMO it is the perfect pairing with the S8F. So smooth and extremely detailed with no sibilant mess. Plus it is so soft and supple with no microphonics.


    IMG_20190612_193702.jpg IMG_20190612_193747.jpg IMG_20190612_193822.jpg IMG_20190612_193829.jpg
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  15. cr3ativ3
    Yeah I use them for my Solaris and r1 zenith . The acme at the moment with spin fits
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