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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. Rin1990
    Please do fill me in on everything you can, buddy.

  2. olddude
    No sting here. I don't operate on hype. If I did I would have bought a Mojo when that was the favorite flavor (anyone notice how many many many of them appeared on the For Sale boards after that rush waned?). The most realistic post I've seen here in a while was the one about buying and selling the Ref 1 three times and it was still the best IEM that person had heard. That's the issue with hype I have here: people not being able to settle in and enjoy what they have. I am totally happy with my DAP and Zeus. If I attend CanJam LA I will certainly check out the new EE models (and others) but I already know the Legend and Phantom aren't for me, based on descriptions of sound signature here. Hence no sting. And it took me nearly eight months to decide on the Zeus in the first place. Had to do due diligence.

    BTW, Pinky, I bought the (now sold) Angie to go with my (now sold) AK120ll because of your review and discussion about the synergy between the two. Not any hype about it. That is my point. Hype is short-term, everyone rushes around like a bunch of teenage boys getting excited about what teenage boys get excited about (albeit teenage boys with lots of money, as this hobby ins't cheap), they buy the latest greatest, now they have the latest greatest, and they are left wanting because, well, here comes that hype train again. If you are never satisfied, you are never satisfied. So is the joy in having the equipment, listening to the equipment, or in constantly searching for better equipment?

    Yeah, I know, this a nerd audiophile blog, why am I asking the big questions. :)
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  3. Lucif6r6th
    Well... as bonus those who want to know if the hiss is there.
    I'm glad say that the hiss is non-existent for the X-Series.
    I do hear a little hiss (barely noticeable at all) from the EP-Series but i believe that is just because of my DX200's balanced power output.
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  4. Deezel177
    Echoing this sentiment, I can confirm that hiss is significantly lower than the Olympus series. Through my MS-modded WM1A, it’s virtually inaudible.
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  5. PinkyPowers
    That's good hear. I thought I read a little exasperation and maybe a hint of annoyance/bitterness in your other posts, and I wanted to put your spirit at ease. If I misread that, forgive me.
  6. NaiveSound
    To me Zeus is attractive due to resolution, and forward mid-range, engaging emotional sound with precision imaging.

    If anything else makes those things ever better than i want it. Otherwise zeus is endgame for me
  7. olddude
    No, just trying to calm things down here a bit. They say age brings wisdom.........
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  8. olddude
    Not cynical at all. Just trying to inject a bit of adultness into this. At a certain point the hype gets overwhelming and, dare I say, silly. New toys are great, I love them, but just like the Mojo I see a rush that will repeat over and over. Learn to be happy with what you have for awhile and then consider moving on. People bought IEMs a month or two ago and now they feel they need better. Learn to enjoy the toy before wanting a new one
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  9. singleended5863
  10. PinkyPowers
    That must be where I misjudged. It wouldn't occur to me to try and temper hype on Head-Fi. It's an all-consuming force I just step aside for. :dt880smile:

    Well... I may also stoke it a bit. :D
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  11. Wyville
    All silliness aside and ignoring the story behind them (which let's be honest, is pretty bloody amazing), the Phantom present a very compelling proposition that for me as an audiophile, reviewer and someone who uses music for health reasons, sets them apart from most TOTLs. Not many IEMs prioritise a natural, accurate tonality and harmony within the signature.

    I have been looking around to find IEMs that can faithfully reproduce instruments, ie. not just music in general, I wanted individual instrument timbre to be excellent, and there aren't that many. I have heard a lot of great sounding IEMs that I would call natural in a general sense, but only two managed the type of instrument timbre and harmony I was after. One of which (UE18+ Pro) I demoed only briefly, and the other (VE5 + Lionheart) lacked the versatility to be my main IEMs. Beyond that I have found maybe two more, one of which (SE5U) can't be made to fit my ears and the other (Maestro V2) has been replaced by a much more expensive (retuned) new version. So you can see that the Phantom offer something quite special that I think is worth getting very excited about. I honestly can't wait to get my hands on them and put them to the test to see if they do really live up to Nic's intentions (his ideal FR curve).
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  12. proedros
    @flinkenick what type of cables you find paired best with Phantom ?
  13. Mython Contributor
    Meh... that's simply a matter of statistics - if a product sells 10x more units than others, then one might very reasonably anticipate 10x more units being offered for sale on the secondhand market, the percentage of resales remaining proportionally similar to lesser-selling competing products.

    Being a surrealist has it's ups & downs, too! wink  emoticon.png

    It have long considered the humourous absurdity that if only amnesia pills were widely available from one's local pharmacist, it'd be possible to save thousands of dollars in this hobby.

    i.e. No more perception of 'yesterday' = (potentially) no more craving for the next latest & greatest; every single day the same gear would sound brand new, ad infinitum...

    If you decide to use this method, please pay me a 5% commission on the thousands you save! (then, at least I can buy the next latest & greatest, even if you're not :D)
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  14. ctsooner22
    Awesome thread. I am excited about this launch. My wife even got excited about the lower priced ones in her color of metallic purple with clear Swarski crystals in the left ear and the purple ones for the right ear. She has the Sure 500's I think they are called, but doesn't love them or their 'look' lol.

    So many of us in 2 channel audio spend our lives and money trying to find a system that will be the MOST neutral and have the sound that the Phantom seems to offer. I'm SOOOOO excited about this, because so far I have yet to see or hear anything in headphones that will give me all of this. My Ori's come semi close, but there is still no sub bass. I have an incredible 2 channel system that does give me sub bass that is accurate (I was a drummer before the MS took hold) and not rolled off. I get down to a legit 25hz in my room. I will hear them for the first time in NYC and I promise that won't be the last time. I'm also excited about the lower priced X line ones think it is for the wife in IEM (Phantoms will be CIEM). I promise to review both if I get them as I'm going to run them off the AK380cu, but also I'll use my soon to be The Memory Player with integral DAC via a yet to be named Headphone amp (I'll probably get one at teh show in NYC, so any suggestions are helpful. Also have a couple of designer friends who are making headphone amps right now and want me to audition their prototypes when they are ready. I will keep my Ayre QX5/20 until I get the CIEM so I can use that as the DAC/AMP combo to really max out what these can do. This is teh best sounding DAC/amp combo I've ever heard and you have to understand I have auditioned most of the 10k plus DAC/amps that are offered world wide as that's what I love doing and have been blessed to be able to as folks send their gear all the time for auditions. It's a blast and fun to share. This is the perfect extension of my hobby wiht audio and now with such a line as the Phantom one, it really is exciting as heck. Thanks to Jack and Nic and others who still care about the accurate reproduction of music. I also would love to get something that's on the fun side like so many of you guys/gals.

    Sorry to drone on, but it's an exciting time in the IEM world.
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  15. NaiveSound
    What is the best way store cables without damage coiling it up in a circle sucks
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