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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. Wyville
    Don't worry, it was a tongue-in-cheek "very cynical". I understand his point and wasn't contesting it, just adding some aspects to it that are more about the fun and usefulness.
  2. flinkenick
    Well the Phantom and Fourte is like comparing oranges with bananabread. Fourte is one of the brightest iems in the top tier segment. While it certainly contributes to its unique signature and hyperdetailed sound, clarity in itself is not per se a trait that everyone strives for, or considers as something 'to beat'; and it certainly wasn't the intention of the Phantom. Increasing the upper treble like the Fourte will push out detail more explicitly, but there is a direct inverse relation with timbre, coherency, and naturalness, which were the priorities of the Phantom.

    Similarly, previous iterations of the Legend were brighter. But the treble was eventually brought to a level where it is still exciting and engaging, but coherent with the midrange, and relatively smooth. Personally, I think for the better. But of course, this isn't a judgment towards the Fourte, or people that prefer brighter tunings, because I too acknowledge the uniqueness of the Fourte's sound. Just saying that adding more clarity won't necessarily be a better thing; especially when compared to Fourte.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  3. Deezel177
    Hey guys, I just got back from the Empire event. Regardless of hype, I was genuinely impressed by Empire’s new line-ups - moreso than the hype even suggests - with specific consistent qualities that I’ll discuss in the THL article. All I’ll say for now is the Legend X and the Phantom are exceptionally unique IEMs, and they very much deserve their flagship statuses. But, do not sleep on the Bravado; it has the potential to completely shake up the market. Stay tuned... :wink:
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  4. Wyville
    Hope you had a great time there and I am really looking forward to the THL article! First we had Ryan's "roving reporting" and now yours... Awesome!
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  5. flinkenick
    Looking forward to your impressions Daniel! I personally love the Bravado, very different than the Legend.
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  6. subguy812
    Not worried about anything sir! :)
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  7. NaiveSound
    The Bravado? There is a 3rd iem?
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  8. kubig123
    There are 2 completely new lines that EE will introduce, the Legend and the Phantom are the 2 top iems for each of these 2 new lines.

    A lot to listen too
  9. Rin1990

    Curious how the Bravado is to your ears.

    But do tell me, any thoughts on the Vantage?
  10. Kerouac
    Exactly!!! Listening with the Zeus XR to the latest Nils Frahm album ['All Melody' in 24-96 flac] while I'm typing this, and it sounds nothing less than magical to my ears.
    How good the upcoming models might be, they don't devaluate that Zeus XR sound quality over night :ksc75smile:

    Now, that's the spirit! Once you've heard the Phantom it's certainly not easy to forget about it :grin:

    Hmmm, please tell us (also) more about the Bravado driver set-up / pricetag and signature as soon as you can :thinking:
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  11. flinkenick
    Oh wait, got confused. I was referring to the Vantage lol. Vantage is the warmest and smoothest of the three upper-end hybrids. It combines a beautiful timbre with a very natural, albeit significantly enhanced, bass. But despite the warmer tone of its notes, it provides a clean stage with good separation, rather than sounding overly warm and congested. It's a unique blend of 'audiophile' and 'basshead'.

    Bravado is the entry-level model with a 1 BA and 1 DD.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  12. Rin1990

    >> unique blend of 'audiophile' and 'basshead'.

    >> beautiful timbre with a very natural, albeit significantly enhanced, bass

    >> clean stage with good separation, rather than sounding overly warm and congested.

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  13. Lucif6r6th
    I do like the vantage very much too. More natural, smoother and easier listening on the ears. It still has DAT BASS
    But don't look down on bravado either, the little brother of the X line-up still has DAT BASS
  14. Rin1990
    FINALLY! Some impressions on the lower models!

    I really want to read more about the Bravado and Vantage. It's about time those lower models get the love they deserve!
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  15. Deezel177
    The Bravado is the entry-level of the X line-up. It’s priced below S$1K. Full details on the entire line-up will be up on the THL article.

    The Bravado is slightly less smooth compared to the Vantage, and it’s my favorite out of the line-up for people who enjoy fun, dynamic, speedy and tight signatures. Like I said, full details will be on the article. :)
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