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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. michsu
    Haha the XR is a much higher price.. I'm already trying to work on the regular Zeus price..
  2. NaiveSound

    Truly an awesome configuration, you'd be surprised how each signature fits certain tracks better than the other, absolutely amazing... I mean what other IEM does this? Zeus XR is truly unique, and Empire Ears are the team to do it!
  3. ejong7

    The R is not flat per say. It's just more reference or 'neutral' than the Zeus. For your case I think I would go R. Yes, the slightly more elevated mids might be tempting for vocals but since you listen to a wider range of stuff I would recommend the more versatile R.
  4. ibbreezy
    Is there a picture of the Zeus XR ADEL? I would like to see how cluttered or not the faceplate becomes. Thanks.
  5. justrest
  6. Jack Vang

    Who doesn't love carbon fiber?

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  7. twister6 Contributor
    @Jack Vang : any  teasers of universal XR Adel? [​IMG]
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  8. Canyon Runner
    There is always the Made-To-Order universal option [​IMG]
  9. ironpeg
    Cannot wait for mine to arrive! Been counting days LOL.
  10. Rin1990

    Oh my....G1 modules look really attractive there with the color....


    And Carbon fiber is love.
  11. Xamdou
    So we might be able to customize the module's color too?
  12. ironpeg
    I don't think so. I think they are mass produced.
  13. twister6 Contributor
    No, ADEL modules are color coded per their model/application.  B1 is black, G1 is red, S1 is silver, and so does adjustable MAM.
    Here are the pics, and the flat top is not ADEL, it's 64audio own APEX module (nothing to do with ADEL tech).
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  14. james93
    I have a question, I've been watching the world series pre and post game commentary and notice the iem the people are wearing. It looks like Frank Thomas has a pair of Empire Ears on, solid face color and gold EE. Is this true?
  15. ezekiel77
    In the context of 64 Audio a total of 4 modules were developed by Asius. The silver S1 was used as default (warm and bassy with most isolation), but not used in the EE lineup.
    Black B1 - less isolation, less bass, more treble, balanced and airy
    Deep red G1 - less isolation, more subbass, even more treble, V-shaped and fun
    MAM - adjustable isolation and signature
    Full post here with comparos done with A12. http://www.head-fi.org/t/739712/1964-ears-adel-iems/6765#post_12898846
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