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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. mr.karmalicious
    I do want to talk about power sources re: the LX and in general a bit, though... can anybody explain this to me? More power ostensibly just means a higher max volume, so that certainly can't be it. People talk about "dynamics", but I don't understand what that has to do with power. My best guess as to what the relevance of power output is is that amplifier output isn't perfect across the power spectrum—perhaps at levels near the min and max possible by the amp, it's not outputting flatly across the frequency spectrum? Maybe given different impedances across the frequency spectrum (as discussed before, particularly in multi-driver sets), you need to put more power into certain frequency bands, so it's better to have the headroom? I dunno, but I'm interested in knowing.
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  2. CANiSLAYu
    Well, I made the tough decision to return Valkyrie. Not because I don't like it, but more because I can't justify having three $1,500+ IEMs (along with LCD-4z). Only have 2 ears and so many hours in the day to listen to music and I find I prefer listening to LX or Phantom more for what they do best. If I could only have one of the three, it probably would be Valkyrie because I think it's the best all rounder for the music I enjoy.
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  3. Sifo
    Hanging out at Empire Ears!

    Valks are just as good as when I first demo'd them.

    Maybe a more comprehensive review when I get back to Toronto.
  4. Giullian
    Think like how hard it is to a V8 5.0l 500hp drive at 100km/h and an i4 1.0l 100hp to drive at the same speed and both want to go to 120km/h. At some point both will be at 120, but who will struggle more? would be similar to power to audio.
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  5. Van Gogh
    Valkyrie is really amazing, no doubt.
    The problem I had with it was that it was too amazing. The abundance of bass/treble at the same time really made my brain confused.
    Tomorrow I am doing my final demo of Legend X and Valkyrie, to decide which one to get... Really tough decision.
  6. Sifo
    I actually tried the LX again and really enjoyed it. I first tried it at a CanJam where it was loud and I was trying all kinds of different iems. I didn't really get to give them a proper chance, but now that I have, everything that you guys have said in this thread holds true.

    They're still not my preferred signature but I definitely could see myself owning a pair if the Valks hadn't come out.

    I spent like 5 hours with Empire today including lunch, toured the facility and got to see everything. Empire's as real as it gets and it shows in their products.

    Aside from the fun I had, I'm glad I came to pick them up in person. I had to have some minor fit adjustments done so I'll pick them up tomorrow before I fly home.
  7. mr.karmalicious
    That actually SERIOUSLY reminds me of another situation! I used to be really into craft beer, and once went to a bottle share (which is what it sounds like--eberybidy brings bottles of different beers to share) where somebody brought a really high ABV (like... 20%) stout aged in Bourbon barrels and with a bunch of other stuff added. I'd already had a bunch of different beers, and when I finally tried that one, it just tasted like a sugary, boozy, mess. I took two sips and gave the rest away--absolutely didn't care for it.

    Some time later, I got to try it on a nice winter evening while snowed in with a friend--it was amazing! I could taste all of the complexity to it, and I had a full half of the 750mL bottle. Completely different experience.

    I guess if you've already been at a loud place for a while, your ears are getting hit with all sorts of noise, and they're not really prepared for something that's so complex yet so bold--in the fatigued state, that complexity can get lost, and the boldness can come off as being one-noted.

    I'm glad you tried it again, and also glad that you got what you wanted! The Empire folks really are a treat, and that's a nice place to spend a few hours :).
  8. CANiSLAYu
    Interesting analogy and I think there's validity to it. I think hearing, taste, etc. as biological functions can be affected by our mood, the environment, psychological state, etc. I've also read studies that your tastes buds change every 5-7 years, so things you didn't like before you might like next time you try it and vice versa (I try olives every now and again because of this, but still hate them with a pasion, lol). Wouldn't be surprised if there was some of that with hearing as well!
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2019
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  9. BBGirl
    tempting .. on that pearl set
  10. Layman1
  11. BBGirl
    white one
  12. proedros
    anyone here who knows/loves this electro/soul/disco masterpiece ?

    think something groovy like Daft Punk ,only 100 times more original and 1000 times more enjoyable....

    this should be a blast on a Legend X

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  13. BBGirl
    I have a set of legend x,eh there ok.. i personally enjoy my 64audio fourte more tho. i will be unloading the legendx soon on here.
  14. dlegendkiller
    Hello everyone. I just listened to Legend X, Valkyrie, and Wraith yesterday.
    I found Valkyrie as my preference among the three but I'm hesitant to pull the trigger since I already own CA Andromeda. I really like my Andros, and I know they're both different but I'm trying to justify why I should have both and not be contended with just one since I only have two ears.
    My behaviour so far is if I like something new, I get it then sell the old one. From Bose QC35 to CA Comet then Andro. However, this time I really don't like to sell my Andros I find it very special and distinct from Valkyrie.

    To anyone having more than one IEMs, how did you convince yourself to buy another pair?

    I plan to visit the shop later today in Singapore.

  15. mwhals
    I like having different sounding IEMs for the purpose of matching them with genres that fit them best. I also like the option to listen to a different tuning based on my mood.
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