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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. Flosa
    Athena or Zeus seem very interesting for my tastes
  2. Vaanres

    It's beutiful!!!!! Anyone can give me the picture of Zeus with clear shell like this ?
  3. AxelCloris Administrator
    The Apollo and the Zeus are pretty close in size, so I'd say that the picture gives a good idea how the Zeus would look with clear shells and an abalone insert.
  4. Vaanres
    I knew, but zeus has more drivers :), i just curious :p
  5. Spamateur
    Spent this weekend moving, so I didn't get any opportunity to listen to music. I never thought I'd be happy to return to work, but it's amazing to revisit the Zeus-R with a "clean slate" after 5 days of no music. I'm playing Pinback's "Information Retrieved" album, and it's an absolute delight to my ears. I'm still struck by the improved level of detail and space with the ZR. On a well-mastered album like this one I love just sinking into the music while at the office.
  6. ibbreezy
    My Zeus should be with them for the upgrade. Only had a week or two with them before they departed. 
    Not much to add that hasn't been already said in regards to the sound, but for me, they are one of two headphones that had an immediate "Wow" effect (the other being the HD800S). The Zeus had a much more "full" sound than my other IEMs, especially the treble region. It's also the first one where I have a more consistent feeling of sound-stage. No hiss on my Cowon P1 and Acoustic Research AR-M2.
    Looking forward to the Zeus-R, and possibly other models come August [​IMG] 
  7. Spamateur
    Totally agree. The treble is natural and realistic, especially with cymbals. I have never heard another balanced armature-based IEM that did treble in an "correct" fashion with the exception of the Sony Z5, strangely. I think it's the biggest weakness of most BA IEMs when compared to full-size cans. I'm not sure if it's a tuning thing, but it seems that balanced armatures can easily veer into hashy or splashy territory where a cymbal crash sounds indistinct to the point where it's just high-frequency noise. It was my biggest bone to pick with the Noble K10U aluminum I owned, and bothered me to the point that I sold them after ordering my Zeus. 
  8. Larethio

    You have listened to and owned two of the best iems in the world? $$$$$
  9. tkteo
    I agree about your "Wow". I tell my friends who are interested in CIEMs that even if they find they do not personally like the sound signature of the Zeus after auditioning it, they should still keep an open mind and audition it in the first place.
    Confession: I don't own the Zeus (at the moment?), but hey it's really the most unforgettable IEM I auditioned thus far.
  10. Spamateur
    Well, I sold one, so the K10U basically funded the Zeus. [​IMG]
    Luckily I don't have kids and my girlfriend understands or at least is tolerant of the fact that audio is my biggest hobby.
  11. Larethio

    Haha don't worry my ex felt the same way with my Etymotic ER-4S :joy:
  12. Cagin
    missed FedEx delivery yesterday, but I'm damn impressed by how fast it was. 46h ! Today's a religious holiday so I'll go get my baby Zeus-R tomorrow :p
  13. Larethio
    People are getting the Zeus R but I don't see it on the site. :confused_face_2:
  14. james93
    You are correct but the Zeus R is the only one they are shipping for new orders.

    I just got my pics to approve the shells and it's a go, I def can't wait to hear how the R has changed from the original I demoed at Axpona.
  15. Larethio
    So how one order the Zeus R if it isn't on the site yet?
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