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Effect Audio cables thread

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  1. ctsooner22
    I’ll take G’ackson.
    Lol. Or more probably Siri since that jealous bitch change what I told her to say.
    Daniel, I’ll take her as I posted above. Lmao
  2. flinkenick
    Since Effect doesn't seem in a particular rush to send me one, had to take matters in my own hands hehe.

  3. PinkyPowers
    I should have my review of Thor Silver II Bespoke 8-Wire up sometime this week. Maybe even tonight. But no promises. :)
  4. Blommen
    Please please please!!!
    Wyville likes this.
  5. San Man
    Bugger you always get the good stuff first!
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  6. yukiorui
    I'd be interested in reading your impressions of the Janus D with the Phantom, and a possible comparison with the Leonidas paired with the Phantom.
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  7. ctsooner22
    Spill da beans!!!! LOL....can't wait to hear your thoughts compared to everything else that you have listened to and own. This will be amazing for those of us who own Phantom's.
    flinkenick and Wyville like this.
  8. San Man
    Whooo, my Janus arrived. Too bad my DAP is overseas :frowning2:
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  9. PinkyPowers
  10. ctsooner22
    PinkyPowers likes this.
  11. yukiorui
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  12. Wyville
    [defiant voice] :innocent: No it won't! :innocent:
    :innocent: I am perfectly happy with the Ares II 8-wire! :innocent:
    :innocent: No need to look at Leonidas or Janus. :innocent:
    :innocent: Avert thine eyes! :innocent:
    :imp: Come on Nic, spill da beans! :imp:

    The eternal struggle of every audiophile. :D Looking forward to reading the impressions!
  13. Blommen
    PinkyPowers likes this.
  14. flipper203
    how much does it cost to reterminate a câble at EE?
  15. San Man
    C6B0BB45-8EAD-487B-9006-F01491D707BB.jpeg My initial visual and physical impressions of the Janus D:

    Surprisingly lightweight, especially if you consider it's an 8 wire cable.
    Tightly wound braid
    Surprisingly supple
    Nice connectors (EA Pentacon 4.4)

    Overall, it's quite a beautiful beast
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