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Effect Audio cables thread

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  1. project86 Contributor
    I've discussed Effect Audio in the past - I'm a satisfied user of several models of theirs, from relatively entry-level to higher up the food chain. Their products have always appealed to me as a rather good value proposition. I consider them among my favorite cable makers along with Toxic Cables, Charleston Cable Co, Cabledyne, and CablePro, for my various cable needs. Wow, I just wrote the word "cable" way too many times. 
    I know we have an existing thread but as the OP has long since been banned, I figured I might start a new one. It's particularly timely as Effect has a contest going which ends later this month. HERE is a link where they give more details. Now, I don't normally care much for contests, but in this case I like it because A) they are furthering the discussion rather than simply soliciting "likes", and B) the "prize" involved is a $999 cable - not bad, right? Typically this sort of thing would involve a $100 or $200 prize, rather than the top model. So I figure it is worth posting. Entries are due by the end of November and I'd love to see a forum member take home the prize. If you do, I expect pics!
    Speaking of which, here are some various shots of my Effect arsenal. I've picked up quite a few of them over the years for my Audeze LCD-2 and LCD-3, IEMs, and Mr Speakers headphones. Currently have some more on the way too. So, yeah, you could say I'm a fan.
    I'll add some pics of my incoming models once they arrive. I've got a Thor Copper 16W on the way for my HD800 and an Eros Reference for my HE-1000, plus an Eros 8W which I'll primarily use with a Noble K10. 
    Anyone else have Effect cables? Please discuss or post pics. 
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  2. FidelityCastro
    Also a fan. I have a couple of theirs including (I think) an Eros hybrid 8-braid.
    It's my favourite cable and works well with a range of IEMs.

    I'll be listening to a couple more soon to try and find the best pairing with an IEM that just joined the collection (Rhapsodio Solar).
  3. project86 Contributor
    How about some pics? 
  4. flinkenick
    Not a very popular thread huh [​IMG] 
    Was wondering if anyone tried Mars yet.
  5. FidelityCastro

    Hi mate
    They have a new one coming out called Leonidas. I've tried the demo and it sounds good. Calvin at Music Sanctuary in Sing let me try the demo. He thinks it's amazing.
  6. flinkenick
    Yeah I was just scrolling through their facebook, looks nice man. Any price indication?
  7. Kozato
    Estimated selling price will be between 700 USD to 1000 USD for the Leonidas.
  8. flinkenick
  9. project86 Contributor
    Just picked up some cables from Effect, making them my second most common brand in the system (behind Cabledyne who makes interconnects and AC stuff but doesn't make headphone cables). Got a Thor Copper 16W for my HD800 which helps warm them up a bit and takes an edge off that sometimes aggressive peak area. Also got an Eros Reference for my HE1000 - wow, what a beast! I'll have more to say about it soon enough.
  10. Kozato

    The Mars is 999 USD. More details should be available when the Leonidas is launched.
  11. ambrose1985
  12. FidelityCastro

    Knowing your sound sig taste, I'm going to suggest strongly that you try the Leonidas. Definitely your kind of cable.
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  13. yellowblue
    Project86, after searching in the DHC and Norne thread I discovered your comments on the Effect Audio cables. I will get the Chord Dave soon and I am searching for the right headphone cables for my HD800 (Anax mod).
    Do you think that the Thor Copper 16W would fit or do I loose too much in resolution? Will those be better than the Norne Audio Draug2? Or what about the Eros Reference for the HD800? 
    I discovered even the Artemis and the Hades on amazon.com. Do you know about these? Many questions, I know. But people are so focused on DHC and Norne that it is time for more unknown alternatives - plus slipping waiting for cables for 4 months or longer...
  14. project86 Contributor
    I replied to yellowblue via PM but I'll summarize it for others who might interested.
    I do enjoy Norne but am very limited in what I've used from them. Indeed, the last one I tried as a "Norse" Audio product, so it's been some time since they changed names.
    I like the Thor Copper 16W for HD800 as it has just enough warmth and smoothness without losing any resolution/detail. Not sure how they pull it off but they do. Highs seem ever so slightly smoother but at the same time detail retrieval is not reduced by any noticeable margin. Pretty much exactly what I wanted. And the warmth aspect is subtle enough not to unbalance the result. I had used some excellent cables prior from Toxic Cables and C3 Audio and they did the job but lost a bit of information in the process. So I'm quite happy with the Thor Copper 16W. Not to mention it looks stunning!
    The Eros Reference is what was suggested to me by Effect for maintaining the same sound signature that I love so much, just enhancing it a bit. I wouldn't want any more warmth or any altered highs, so Thor Copper 16W wouldn't be as good for my preferences on the HE1000. And likewise, an Eros Reference might fit for HD800S, but the original HD800 seems a better match for Thor Copper 16W,
    Hope that makes sense!
  15. yellowblue
    Thank you for your answer, project86! I contacted Effect Audio and they recommended the Eros for my HD800 which they think is even better.
    Hades by the way is the same as Thor - just sold in Japan.
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