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Effect Audio cables thread

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  1. Blommen
    Well... Actually I might part with mine, pm me:)
  2. Marat Sar
    Either one of you gents get your janus? Looking for more impressions for these, considering one for my u18 tzars.
  3. Giraku
    Current status is "Out for delivery". I'm checking the status every 10 minutes...
  4. San Man
    Still looking at Wed for me :frowning2:
  5. Marat Sar
    the lack of impressions on this thing is killing me :D as I'm sure the wait is killing you both right now
  6. Giraku
    Ok. Finally, I received my Janus D with both 3.5 SE and 4.4 balanced adaptors.
    So I did a very quick A/B test between Janus D and Horus using U18t. I would say the sound stage is pretty much the same. When it comes to detail retrieval Horus wins, but Janus is more airy and smooth. Now the striking difference is the dynamics. For some reason, Janus D sounds literally dynamic. By carefully listening to frequency responses, Janus D is pretty similar to Horus. No emphasis or recess in any area. But interestingly, music sounds more dynamic and lively with Janus D in all frequency. I'm quite surprised as I did not expect this much of difference in dynamics. Definitely, it is more fun to listen through Janus. After 10 minutes of Janus playing, Horus started sound analytical and slightly dull to my ears.
    Obviously, this is based on my first hour with Janus. So please take my observation as a grain of salt. But I'm quite happy with the pairing of Janus D with U18t. I will test the same on Fourte next week.
    As always, YMMV.
    IMG_4027.jpg IMG_4028.jpg
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  7. San Man
    Good news indeed Giraku!
  8. twister6 Contributor
    Can you please post a close up of 2.5mm cable plug and both sides of the pigtail adapter? I believe Eric mentioned that connector was updated or they were planning to update it, unless I'm mistaken. In the first picture, it almost looks like a little spacer between the plug and the adapter? ... and let it burn in :wink:
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  9. Giraku
    Here is a close up photo of 2.5mm plug, 3.5mm SE adaptor, and 4.4mm balanced adaptor.
    Yes, there is a little spacer on the female side of each adaptor.
    BTW, Janus D adds some bass quantity compared to Horus. Just adding to my initial impression...
  10. zgundam
    My Janus D order arrived today as well (would have gotten it on Monday if it wasn't a public holiday in Australia).

    Note: The Janus does *not* come with a carry case/pouch unlike the Horus, Leonidas or Lionheart. I don't mind since I prefer to use my own anyways.

    Initial impressions (~1hr as well) paired with the Legend X universal + WM1Z + Spiral Dot tips compared with Leonidas cable, using 3.5SE adapter:
    * Cable is twice as thick as the Horus but just as flexible and doesn't feel too heavy
    * Comfortable to wear on ear, doesn't feel like going to tug the Legend X out of my ear
    * Balanced sound, similar to Leonidas
    * Slightly more mid-bass, less sub-bass? Need to do A/B vs Leonidas to compare
    * Better clarity on guitar / vocals / strings / cymbals than Leonidas, maybe slightly better timbre as well.

    Basically it sounds like an enhanced version of Leonidas to me. Great pairing with the Legend X overall. Keen to try it on my Phantoms next and see which pairs better with the Janus D.

    Oh, the order came with a free EA t-shirt as well. Unfortunately it's too big for me to wear so I'm reaching out to Eric to see if I can swap it for a smaller size.

  11. Ike1985
    Janus D sounds awesome, hope to hear it someday. This is what I'm after; more dynamism, taller sound without loss of resolution. Do any of you find that it pushes the midrange further back, makes it more recessed with regard to positioning? This is what I would suspect would be the tradeoff for a more dynamic sound. For me it's basically Janus D or Redcore or Tri copper to be paired with A18t w/M20 and Hugo2. Still undecided.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2018
  12. ctsooner22
    It’s so exciting hearing all about the Janet G.. That has been my favorite cable with my phantom by far. I actually may have to bite the bullet and get a pair. I’ve been auditioning beach and will have a couple of others in the house soon-ish but so far I like the EA cables best

    One thing I’ve noticed about inserting the two pin connector, is that your attack always have a left and right on them. Most companies have some sort of parking space on the cables I’ve had in the house recently. Sometimes you have to work extra hard and almost use a magnifying glass to see the markings, but they are there most of the time. I’m sure many of you do you have cables that are not marked, which is too bad and unacceptable to me
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  13. Giraku
    In my limited experience with Janus D (~5 hours), it sounds fuller with more dynamics. No recessed mids. It sounds softer and smoother but not affecting the resolution/separation/details. I don't know how it works but that's my impression. I'm using U18t with WM1Z. YMMV
  14. twister6 Contributor
    Which Janet G on your mind, Pete? :p
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  15. Deezel177
    Janet G'ackson. :wink:
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