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Effect Audio cables thread

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  1. San Man
    It's an EA/Pentacon collaboration as far as the 4.4 connector is concerned, you shouldn't have to worry about the quality of it :)
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  2. Blommen
    The 4.4mm on my Lionheart and Ares II is not the same as the one on the new Janus ie.
  3. San Man
    Apologies, I should have stated that the new Janus connector is such.
  4. Blommen
    No need to apologise :)

    I would like to know if I order a new cable with 4.4mm, will I get the new connector? @EffectAudio
  5. San Man
    If you contact Eric, I'm sure he'll be more than willing to accommodate your request.
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  6. EffectAudio

    Apologies for my long absence at Head-Fi. It's been a terrible timing with the work piling up from my absence in Munich High End Show as well as the Army obligations right after. It's unfortunate that i was ill for some time after that too.

    I've been catching up to you guys over emails constantly and i finally have myself abit of time back to Head-Fi. I've got tonnes of updates for you guys that i will post over the next few days, Meanwhile let me address the gazillion of questions i've been missing :frowning2:

    Hello Calvin,

    Thank you for reaching out to me personally over the email. Please understand that all repairs under warranty are shipped back via Singapore post unless specifically specified for upgrade. Meanwhile, yes i do agree that we've been having our troubles with SingPost over the past years and it's so exasperating!! It takes them 60 days to launch and conclude a investigation and there's literally no accountability as well. "Canada" , "Brazil" , "Australia" are hotspots for losing parcels, or in some cases - massive delays. While their tracker only tracks to the point when the parcel is handed over to the local postal service provider, we weren't given any information beyond that. I seek your kind understanding over this as we quite literally have no control over it. Albeit it not being a fault of ours, i feel that the service provided by Singpost and your local postal provider being too ridiculous. I have since authorised another set for you on our cost. My administrative will get to you on this :)

    Thank you for your kind understanding buddy. Trust me, i know how ridiculous it gets :D

    Wait till you enlist into the army buddy. We'll see :)

    It depends on a case-to-case basis. Usually its 3-5 days unless its a unexpected situation like #janus =/

    Wonderfully written buddy! Thank you for an excellent and informative review! Will be catching you up on emails and possibly London?

    We'll be having a demo units sale that comes with warranty soon! Wait for it! :)

    Amazing photos. Thanks buddy!

    Looking forward to your further impressions and thanks for helping out in this thread when im not around! :D

    Rick's shop (Hifisolutions.nl) is awesome ain't it? Look forward to visiting you guys in July! Awaiting your impressions bro!

    Thanks Pinky! I've not been this engaged in a long long while. Loved the mini shootout between "Leonidas" and the 'Bespoke' Thor Silver II 8 wires!

    It's great isnt it? Wait till you get a shot at the Eros II 8w *evil smirk*

    Please send us a mail for a detailed quote :)

    For all Non-PSquared 4.4mm it'll be the black Effect Audio ones. For new orders with PSquared, it'll be the Pentaconn connector with our new CarbonFibre connector like the Janus!

    I hoped i didnt miss out anybody :) Let me know if it do!
    Effect Audio Stay updated on Effect Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/effectaudiosg/ https://twitter.com/EffectAudio https://www.instagram.com/effectaudio/ http://www.effectaudio.com/ info@effectaudio.com
  7. Blommen
    Awesome job at catching up! :D

    I am contemplating traveling to London for can jam for a weekend, maybe I'll order a cable to be ready for the show... I'll email you if that is the case :wink:
  8. Wyville
    Heyy Eric, great to see you around again! Looking forward to the updates!
    Thanks, it was a lot of fun to work on and really interesting to see what doubling up the wires would do. We'll catch up when you have a moment and I will definitely try to be around at Canjam!
    Oh, Eros II 8w is one I really want to try as well because I loved the 4w version. Will you be taking various bespoke cables along to Canjam London?
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  9. zgundam
    Did a quick 15 min A/B test with my universal Phantom + WM1Z + Spiral dots + Horus vs Janus D this evening (both on 3.5 SE adapters).

    Maybe it's the music genre I listened to (pop), but I didn't notice much difference between the Horus + Phantom and the Janus D + Phantom - both sounded great. There seemed to be no / less background hiss when using the Janus D with the Phantom however.

    I'd love to know how the Janus B goes with the Phantom.

    Note: the pins on the Janus D took a bit more force to insert into the Phantom compared to the Horus. Got a bit worried that I might accidentally bend the pins...
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  10. klyzon
    Wait so there’s standalone psquared pentaconn available? Might need to upgrade my adapter then
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  11. proedros
    @Deezel177 i was browsing for cables and the Double Helix Cables cable maker says this in his website - is this true and if so , should we be worried of gold within our cables ?

    Did you know that alloys are actually less conductive than pure metals? Double Helix Cables create durable, practical cables that distinctly transmit sound -- and they don’t include gold. It’s scientifically proven that using a pure metal, like our OCC litz wire, will result in better conductivity.

    speaking of DHC , have you tried any of their cables ? @flinkenick any impressions ?
  12. PinkyPowers
    That's always been the case. Everyone knew that. The rule remains the same. How do you wish to change your monitor? Sometimes you WANT less conductivity for a warmer sound. That's all gold does.
  13. Deezel177
    DHC uses this as a metric for sound quality because they believe highest conductivity yields the best sound. Although that may make theoretical sense, gold as a material has been known to introduce several unique sonic traits - many of which are positive. So, I wouldn’t immediately shut down gold as a conductor because there are other factors than conductivity that define a cable’s sound; especially in terms of signature. Although there are indeed companies out there selling pricey, gold-infused products without the performance to make up for it, you’d be missing out on a whole host of legitimately excellent products if you cut gold entirely out of your diet. :wink:

    DHC make excellent cables. I’ve mentioned several times that their Symbiote SP v3 is one of my favourite IEM cables ever; particularly excellent at portraying gorgeous air, excellent extension and a natural sense of dynamics (its stage isn’t the largest, though). @PinkyPowers will also be reviewing their Copper Elite cable (or at least I think that’s what it’s called), so be on the look-out for that.
  14. ostewart
    Eros II 8-wire? Wow!!!

    I love my Eros II, and it is one of my go to recommendations when people are looking for a detailed and open sounding upgrade cable. I wonder what Eros II 8-wire would be like with my incoming 64 Audio A6t :wink:
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  15. Audiophonicalistic
    Eric thanks for the awesome response. Just purchased the legend x. Now I have to sell all my gear and am looking at the janus. Cant wait.
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