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Effect Audio cables thread

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  1. Audiophonicalistic
    Same thing happened to me back in february. Never received it and usps said they never had it. After about 2 months eric sent me out a new one through dhl. Im always going to pay extra for expidited shipping now from dhl.
  2. proedros
    well , if you guys asked for USPS and the package got lost it ain't EA's responsibility

    nice of Eric to refund you.
  3. Audiophonicalistic
    Yes I thought I was out on a thor silver ii but eric helped me out. Very grateful for the excellent customer service I received. :clap:
  4. CalvinW
    I never asked for USPS, they just sent it using that service. I’ve never had issues with companies using local postal service anyway, this is the first. I’ve lost count of how many items I bought that was shipped using China Post and arrived safely
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2018
  5. CalvinW
    Damn, that’s a long wait. I contacted EA and told me to just wait it out
  6. WayneWoondirts
    To anyone who's currently trying to get a hold of Eric. He's been to High End Munich last month and had to go to the army after that, only to be down sick then (maybe it was the great food they have at the army :wink: ).
    So if you didn't get a response lately, please be patient, he'll be back.
  7. tim0chan
    Tbh, the army food isn't really all hat bad in sg. But the bugs (insects and germs) are real nasty tho
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  8. San Man
    Got the shipping email today for the Janus :L3000:
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  9. flipper203
    how long does it usually take to ship cables after order ?
  10. San Man
    Your best bet would be to contact them and inquire whether the item is in stock or needs to be made.
  11. Giraku
    My Janus D has been shipped and will be delivered this coming Monday!!! Waiting was long and tough, but now it's over. I'm so pumped!!!
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  12. San Man
    Man, mine is pushed back to Wednesday, which is OK because my DAP is out for repair.
  13. Decreate
    I just placed my order for the Janus D with the distributor here in HK yesterday...now begins the wait....
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2018
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  14. Wyville
  15. nick97
    I don't suppose any of you guys would want to part with a Lionheart would you? I'm on the hunt for one but they're just so popular they never come up for sale:frowning2:
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