Effect Audio "Origin" is the true entry level audiophile cable. Sporting custom EA designed parts and accessories, the "Origin" infused the soul of Effect Audio's craftsmanship into this piece of cable art. Perfect for budding audiophiles and musicians alike, the "Origin" is not only...
  2. EffectAudio

    Effect Audio Loaner / Demo Program [USA]

    Headfiers ~!! We've received multiple inquiries about how our cable sounds and there any much physical stores in the US market carrying our products that is available for demo / audition. And well, Sound is subjective aint it? You can only go so far with reviews / opinions / recommendations...
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    [No title]

    Chord Hugo w/ Effect Audio Thors Silver II + InEar ProPhile 8
  4. EffectAudio

    Effect Audio SoCal CanJam Highlights~!

      07 Apr 17' - 09 Apr 17'   Save your dates ~!!   Effect Audio's team (Guess who?) will be attending the SoCal CanJam with a few brilliant items in our arsenal!! Heres the show headlining features:   1) Premier of "Lionheart" Since it's debut in Singapore CanJam...
  5. EffectAudio

    Effect Audio "Heritage Series" - "Lionheart" - NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH!

      Continuation of Effect Audio's "Heritage Series", "Lionheart" Dear Head-Fiers, During CanJam Singapore 2016, We introduced Heritage Series and launched "Leonidas", which was greatly received by the community which pushed Effect Audio as well as our friends & partners unto...
  6. EffectAudio

    EFFECT AUDIO - Black Friday Promo!

      Here we go~!! Effect Audio has completed the preparations for the BlackFriday Promo. Here's the exciting details...  We will be holding the Two-Tiered BlackFriday promotional campaign! Enjoy yourselves and have a blast shopping for your head-fi equipments this Nov !!:) 1. Cash Rebate /...
  7. project86

    Effect Audio cables thread

    I've discussed Effect Audio in the past - I'm a satisfied user of several models of theirs, from relatively entry-level to higher up the food chain. Their products have always appealed to me as a rather good value proposition. I consider them among my favorite cable makers along with Toxic...
  8. EffectAudio

    Effect Audio "Ares II" & "Ares II+" Boutique Premium IEM Upgrade Cables Giveaway!!

    Enter to win yourself a boutique IEM upgrade cable! Following the successes of EffectAudio's Facebook & Instagram Giveaway Campaigns which saw positive surge of interactivity between our brand followers and fresh faces alike, Effect Audio is now back with another giveaway...   It's EA Copper...
  9. EffectAudio

    Effect Audio X Empire Ears - Introducing "ARTHUR" , [USA & Europe Tour]

    Empire Ears & Effect Audio combined R&D resources to develop the all new "Arthur" IEM Empire Ears:  Empire Ears (www.empireears.com) is one of the world’s preeminent in-ear monitor brands, recognized the world over for its impeccable craftsmanship and state-of-the-art engineering. Empire...
  10. EffectAudio

    Vision Ears x Effect Audio - Introducing "VE6XC Limited Silver Edition"

      In collaboration with Vision Ears, Individually handcrafted in Cologne, optimised with Effect Audio's propriety internal wirings and premium cables...We present you the all-new..                                                                VE6 Limited Silver Edition...