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Effect Audio "Ares II" & "Ares II+" Boutique Premium IEM Upgrade Cables Giveaway!!

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  1. EffectAudio

    Enter to win yourself a boutique IEM upgrade cable!

    Following the successes of EffectAudio's Facebook & Instagram Giveaway Campaigns which saw positive surge of interactivity between our brand followers and fresh faces alike, Effect Audio is now back with another giveaway...

    It's EA Copper Bonanza ~!! This round, there will be 5 winners emerging - up for grabs are:

    3 pieces "Ares II" *pictured below*.  "Ares II" is easily one of the most popular product in our repertoire throughout Y2016! Features completely new geometry, the "Ares II" redefines the capability of copper cables .. 


    * 26 awg (1.2m)
    * Ultra Purity OCC Multi Size Stranded Litz Pure Copper 
    * Customised EA Geometry Design
    * Customised EA CF connectors , EA pins, EA CF Y-Split

    2 pieces "Ares II+" *pictured below*.  "Ares II+" symbolises our first but pivotal exploration into the 22awg cable. "Ares II+" quickly rose to the limelight and became a product that Head-Fiers associated Effect Audio with..


    * 22 awg (1.2m)
    * Ultra Purity OCC Multi Size Stranded Litz Pure Copper 
    * Customised EA Geometry Design
    * Customised EA CF connectors , EA pins, EA CF Y-Split

    Check out SonicKarma's review on AresII+


    How do you enter the EA Copper Bonaza Giveaway...

    1) Like our Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/effectaudiosg
       ** Thereafter comment on our fb giveaway post with your headfi id **
    2) Follow us on Instagram 
    3) Comment on this thread - your IEM, your experience with Effect Audio (If any), how did you hear of us, your experience/thoughts on upgrade cables

    Official Rules

    1) No Purchase necessary 
    2) Purchase does not enhance chance to winning
    3) Entry / Eligibility is open to ALL Head-Fiers
    4) We may use your content for marketing purposes
    5) Winners for Ares II+ will be selected via your content and while winners for Ares II would be selected via randomiser
    6) Cables are crafted in their choice of connector (MMCX / 2pin); [3.5mm/2.5mm], other configurations may incur additional charges
    7) We would appreciate if the winners would write a little review/comments/impressions on EA official thread in Head-Fi:

    Giveaway runs from Wednesday, November 9th, to 2359hrs  (GMT+8) Thursday, Sunday 20th. Winners will be selected on the Monday, November 21st at 1200hrs (GMT+8)

    - Fortune favours the bold -
    Effect Audio Stay updated on Effect Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/effectaudiosg/ https://twitter.com/EffectAudio http://www.effectaudio.com/ eric@effectaudio.com
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  2. ironpeg
    Hmm how would you know if we liked the facebook page and follow your instagram??
    Anw, I did both already.
    IEM: CIEM JH Roxanne, CIEM Perfect Seal Deca, SE846, SE535 (Waiting for Zeus-XR ADEL)
    Experience with Effect Audio:
    1) Thor Copper 8wires for JH Siren Series with bass adjuster (My first Effect Audio cable. Heard about it from Soundproof Bros Facebook)
    2) Effect Audio Heracles for JH Siren Series with bass adjuster (My second Effect Audio cable. Heard about it from Email from Effect Audio)
    3) Effect Audio Mars 4wires CIEM 2pin (My third Effect Audio cable. Heard about it from Effect Audio Website)
    4) Effect Audio Heracles CIEM 2pin (My latest Effect Audio cable)
    I'll write my review on Heracles soon. Need some more burn in.
    PS. I would love to try Arthur and Excalibur. I wanna compare them with Zeus-XR ADEL+Heracles.
  3. Kaisendon
    Hi guys, I think your work is great and the Ares II is one of the most affordable market entry level cables!
    Absolutely love your photographer's work!!
    Keep up the great work guys!
  4. nino9
    My IEMs: Heir 8.0, JVC FX-850.
    My experience with Effect Audio (If any): I ordered a cable from you for my friend. His IEM at the time is a re-shelled Audeo PFE 232 with 2-pin connector.
    How did you hear of us: Headfonia and my friend.
    My experience/thoughts on upgrade cables: The largest upgrade that I felt/heard is for TF10. The original cable is that bad. Even the cheapest upgrade cable upgraded the sound significantly.
  5. San Man
    1. FB - done
    2. IG - done
    3. Current IEM is a Rhapsodio Galaxy V2 (not yet released), past IEMs are in my profile. 
    4. I have no experience with Effect Audio, but I'd love to test your cable with my V2.  I currently have 2 upgrade cables from Rhapsodio, and have been looking into purchasing cables from other brands (including Effect Audio) for comparisons sake.   I was already a follower on FB, and Mike (Mims) mentioned your cables to me a few times.
    I'm a believer in upgrade cables, as I have done a bunch of A/B tests with my current inventory of IEMs and cables, and immediately notice the differences (subtle at times, easily noticeable at others) each different cable presents.

    I'd love to try your Litz cable, but would be honored with either!

  6. Vitor Valeri
    IEM: JH5 PRO
    Experience with Effect Audio:
    I had experience with 2 audio Effect cables, Ares and Thor Copper. I did a review of both here in Head-fi. They are very well constructed cables, lightweight, comfortable, and with excellent sound.
    Link to reviews: http://www.head-fi.org/users/180406/reviews
    How did you hear of us:
    I've heard of you through my friend who gave me a cable done (by you, effect audio) at the time the store was only on ebay (I do not remember exactly the name of the cable, whether it was athenas or crystal). I used the cable in my old Ultimate Ears Triple-fi. This cable turned the Triple-fi sound in a way that I never forgot again. It marked me so much that I went back to look for your name on the internet and I found the page on facebook and then the site.

    Your experience/thoughts on upgrade cables:
    My experience with upgrade cables has shown me to be worth it because they have a much better construction (thus improving the resistance of the cable to the break), are cables designed in some cases (mainly Effect Audio) in ergonomics and comfort. The upgrade cables also brought an improvement in the sound so that I could enjoy my IEM better, leaving the sound more detailed and soft.

    Besides all this, there is still the beauty factor of the cable that leaves the whole (cable and handset) much more charming. rsrs
    My instagram (to check): vitor_valeri
  7. mejoshua
    IEMs - Main IEM is a Earwerkz (now Empire Ears) Legend Omega
    Experience - bought a custom cable some years ago, dealt directly with Suyang himself. Very prompt service and delivery. Cable was very well built as well. Pity I sold the cable.
    Stumbled upon Effect Audio from browsing cable companies online when I was looking for a cable - was quite surprised to find that there were capable cable makers based in my home country so jumped on it.
    I think that upgrade cables make a significant difference to gear to a large extent because I have heard the differences myself. There are also many factors to consider, such as durability and flexibility/ease of use of the cable, and of course, quality of the build, which may vary from maker to maker. From what I have listened to, Effect Audio cables are of a high quality and sound great as well. Would love to spend some time with the new cables and review them if possible as well.
  8. Breezerex
    IEM - empire ears spartan IV

    Experience - brought my Thor silver 2 years ago for my shure 535. Amazed by the smoothness and wide soundstage. Recently ordered a Thor sliver 2 8 braided after attending the music sanctuary effect audio cable debut.

    Found out about effect when searching for a aftermarket cable produced locally online. When I stumbled upon the 1st version of the site and read on the details.

    I feel that upgrade cables are a medium to further obtain enhanced frequency reproduction and the material used produced the spectrum in their unique properties way.
  9. blueangel2323
    I've had experience with many different IEMs, including Sennheiser IE8/80/800, NuForce Primo, Cosmic Ears CE4P, InEar StageDiver 2, and many others. To be honest, I've used mostly stock cables so far, so I'd love to win one of these and be enlightened regarding the sonic improvements of premium cables.
  10. gmahler2u
    Iem: JH Roxanne
    Experience: never had it, I like to try it out.
    Found out by headfiers
    I would like to upgrade my Roxanne cable..
  11. sujitsky
    1. FB - done
    2. IG - done
    3. Current IEM is a Lime Ears Aether CIEM
    4. Tried your cable with the Aethers at CanJam London and want to upgrade the stock cable to an effect audio one.
  12. Cinder
    IEMs: Accutone Pisces BA, Rose 3D-7, 
    I first heard of you on /r/headphones on Reddit.
    Experience with Effect Audio: I've been following you guys for a while. I've always been intrigued with the geometries that are used within your cables. I've yet to own a cable that nice. I hear a lot of good things, and every picture of the Effect Audio cables I see certainly does reinforce that idea.
    Upgraded cables in general seem like something I'd like to get into, as I love the aesthetic and premium feel that they simply ooze. Furthermore, I really enjoy customizing the things I own, and a hand-made cable is an excellent to individualize my setup.
  13. pkcpga
    Sorry don't have Facebook.
    Instagram is done.
    Current IEM's - Noble savant, campfire audio andromeda, vibro labs aria and sennheiser ie80.
    I have a few other brands in upgrade cables, mostly Nordost and Linum. Considered your cables but have never been able to demo or see them yet in person. Heard about Effect Audio through head-fi. Looking for upgrade cable for my Focal Utopias, currently using nordost which is better than the manufactures but not as good as a cable I had purchased along time ago for my hd800's.
  14. silverfishla
    IEMs- Sony XBA Z5, Fidue A83
    Heard about you guys from here, on Head fi.  Nice looking cables, which is nice because I'm looking to get some cables for my Z5's.
    I think that upgrade cables can make a very significant upgrade in the way an iem or headphone can sound.  I've found that an upgrade cable can really make the difference whether you like or love a product.  Plus, they look cool! :)
  15. blazinblazin
    IEM - Campfire Andromeda

    Experience with Effect Audio (If any):
    I have tried your EROS series of cables in shop, they are damn good.
    The highs and Lows are extended. Larger soundstage.
    Sweeter mids, better details.
    Bass hits faster if you go up the grade. Bass is very fast for EROS II+ as it is using 22AWG Litz. Litz is smaller strands of wire so it do send current faster so resulted in a faster sound.

    how did you hear of us:
    Google, Newsfeed and headfi forum.

    your experience/thoughts on upgrade cables:
    Upgrade cables does makes a sound difference. How much difference will depends on the cable. If cable is able to give lesser resistance of cause the current will flow more smoothly and faster to the driver, more "data" or details will be able to sent over. Sound will change to become faster, punchy and fuller details, etc.
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