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Effect Audio cables thread

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  1. PinkyPowers
    I would say probably Lionheart or Ares II Plus.
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  2. singleended5863
    +1 Ares II plus.
  3. Vingard
    Any suggestions for a cable that I could pair with my EE Legend X to smooth out treble while maintaining clarity?
  4. artpiggo
  5. ctsooner22

    That's a who's who, lol. Can't wait to hear what. hey say. I'm, MOST excited about the pigtail. Wish I knew that before I got the single ended cable with my Phantom's. Oh well.

    Thanks for sharing. I can honestly say I heard similar when I auditioned them. It was so loud when I chose the B on the first day. When I came in Sunday and it was much more quiet, the D was the winner hands down. I kept driving poor Eric crazy going back and forth. The thing is, there is an audible difference in the two, but they are both so great, that they both sound better than the stock cable. I really appreciated how well made these cables are too.

    Eric, I"m glad you took a true vacation. Hope that it as what you hoped it would be! Thanks for all that you guys do.
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  6. alphanumerix1
    Cable for akt8ie mkii

    Improve sound stage tighten up bass but keep the highs intact or better which cable should i go?
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  7. Deezel177
    Eos would be ideal, but since that’s been discontinued, the Leonidas is probably the best choice unless you can afford a Horus.
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  8. swesko
    I have a thor silver cable, what's the impact on the high end? Does it brighten up the upper mids?
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  9. Deezel177
    In my experience, the Thor Silver II actually adds warmth to the top-end. There is a some upper-midrange presence, but the Thor Silver II's main focus is in the mid-and-upper bass - adding an overall tinge of warmth to the sound.
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  10. alphanumerix1
    Yeah spending more on a cable than the actual iem is a big no for me.
  11. EffectAudio
    【 Quick Poll 】

    What do you guys think of a EE x EA tour together? Which region should we hold it and what models are you guys particularly interested in and do not have the chance to demo?
    @Jack Vang
    Effect Audio Stay updated on Effect Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/effectaudiosg/ https://twitter.com/EffectAudio http://www.effectaudio.com/ eric@effectaudio.com
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  12. tim0chan
    I think Europe, they don't have many chances to audition. Same with Australia.
    Asia is well covered alr imo, and US is covered by empire's demo program, maybe just the cables for US
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  13. CalvinW
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  14. swesko
    USA and Asia are well covered Europe on the other hand isn't. I'm not even from Europe but if you guys can send up a pair to Morocco would be great :p
  15. ezekiel77
    Malaysia lol
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