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Effect Audio cables thread

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  1. ctsooner22
    cp100 is what it says on teh bottom of the package. hope this helps. I personally liked the Finals more than any of the others I've used. Comfy and a great fit. Sounded best by far.
  2. doctorjazz
    I googled-CP100 seems to be a Spinfit #...
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  3. Omega139

    Hey man, you were totally right about the Horus. The high end is reminiscent of the Leonidas- that is, it has great clarity and extension on the high end. However, like you mentioned, it's less airy (which can become quite fatiguing with a bright source and IEM like the SP1000SS + Tia) but more lush. It extends just RIGHT before that point of sibilance that I had with the Leonidas, but then blossoms into a beautiful 3D texture.
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  4. Deezel177
    Awesome, man! Glad you’re enjoying it. :D
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  5. fiascogarcia
    Glad you mentioned your source. With the WM1Z the Leonidas doesn't present a fatiguing treble even with the Fourte, at least to my ears. One reason I chose the Sony over the SP1000 was the warmer overall signature.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2018
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  6. Giraku
    Yeah, that matches with my experience.
  7. Giraku
    I agree that the matching is really the key. To my ears, Fourte works better with SP1000Cu, while U18t works better with WM1Z. I'm enjoying both configuration depending on my mood and music tracks.
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  8. Omega139
    I should also mention that I listen to heavy metal music, so keep in mind there's constant cymbal crashing too. Also, I found that certain eartips prevented the fatiguing high end. Final Audio type E one's were great for taming the treble. Symbio mandarins did also, but not that significantly. Meanwhile, spiral dots became fatiguing after a while.
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  9. Omega139
    I need to add: The Leonidas with the U18t (shoutout to 64 audio for letting me demo them!) and the SP1000SS was a STELLAR combination. I miss the low mids- bass guitars had such a beautiful warmth and growl.
  10. ezekiel77
    Any idea which EA cable is the airiest and most expansive stage-wise?

    Expansive not expensive lol
  11. kubig123
    Janus D, unfortunately it's also expensive :sob:
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  12. styks
    Would it be poor show if I were to drool over my "Lionheart" ?
  13. chaiyuta
    @styks : Every time I see Photo shots from Effect Audio, I feel like I wanna take a Photograph Class with them. Their objects always are very photogenic.
  14. ezekiel77
    Thanks! Good to know though.
  15. styks
    For the short time I had the Thor Silver quite similar to what you're after. I can only imagine the Thor Silver ll then the ll + would be more so and then Leonidas more again.
    Unfortunately the Thor Silver was to bright for my Noble Encore. After recommendation from Deezel177 I went with "Lionheart" and it's a wonderful pairing, thank you Deezel old chap!

    Hi guys, I've joined the throng of Effect Audio enthusiasts! .... I was not exactly an unbeliever, rather dubious I suppose, as to whether a cable could change what is heard enough to be perceptible. .... I'm a true believer now!
    Thor Silver had a drastic effect, all be it negative for me, I was stunned! Could not be placebo or new cable syndrome because as I said for me the change was negative for my personal taste.

    Likewise but in reverse "Lioheart" has had a noticeable effect, several levels above the stock Noble cable, superb!

    Shout out for Eric at Effect Audio, thank you again. EF exhibit excellent customer service, were understanding of my poor unenlightened first choice and got me sorted! :) .... I will return.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2018
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