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Effect Audio cables thread

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  1. tim0chan
    Nope, the best we can do is the start of nic's cable thread. Every cable is different
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  2. pithyginger63
    Has anyone compared the thor ii+ and the lionheart?
  3. davidmolliere
    I haven’t heard Thor II+, but the LionHeart is such a great cable the best cable upgrade I have ever done... it’s both smooth, organic... and detailed with incredible layering and micro dynamics. Mids are a treat... Vocals are gorgeous, and textures are richer. Bass is tighter and in particular the mid bass is very well controlled. At the same time treble has great extension while remaining silky smooth... dreamy yet focused sound hard to describe...
  4. ctsooner22
    Great pic guys. So glad that I can actually say I have met a few of you guys. Yes, Jack is color blind :wink:....He dresses in Caviar Black daily!! Ha :wink:....

    The Janus cables are going to sell a TON I have a feeling. Very special.
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  5. hybridnut
    Looking forward to seeing the Janus review
  6. Omega139
    Dropping by again,

    I just got my Horus yesterday, and finally got the time to try it out right now.

    People are correct when they say it's a much improved Leonidas- What i'm noticing right now: Low end is more defined and rich- bass guitar has a more rich and growly tone. This is great because this is exactly the thing that I loved when using a Leonidas with a U18t, and was something that was missing with my Leo + Forte.

    Also, the high end is not overly bright anymore compared to my Leonidas + Tia combo. The high end is still rich, bright, and articulate, but it has this articulate sparkle that let's it flourish into the silence.

    Vocals are much more rich. I'm noticing more textures in vocals.

    Love this combo!
  7. Omega139
    IMO, the Leo is perfect for brightening up and neutral IEM's and adding clarity.
  8. fiascogarcia
    Congrats on the new purchase! What source are you using?
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  9. Omega139
    SP1000SS my man.

    By the way, I have a totally random question. I need help identifying these eartips. I found them and I can't remember which ones they are!

  10. fiascogarcia
    Picture isn't showing up.
  11. Omega139
  12. fiascogarcia
  13. tim0chan
    I think it's the stock tips that come with kz zs3, audio technical solid bass tips or aet08 acoustunes tips
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  14. fiascogarcia
  15. Omega139
    Well they aren't Aet08 since the AET08 are light blue in the center, unless the red ones are the small size.

    Also, i'm looking to try spinfit eartips. Any idea which one would go well with my Tia + Horus combo?
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2018
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