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Effect Audio cables thread

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  1. fiascogarcia
    Not sure if they make them anymore, but they look like replacement tips for Jaybirds.
  2. Omega139
    Nevermind guys, found it!


    AET08 in a size small.

    Random Q: Does anyone here use the symbio mandarin tips? What kind of sizes are y'all running?
  3. ctsooner22
    Switched to Spin Fit and Final's. Loving eh Final's a lot.
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  4. Omega139
    I actually have Final FI-EPEBLA3. What other kind of Final eartips would you recommend? Also, which Spin Fit model do you like the most?
  5. ctsooner22
    I'd have to look in my Noble case to see which Spin Fits they are. Now that I have the Phantom's I don't even look in that case anymore, lol. The Finals that I have are the ones that Empire Ears send with their Universals now. I got a pair from them and used them to audition at the show. Not sure, but I'll find out for you if I can.
  6. Omega139
    Please do my man
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  7. Omega139
    Do you folks put your cables in your hearing aid refreshers with your IEM's? I was wondering how often I should use the refresher as well.
  8. Deezel177
    People I know only put the IEM inside. There are folks who say daily, and others who say weekly.
  9. Omega139
    Hmm...update to my impressions on the Horus:

    Electric guitars have much more life to them. The Leonidas had a clear and analytical sound in such frequencies. The Horus also has such clear and analytical quality, but they also have bloom and life. The crunch and distortion of the guitars flourishes.
  10. audiojr
    Remember i read from somewhere that the Effect Audio cables are using 4.4 connectors from Pentaconn, but any idea whether is it the standard or ofc version? Also would like to know what’s the material use for the 2 pin connectors, brass or TeCu?

  11. chaiyuta
    @audiojr : EA 2-pin is gold plated brass. I heard that EA is developing a new 4.4 mm. plug with Pentaconn Collaboration, therefore The current available 4.4 mm. plug is standard Pentaconn plug.

    Update : I noticed that in the EA official site, Janus 'D'/'B' description is specifed with this words, "Pentaconn superior plug".
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2018
  12. Adventure
    Greetings from Eric Chong and me at the CanJam Singapore. Great Guy Superb Cable !!
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2018
  13. audiojr
    Thanks for the input. Guess I’ll check have to check with EA on what’s the superior plug about.
  14. 13candles
    Sorry if im late on this but please do allow me to say that you've got a really beautiful looking dog!!! What breed if i may ask as well?
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  15. ironpeg
    I've been trying out EE Phantom with many cables in my arsenal. I find Phantom pairs really well with EA Bespoke Mars+Leonidas 8w. It still retains the characteristics of Phantom but amplify them in every aspect. Phantom + the bespoke wire are nirvana for relaxing long term listening.

    On the other hand, Horus gives a bit boost in the upper bass and lower mid regions which make vocal sound a bit fuller + a bit more forward (sound similar to Zeus XIV) and give kick drum a bit more slam. This bring Phantom to a tad of a warmer side.

    for tl;dr
    Phantom + Mars Leo : Great pairing for natural sound
    Phantom + Horus : More engaging, warmer

    Last edited: Mar 27, 2018
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