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DX50 a new smaller DAP from iBasso. Spec. page 1. Impressions start on page. . .

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamato8, Apr 24, 2013.
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  1. Greed
    Damn you're old... [​IMG]
  2. batteraziiz
    What, 1995? :p Not that long ago.
  3. feverfive
    Between this & the X5, we are going to have so many choices it seems, good for us.  I rather enjoy my RWAK100, but by the time the X5 hits the market, I know I'll be ready to try something new.  Maybe by then, the DX50 will be past any teething issues.
  4. jamato8 Contributor

    I remember the huge headline on a computer mag, 360mhz!!! How hast can they go! I had a friend with a 2tb hard drive. Wow, you will never fill that. Ya, I know, it will never get filled. LOL
  5. DigitalFreak
    On one hand I'm loving the specs sheet OddJobs just posted, thanks for your diligence by the way, and on the other I'm leary they're using Android. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that when this IEM DAP comes out Android won't be as buggy as it was on the DX100. I would also want them to use a quality CPU chip to run it. I want that UI to be as snappy as possible and not boggy.
    I haven't checked the DX100 thread in ages. Anyone know if the DX100 UI problems were finally fully addressed? I remember after the 3rd of 4th update there was some real progress bug fix wise but never bothered to keep up on events after that.
  6. DannyBai
    DX100 has gotten much better as of late with the updates. The latest update was only a couple of weeks ago and UI seems quite snappy. Then again I only use the music player and have deleted most of everything else.
  7. DigitalFreak
    Thanks for the info Dan. Were the bugs for cover art and tagging issues finally addressed? No more Alvin and the Chipmunks bug I hope?
  8. DannyBai
    I actually never had the chipmunk problem since I only have a couple albums in hi-res. Album art seems to work ok for the most part. I'm not too picky with the player as long as it sounds good and the music player works without a hitch. With the improved UI and it has always sounded good so I'm pretty satisfied with it now. The pop sound is still annoying though and that is always gonna be.
  9. Sorensiim
    If those specs hold up, I'm sticking with the DX100.
    Edited for elaboration:
    I freaking love the DAC implementation in the DX100, but the DX50 wishlist says they'll use another chip.
    My main gripe with the DX100 is the use of Android (and I am one of those insane Android fanboys, mind you.) to throw in everything but the kitchen sink. Mail and calendar apps on my music player? GTFO. I don't use it for streaming, partly because the wifi implementation is by far the worst I have ever seen in any product. And I've been in IT since "wireless networking" was the new hot thing you'd pay heaps extra for in a laptop. Trust me, wifi in the DX100 is useless. If the DX50 implementation of Android and wifi is on the same level, it had been better if it wasn't there at all.
    Battery life of the DX100 is not great. But I really don't care much, since I use it at my desk mostly. That's the price we pay for fitting a statement desktop dac in a DAP. That Sabre chip wants more power than Jeremy Clarkson. But the DX50 spec sheet/wishlist says only 10 hours of battery life... This actually makes me question the validity of the list as the DX100 gets 8 hours with it's desktop dac chip and an amp section that will drive the LCD2 and T1. (Or do arch welding, basically). If they only manage to get two more hours out of the DX50, I'm not impressed. 
    Do we have anyone here that actually reads thai and not just a machine translation? I think the list might very well be just a wish list.
  10. turokrocks
    If that is true (about the android 2.3), then I prefer to wait for the Fiio's X5.
    One of the main reasons that made me sell my beloved DX100, was the retarded OS.
  11. AmberOzL
    Like I said before, Android is annoying most of us. I couldn't agree more with Sorensiim, he stated everything crystal clear. Apart from these issues it seems very nice but day to day use can be affected bad because of the problems.
    Looked at the specs again, that wi-fi and Android thing made me question it. I am not sure I want an annoying software with touchscreen.
    We don't know much about the FiiO X5 but at least it will have physical buttons that's for sure. Can be a very good alternative for the ones who hates touchscreens and unnecessary features.
  12. Sorensiim
    I have no problem with the fact that it is running Android 2.3 when my phone and tablets are on 4.2.2. I don't need the features of the newer version on my DAP. 
    Looks like the DX50 will have physical buttons as well, something I really miss on the DX100. Having to turn on the screen to pause the music og skip to the next track gets annoying. But I live (happily) with all those annoyances since I've never heard a DAP that could match the DX100. The Colorfly has nice physical buttons and I love the UI but it sounds like a warm tube amp and only plays wav. And battery live is worse than that of the DX100...
  13. turokrocks
    I don't care about Android 2.3 or 4.2.2..etc...its about the bugs and sluggish response from the device.
    I gave them enough time to sort the bugs, but in the end I lost patience.
    The DX100 is a wonderful piece of engineering, alas the software is badly implemented .
    I/we could be wrong and ibasso may have sorted things out, anyway I will not rush into buying it (beta testers remember?) and wait for a couple of months and see how it shapes. I am happy that we are seeing some nice competition from different companies (Chinese only...) which will benefit us (the consumers) and encourage these companies to enhance/better their products in quality, prices and software.
    I think WIFI will be a waste....
  14. AmberOzL
    Which Colorfly you are talking about, C4? I think it plays many more file types, not sure about the high res though.
    1 thing is annoying about C4 is, in here people come without any post, just registered to head-fi, wrote a review on C4 (with very good remarks) and disappear.
    I don't imply anything but it doesn't look normal, you know what I mean?
    There are just many reviews about it with people no posts and gone after the review.
    Physical buttons, I saw it on the picture but it doesn't seem like only physical buttons control, it will be mixed I guess. How appealing I don't know. If I am not mistaking AK100 used something similar too.
    Edit: Typo
  15. Mimouille
    Now the DX100 works pretty well in terms of UI and the Ak100 is not much better. If dx50 has just slightly optimized UI it s enough for me.
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