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DX50 a new smaller DAP from iBasso. Spec. page 1. Impressions start on page. . .

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamato8, Apr 24, 2013.
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  1. Retrias
    Hisound have came out with the n1 and the n3,  from the look of it,  its not that good imo.  The ui for instance is kinda bad.  The studio v deserves to be on the hall of fame for daps though
  2. audionewbi
    they are upgrading the studio V, but that is for a different thread. I really hope DX50 is released on time. The 3D rendering looks very pleasing. 
  3. AmberOzL
    There is FiiO X3 and X5 too. I would put them in front of any Hisound DAP.
    Therefore I am more interested in DX50 vs FiiO X3 / X5. I have a feeling like X5 vs DX50 would be a better more faur comparison. Though, it is just a guess since we basicly don't know anything about DX50 except a picture.
  4. goodvibes
    Considering how the review preview here stated that the HiSound N3 and Fiio X3 were close in sound quality, I would say that there is definitely some projecting going on here. The anv 3 is still better than a N3 as well.
    The X5 and DX50 are different animals. None of us know the qualitative differences at this point but the DX50 is made to be a more portable DX100 while attempting to approach the performance of it proven top sibling. The X5 will expand on the X3 with likely more power and better BB DAC etc but will likely not be more portable. It will be a very Fiio, more for less type product. Perhaps the least so as happens as you approach HiEnd but likely still not that similar to the DX-50 in intended audience.
  5. OddJobs
    Found this on a Thai forum:
    The price is a little bit of cute spec comparison dx100 is not, however, tana is located.

    -24/192 playback
    - DAC optimized for low power usage, not a statement desktop DAC chip.
    - 3.5mm (1/8") Headphone out with the amp section optimized for IEM use, line out for use with a more powerful amp when necessary.
    - Super low output impedance, >0.3 ohm, for use with multi-driver IEMs
    - Screen and OS like the DX100 (Android 2.3 w. custom software on top)
    - Support a wide range of file formats; FLAC, Alac, Wav, Mp3, Ogg etc.
    - 32gb of onboard storage (64gb if not too expensive) and MicroSD support.
    - Real-world battery life of at least 10 hours of FLAC playback.
    - Wifi for music streaming
    - Standard micro USB for file transfer and charging.
    - $400 to $500 price tag
  6. musicday
    Well done, thank you for the info mate !
  7. AmberOzL
    Dude, if it is true, we might have a god darn real winner here.
  8. OddJobs
    Just keep in mind it is taken from a web site like this one and could be someone's dream machine too.
  9. AmberOzL
    That's why I said if it is true, but you are right. Still looks very promising. Maybe instead of Android they could use something else but, naah nevermind.
    IEM/CIEM users will be happy if this is the real specs.
  10. Mython Contributor
    And nothing said about its potential weight, LOL!
    Anyone like me, who's owned a DX100, will know why I find that amusing [​IMG]
  11. AmberOzL
    Weight is not a problem for most of us I think. The player seems small too, I don't think there is something to worry about.
  12. Mython Contributor
    I disagree. The DX100 is a fabulous-sounding player, so I made allowances for its bulk, but it really did get annoyingly heavy after a while.
    Its not an absolute deal-breaker if the DX50 is heavy, but it does matter and may very well dissuade some people. It'll certainly make me think long and hard.
  13. zzffnn

    ^ I would not be surprised if that is really the spec of DX50. Like I said a few pages before, the photo seems to show a wifi symbol. With wifi, Android would not be a surprise. Why Android 2.3 though?

    How many miscroSD slots are there (sorry, I cannot open that translation)? And is there power output (to specific loads) rating?

    Not everyone considers $400 offerable though. But it may be worth the money if the analog/amp section is as good as something like JDS C5.
  14. Mython Contributor
    Because Android 2.3 only requires a cheap and (more importantly) low-power, CPU to run it. Same story with the DX100, which, iirc, has a single-core 800mhz CPU.
  15. jamato8 Contributor
    I remember when 800mhz was an ultra fast computer. I also remember when 500mb was a huge internal hard drive. :^)
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