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DX220 Thread for software requests.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, May 6, 2019.
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  1. somnarium

    1. Album art to display based on first track embedded art rather than last track. This is an issue where different art is embedded in each track.

    2. Lower settings for screen brightness.
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  2. rutter
    I don't care about features and tuning options nor do I care for other devices. I want the iBasso firmware to deliver the best sound possible for it.
  3. fokta
    @Paul - iBasso, let me try to simplify the explanation.
    There's a bug, in Mango Andro.
    flac song 16 bit / 44.1 kHz show as it is MQA
    (16/44.1 is not MQA song, CMIIW).

    The MQA Bug only happened after we play Real MQA song (24/192, 24/172 etc). the illustration as following :
    track 1 ; MQA Song (24/192)
    track 2 ; not MQA Song (16/44.1) , but show as if MQA.


    if the same flac song (16/44.1) is play, and before the song is just a regular flac song (16/44.1), No MQA sign is show.

    So if I send u the flac song that suspected MQA BUG, u will receive a regular, working Flac song...
    No used...

    Just asked ur team to try the sequence, play MQA song (24/192), then on the next list is regular Flac song (16/44.1), the bug MQA will show...
    I can repeatly make the bug showed by doing this.

    pic, above is other flac song 16/44.1.
    so its a bug...

    if still want me to send the file. I will send it.
    Last edited: May 22, 2019
  4. panasonicst60
    I want this too Paul
  5. bahamot
    Thank you, it works after installed the driver.
  6. rutter
    I just successfully flashed the $100 Fidelizer ROM. Apparently I was screwing up a step before with the free ROM so I don't even know what was happening. It doesn't sound like a gimmick, and if it does, it's hard to tell what it's doing wrong, artificially, or deceitfully. This is something that needs to be analyzed by ear for audio merit and considered technically to determine if better value can't be provided to iBasso customers. I've seen too little of this being done. At first even some of the most prominent posters embraced this ROM, then something happened. Now Whitigir equivocates but still admits that it makes a difference while most others either stay quiet or attack it. I've seen some threads and posts, something acrimonious clearly went down and attitudes changed. My tentative impression is that it's more revealing and realistic. But I need to scrutinize/go back and forth as I'm not sure everything is right.

    ...Android OS might be sounding better than Mango OS with this ROM... Mango OS doesn't strike me, but Android OS sounds much improved, possibly better than Mango OS on iBasso firmware (which it has to if Mango OS here doesn't outpace it)... flashing back and forth will be annoying

    I'll be honest, this is actually much tougher than I expected and I can be prone to making mistakes and misjudgments. Short of having two DX228s with the firmware and ROM side by side I'm not sure how much I can say confidently unless I put a lot of time into this.

    I tangentially ran into a possible litmus test of sorts.

    One new customer of the IER-Z1R iems claims to use this awful song to test whether headphones and iems are able to handle bass well enough. If the drums aren't obscured by the sub-bass that's good performance. I think the Fidelizer ROM obscures them more and it makes the sub-bass sound bigger, perhaps bloated. It's difficult to decide whether bloated or with rumble that's a positive. One caveat is that this uses USB Dac. On a second pass with the custom ROM the sub-bass physically blooms, a mix of a rumble and a boom, that is distracting but perhaps not necessarily a bad indication. I can still hear the drums.

    I'd be very curious to hear more opinions regarding how the Fidelizer Advanced ROM compares to the iBasso firmware alone. I'm very uncertain at the moment. Just went through the trouble of switching back to the Fidelizer ROM while screwing up the first attempt. It definitely does something. I might have to sit for hours getting used to a sound and seeing if switching then gives me a more useful opinion. I think it might open up the sound somewhat but is also softer? I do think the stock iBasso firmware is actually good on its own. But let's see if sitting on something sensitizes you. The fact that Android OS sounds very good with Fidelizer can throw you off as well, I'm not sure about Mango OS. This custom ROM may be particularly attractive to people who rely on streaming.
    Last edited: May 23, 2019
  7. Paulo Abreu
    I would appreciate if this thread could be kept clean and on track with firmware/bugs/improvement requests. Thanks
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  8. rutter
    Deemphasis on the firmware? You can ignore whatever isn't trivial enough for your tastes.
  9. Paulo Abreu
    Its not a question of ignoring, this thread was created for iBasso FW requests, improvements on features and bug report - you can post whatever you want but please understand that in no time there will pages of off-topic posts to scroll making navigating here a pane. Can you recognize this?
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  10. rutter
    There's nothing off-topic about firmware potential to improve sound quality. You've literally spelled that out yourself. Can you recognize this?
  11. Tex Irie
    @Paul - iBasso Good Morning, My iBasso DX220 has frequently disconnected from my Home and Work WiFi networks when using the Tidal apk. Can you provide any insight as to what may be causing this issue. I have performed remediation to verify my networks were not at fault. I have also rebooted and reset the network connection from the DX220. I would appreciate any assistance you can provide.

    I attached a Screenshot of the firmware version while in Mango OS for reference.

    Thank you,

  12. boblauer
    Countdown to mods coming in and deleting stuff here too. I agree this thread should be only firmware and software updates but that's just IMHO.
  13. Tex Irie
    Did I submit my issue under the wrong thread?
  14. DaYooper
    There is a newer firmware update.
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  15. Tex Irie
    Thank you. I appreciate you pointing that out.
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