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DX220 Thread for software requests.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, May 6, 2019.
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  1. Gww1
    Wrong thread
    Last edited: May 20, 2019
  2. jamato8 Contributor
    I always do a factory reset after an update. Mine scanned the card and internal memory.
  3. crazyeyes
    I am going to try a factory reset just transferring the music I have on the internal memory to the computer first. That is the only annoying thing about putting music on the internal memory is it gets lost in a factory reset.


    I just noticed there was a check box to erase internal storage that is checked by default. I unchecked it and doing a factory reset now.
    Last edited: May 20, 2019
  4. crazyeyes
    Factory reset didn't help the issue. Mango app still quits after about 20% of an SD card scan.
  5. CobraMan
    I hate to suggest this - but you may want to consider erasing, reformatting, and reloading your SD card. Could be that there is some kind of corrupt data or files/folders that the system is puking on now...

    Just a thought.

    Good Luck,
  6. crazyeyes
    I have thought of this and that is the next step actually but it is weird that it is only the mango app that is having issues with it not hiby music. I would think if it were a corrupted file both apps would have issues with it.
  7. CobraMan
    I understand and don't disagree. But if taking those steps eliminates the problem it will save the frustration and wondering of why it is acting that way.

    We will see if anyone else reports similar issues.

  8. xnuthecaveman
    Did it worked previously on old software? Could be a tagging issue - oversized album art or invalid characters
  9. crazyeyes
    It did work perfectly fine on the old firmware. It also scans fine in Mango OS too. It is only the Mango App on android that gives me the issue.
  10. fokta
    Manage to update via SDCard. the OTA is not working for me

    It seems, none of my report is not yet fixed, below is for Pure Mango OS :
    - notification for double song in playlist
    - Deleting one of the double song, also delete the other song...
    - Notification for Quick Charge in all OS and also when device is off...
    - Still cant MQA unfold in PURE

    Hope will be in the next patch... I prefer using pure MANGO OS then Mango Android... @Paul - iBasso
    Last edited: May 21, 2019
    xnuthecaveman likes this.
  11. borjok536
    i hope manufacturers should qlwo focus the software side of their daps. having an impressive specs but with buggy software is not good..
  12. tunes
    1. I am having a similar issue with album art labeled cover.jpg. I tried to resize in photoshop to 800 x 800 and still the Mango OS will not recognize after a rescan. What is the file size limit in Mb?

    2. This is not an issue with the Android version of Mango which seems to have more options for display. Is the sound quality much different between the Mango OS and Android Mango?

    3. When using the DX220 as a transport with optical out turned on using Chord DAVE DAC, there is a very annoying click sound when navigating through songs. This is not very noticeable on my other DAP (QP1R). There is no click/pop when songs play in album order gapless, only when navigating back and forth using optical out. This is also not noted when moving through songs on the internal DAC?

    4. When in Android powering off gives definite feedback that powering down is occurring but when in the Mango OS, holding down power button just says good by but how do I know battery will not drain?

    5. Is there a difference when scanning the SD card in Android vs Mango OS?

    6. Does having WiFi turned in when using Mango OS drain the battery?

    7. Why does the player get so hot with use? My other DAP is never even warm? Is this normal?

    8. Can the battery stay in charger after fully charged without damage? Trickle charge? Hard to time when charging over night.

    9. One file doesn’t recognize the artist unless I search fir the name, then it comes up.

    So far a great player. Just wish Mango OS had more options than Android version.
  13. Mahalarp
    Further than Artist/Album/Song sequence updated from new updated last night (1.10.123), next update could it be Genre/Artist/Album/Song as well?

    Then the flow how to choose music for listening will be the same way.
  14. Paulo Abreu
    @Paul - iBasso

    I didn't make an exhaustive wishlist for improvements on Music players, either Android or Mango, just 2 observations concerning navigation:

    1. Viewing albums inside artists on Android was most welcome. Although some times I like to shuffle all music, whatever is the way of browsing by Artist or Genre, the Album is the main entity, we buy Vinyl and CD albums, artists publish albums, etc. The exception is "All Music" which I like very much the ability to sort by track name, artist or album - that is great. Jumping fast on lists by alphabet "A, B, ..." would be great too.
    2. Not less important, in every list if you go back please don't go to the top, stay where you were. This was fixed on Mango OS if you browse by album in "list view", but if you choose the "Tile view" it doesn't work properly (namely when you go back it switches to list view and scrolls to a wrong album). Like under Genre, you have the artists, then album, tracks... going back is ok until artist because lists may be small, but when you go back to top level of genre it goes to the top.
    Bottom line, for now and in what concerns to play local music which is what I do almost 100% of the time, its almost perfect - just fix navigation and I'm happy - Pure mode has been working fine otherwise.
    My 2 cents
    CobraMan likes this.
  15. bahamot
    @Paul - iBasso, just to let you know that factory reset doesn't remove the stuttering issue while playing tidal master songs.
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