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DX220 Thread for software requests.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, May 6, 2019.
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  1. CobraMan
    One workaround I have been using to get the album listing under artist is to use the Directory mode then navigate to the Artist and you will see all Albums listed. The other advantage of the Directory mode is that it appears to remember position within the listing most of the time so when you return to a prior folder it is not scrolled all the way back at the top of the list. This is much better for me until iBasso can address/fix the Artist/Album view and hopefully the retention of position when returning to prior menu/list universally.

  2. abitdeef
    By directory mode, do you mean file mode?
  3. CobraMan
    So in Mango mode go up to the menu where you have Now Playing at the top, All Music, Directory, Album, Artist, Genre, and lastly Playlist. Use the Directory mode then pick either Internal Storage or SD card. For SD card you should now see all of your artists listed as folders within which all their albums should then have a folder.

    In Android mode you would need to select the icon to the right of the musical note looking thing at the top then either Internal Storage or SD Card. Then the folders listed will be by Artist which then contain folders by Album.

    Does this help?


    P.S. My apologies if I confused anyone - the Mango mode player already displays albums under the artist. However, not all album associations are working as I noted earlier in this thread - appears to use Contributing Artist instead of Album Artist file property. The Directory mode avoids this.
    Last edited: May 18, 2019
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  4. abitdeef
    Ah yes I've been using android mode, yes that makes things easier for now.
  5. Paul - iBasso
    The WiFi issue will be corrected in the next FW update. Other issues also. Some add on features are being looked at and will be possibly implemented as we are able.
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  6. rutter
    Mango OS got screwed up after file transfers to an SD card. Android OS was fine. Rescanning didn't work. Had to factory reset which worked.
  7. rutter
    Is it possible that using a micro SD card improves sound quality against using the internal storage? And by improves I mean this sumbitch kind of came to life in comparison to my former impression. I was not expecting any difference. On the first song I thought, "O, this sounds quite good". Then as I kept listening I started thinking there's a real difference. Is this software related, hardware related, or a strangely false impression?
  8. xnuthecaveman
    Could be the I/O scheduler used?
  9. abitdeef
    Take 2 qualudes and call me in the morning.
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  10. toughnut

    Sony have that Hi Res card to improve Z1R
  11. rutter
    Samsung Evo Select 512 gb
  12. CobraMan
    After reading your post I was certainly intrigued and did a test of 8 songs across various genres and both MP3 and WAV formats. The music files were the exact same copied onto my SanDisk 256GB Ultra+ micro SD from my computer that I also copied to internal memory on my DX220 via cable connection. Listening back to back and even alternating which source went first I could not detect any difference for my DX220. Just a point of reference trying to replicate your finding - I am using the AMP1 MKII baseline module.

    Have you been able to repeat your finding on multiple occasions? If so it might be worth contacting Paul via email to have iBasso checkout your device for some kind of hardware issue.

    Has anyone else tested or experienced this issue?

  13. rutter
    I've been using amp8. I had to do a factory reset but it would be strange if that would be a reason as I didn't do much before (updated Chrome, installed the Tidal app). Did you test by ejecting the microSD card and rescanning or did you do it simultaneously? I might've been wrong. It wasn't something I was looking for, thought the music sounded exceptionally good. Bass hit a little harder, I thought I heard more detail, better expression of sounds.
  14. CobraMan
    I did not eject and rescan the memory card - just copied the files from my computer to internal DX220 memory and rescanned internal memory. Like I noted - did my best to listen for differences and could not detect any. However, it was not a double blind A/B test but I did select a variety of songs with wide dynamic range and both male and female vocalists.

    If you hear something different with yours and it is repeatable then maybe there is actually a hardware issue that needs to be checked out by iBasso.

    Will be interesting to see if anyone else can replicate what you noted.

  15. rutter
    How would it not be a double blind A/B test if I presume you just had a second instance of the particular song appearing in your library and wouldn't be able to tell from which source it comes? Mango OS, by the way.
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