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DX220 Thread for software requests.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, May 6, 2019.
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  1. bahamot
    Nope, that doesn't work.

    Edit: I know oneplus 6t LDAC works because it connected fine with shanling M0 in LDAC.
    Last edited: May 7, 2019
  2. CobraMan
    First of all, and to echo what a few others have said, thank you Paul for opening this thread up and providing such great support for all these years - you truly make a difference and your great efforts are recognized and honestly appreciated.

    I spent some good quality time today putting a list of things together - some are bugs/issues and some are improvements/enhancements and I also tried to make note of those that others have mentioned before either in this thread or the original DX220 thread.

    Here is my list:

    1) It would be most useful to add an alphabet based jump-to in all selection menus in addition to scrolling. Scrolling down through hundreds of artists, albums, or songs is not the quickest way to get to what one wants to listen to. Maybe have a horizontal scroll or multi-row list at the top of the screen which is based on the first character which when touched the window scrolls to the first in the list. Has been suggested by others as well – please, for the love of god, or whatever superior being you may or may not believe in, we need this!

    2) When returning to a previous menu the default should always be to go to the exact position in that menu the user was at. In many cases I have found that returning to the previous menu goes to the top of the list and then I have to scroll down a long list to get back where I was. There are some areas where this does work as expected but we really need this to apply everywhere. This request has been posted by others as well.

    3) The Artist information for all songs should be based on Album Artist property of the music file instead of Contributing Artists property – would avoid songs not displaying with the album & artist correctly.

    4) For both the Mango and Android modes in the Artist menu add the option to list by Album or by Song. This request has been made by others as well.

    5) Incorporate the Android Search capabilities in Mango mode.

    6) There are some characters not displaying correctly - Ö & ö, Ü & ü, and Ÿ & ÿ which are in band names like Blue Öyster Cult, Mötley Crüe, and Queensrÿche (although they do display correctly in the Directory mode at the Folder level view and Queensrÿche appears correctly in Mango). What appears are some Chinese/Asian (please – no offense intended) looking characters and the following character is incorrect as well for Blue Öyster Cult & Mötley Crüe. A similar issue exists for the accented e in Céline Dion - another Chinese/Asian looking character is displayed.

    7) In Mango mode Artist list some folders are displayed out of alphabetical order. Not sure exactly why – does not happen in Android mode.

    8) Allow for multiple Custom EQ settings to be saved such that different adjustments for different ear/headphones, music types, AMP modules, etc can be stored separately. Maybe 6 is a good number to increase to. Some folks may not be aware that we can alter the 5 predefined settings (Classical, Pop, Dance, Rock, and Bass) as I found out from Paul back in the DX90 thread – just in case some may not know this.

    9) For the Mango mode in the detailed track information view the bit rate is shown in bps but the label is listed as Kbps. Remove the K so the label is just bps. Displays correctly in Android mode since the value shown is actually the Kbps.

    10) For Mango mode Genre menu add the options to list by Album or Song at the top level as well as once an Artist is selected. In Android mode the Genre only lists all Songs under a selected genre – should be able to see the list by Album or Artist as well.

    11) For the Play Mode options – please add the option to play just the current song and stop.

    12) Low resolution album art (looks like 200x200 pixels or less) in Android mode looks very fuzzy – looks better in Mango mode for some reason.

    Hope these make sense to folks - let me know if I need to clarify or you have any questions.

    So far I don't have any complaints on the great sound quality and I don't use streaming/online music content - strictly a rip from CD dinosaur (come on - I know a few others have admitted to being in this exclusive club as well!!!).

    Best Regards,
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  3. ngd3
    Very much agree with this. Even a night mode toggle/blue light filter would be very helpful for night usage
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  4. Paul - iBasso
    Some of this has already been implemented and some can only be done in the Android mode. Can you further explain #3?
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  5. Paul - iBasso
    Many song names begin with 0, especially, when there is no track title on ID3.
    With the letter scroll, you will not able to quickly find a song if the name begins with numbers.
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  6. panasonicst60
    But if they are label correctly this would work. If during flac converting the info is correct this will work wonders.

    Also the scrolling if fairly not smooth so finding a song, artist, or title can be a bit difficult.
  7. CobraMan
    Hello Paul,

    From what I have been able to determine it appears that the artist information is being taken from the music file property Contributing Artist instead of the Album Artist attribute. For example for artist Linda Ronstadt and her album "Cry Like a Rainstorm - Howl Like the Wind" the song "Goodbye My Friend" only shows up under artist Aaron Neville and the remaining songs show up under artist Aaron Neville/Linda Ronstadt, none of the songs show up under Linda Ronstadt as they should since it is her album. If you look at any of the music file properties on a computer (right mouse click Properties/Details tab) you should see what I am talking about.

    I hope this helps. This issue impacts artist collaborations, duets, etc where more than one artist is listed under the Contributing Artist property.

    Let me know if you need additional information.

    Also, you note that some of the issues are already fixed - are they coming in a future FW release? I am currently on the latest and greatest 1.09.092

    Best Regards,
  8. dlegendkiller
    That's one of the problems, but you can leave that problem to us :D
    Also, I've never had issues when I was using Hiby Music Player with that feature so I guess I and some will ignore that issue anyway.

    Yup, I can confirm that the scrolling is sluggish in Mango OS.
  9. panasonicst60
    @Paul - iBasso
    While playing a song in mango os without touching anything the music would just pause. This has happened to me about 5 times.

    Also some time it just freeze up in mango os and battery percentage goes up to 100% (even though it's not at 100%) and cover art thumbnail changes to something that I am not currently playing. It would be stuck like this for about 5 secs and returns back to normal operation. Happened to me like about 3 times.
  10. andkoppel
    PEQ for pure Mango OS. If possible.
  11. Paul - iBasso
    Have you tried a factory reset?

    We are working on this.
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    CobraMan likes this.
  12. panasonicst60
    I have not factory reset, kinda lazy installing everything again. I rebooted and it has not happened again.
  13. crazyeyes
    So I am noticing with my DX220 when I am paired to Bluetooth in my car it doesn't reliably show the track and artist information. Sometimes it will show just track title no artist. Sometimes it shows all the info. But when it does work if I skip a track the info disappears and sometimes comes back at the next track. I have tried restarting the device and doing a.factory reset already. This is if I'm using mango player or tidal.

    Edit: I should note I had the same issue with the DX150 I had but my FiiO M11 works perfectly for track into over Bluetooth with tidal and the built in music app.
    Last edited: May 10, 2019
  14. Paul - iBasso
    Thank you. We will work on this.
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  15. crazyeyes
    Great! Thank you.
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