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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. linux4ever
    AMP4 isn't available anymore unless somebody that already has it sells it (which I would highly doubt)
  2. singleended5863
    I have only listened to amp3 and amp5 for awhile and now got the amp4s which has definitely better sound than amp3 and amp5 initially at least to my ears even though with different cables and IEMs (JH Angie II+ PW-05+4.4 plug) but when listening to EE Spartans+ EA Ares II+2.5+ibasso CA02 the sound is not full (thin and bored) compared to Angie II (full and bassy). Maybe need more time to breaking in?!
  3. kubig123
    Would you say that you amp4s is a touch warmer than the original amp4?
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  4. linux4ever
    I wouldn't call it warm. Because the highs are equally raised. It still retains the a similar sound signature to amp4 and is balanced across all frequencies. Yet it seems tuned towards a fun, exciting signature. So the lows are punchy and the highs have a sparkle. Not overly done and stays within limits. but in comparison to amp4 seems slightly elevated in a likeable way.

    Both are almost similar yet tuned slightly different. But not drastically different. :)
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  5. teknorob23

    Thanks, i'm dont worry my head's very easily turned so i'll be here reading avidly about everyone's impressions of the amp4s. One thing i am struggling with is finding the safe listening volumes on various devices since i've moved to my first pair of CIEMs. I have been experiencing some sensitivity to higher frequencies, which my to children readily supply and i can only assume i'm listening too loud, even though it doesn't seem so while listening. I havent experienced this with universals, but appreciate that the sound outlet is further from the eardrum with CIEMs.

    I see you have various EE Ciems in your arsenal and while i appreciate their sensitivity/ impedance specs will all be slightly different i'd really appreciate any steer on safe volume (<85db) settings on the DX200.

  6. alan_g
    Okay so last night i put 23 albums on the dx200 and put the same albums onto my 256gb card , all the albums were fine on the dx200 but only 16 of them played on the memory card . The seven that woiuldnt play had no songs in the folder, so does the dx200 play everything thats thrown at it and cards need different tagging system ? All were tagged through mp3 tag
  7. batracom
    I have obtained an iDefender, and am using a Nonda USBA to C converter. The USB stick is mounted correctly as OTG in both Mango and Android (Lurker’s latest firmware), but when I connect a USB power supply via the iDefender’s mini USB port, it lights up but doesn’t charge the DX200. Could you please tell me whether anything special is needed to have the Dx200 charge while reading from the OTG drive?

    Many thanks
  8. artpiggo
    Need to connect power supply first then connect otg drive later.
  9. ZzmadzZ
    Weird. I just tested having multiple albums of same name and it worked fine.

    Try rescanning both the SD and the internal memory together again and try?
  10. ZzmadzZ

    Yes EE iems are crazy sensitive. I’m listening at around 36 Low gain on amp4s for ZEUS.

    However the new models are less sensitive so they require higher volume.

    Hmm I don’t think that there is a safe volume option but I know Sony players has those and people actually rockbox their players to remove the volume restriction HAHAH
  11. teknorob23
    thats really interesting, because i'm listening to the Phantoms (ciem) on low gain at 20-22 (in quiet listening environment) - 25-32 when i was on the train and walking around london yesterday. This doesn't sound loud but i have residual sensitivity to high pitch noise which says it is too loud, but any quieter and i cant hear the full range of the music i'm listening too. Weird as i didnt have this problem with listening the universals before buying the phantoms.

    Anyway thank you for the feedback and i probably take this stream of consciousness to the appropriate hearing safety thread... Despite all this very please so far with DX200 whilst realising how spoilt i've been with mac OSX all these years :wink:
  12. fuhransahis
    I'm at about 30 in the office, but 70 on the train with the Phantom. With the UM Mason v3 I was at about 84. High gain always. Have a feeling I listen louder than many lol.
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  13. ZzmadzZ
    Lol. I’m guessing sound from Spotify is softer as compared to the mango app right. I listen about 20 clicks higher for Spotify lol..
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  14. ctaxxxx
    You have to turn off volume normalization in the Spotify app to fix that.
  15. kubig123
    Did anybody had the gut to open the amp4s and compare it to the "old" amp4?
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