ibasso dx200
  1. iBasso DX200

    iBasso DX200

    For sale is my iBasso DX200 DAP. It is in excellent condition. I have the original packaging and it will ship with the original cables as well as leather case etc. Only minor blemish is that the leather case has a small tear. The pictures will show this. The device operates flawlessly. No issues...
  2. ValeryPaul

    Hobby clean up sale Ibasso DX200 with amp1 MKII New price!!!

    Ibasso DX200 with amp1 MKII Please add $20 for shipping
  3. A

    (SOLD)iBasso DX200 with Amp1, original accessories and tempered glass screen protector (400GB Sandisk micro SD card for $30 more)

    Hi, up for sale for an excellent condition DX200. All original accessories are included plus a brand new tempered glass screen protector. I am the second owner and I bought it two weeks ago from someone who barely used it and had too many daps. The battery is very new , and it would last 8 hours...
  4. Jackpot77

    Ibasso DX200 with Amp 2 / Amp 8 plus extra case

    Ibasso DX200 with amp modules 2 and 8 and extra case. In great condition with original box and accessories - second owner. Amp 8 - £100 DX200 / amp 2 - £375 Combo - £450 (preferred option) Price includes PayPal and shipping to UK. Shipping to EU add £10, further afield add £15. Pics will be...
  5. Vishal

    (SOLD) FS/FT: Ibasso DX200 mint

    Hi, I have a dx200 with amp1 for sale. Very sparingly used. Less than 100hrs used maybe. Full box accessories. Trade only for Campfire Andromeda. Thanks!
  6. jaker782

    **SOLD**: Ibasso DX200 + New Battery =$480, Include Amp 8 =$630

    I've decided to sell my Ibaso DX200, which is in excellent cosmetic and working condition. The latest firmware and Lurker add-on has been installed, but can revert to factory condition if desired. I purchased this from a reputable head-fier about four months ago, but it has been taken good...
  7. fuhransahis

    iBasso DX200

    Hi! Selling my DX200 for $450, includes original Amp 1, all original accessories but missing parts of the outer box. Will of course be packaged securely. Currently loaded is the latest firmware along with the Fidelizer Advanced Purist ROM ($95 value at the time, other versions of this ROM...
  8. kubig123

    iBasso Dx200 with Amp3, Amp4 Sold

    Selling my dx200 in perfect condition, no scratches or dents. It comes with a blue A6 leather case and the 3 amps (the Amp4 and 8 comes in the original packaging). Selling for $980 including free shipping for continental US and PayPal fees. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.
  9. Drewligarchy

    FS IBasso DX200 with original AMP 4!

    Selling my IBasso DX200 with the legendary and discontinued original Amp 4 included! Amp 5, Amp 1 and stock leather case as part of package. Unit is like new. I'll pay shipping, Buyer pays PayPal Selling all together as a package; will not sell amps separately. Also will throw in an Effect...
  10. fuhransahis

    FS: iBasso DX200 w/AMP8

    Hello, Selling my DX200 with Amp 8 (Amp 1 also included). Comes with custom Valentinum case, original case also included. Original USB-C cable included. Can take pics of Amp 1 if needed (3.5mm SE and 2.5mm balanced output) if needed (not at home atm). Selling for funding my move a towards...
  11. bzxfire40

    [SOLD] FS: iBasso DX200 DAP

    Asking $600 (shipping and pp fees included)for my iBasso DX200 which is in excellent condition. Comes with AMP1, ibasso leather case, usb-c cable, factory installed screen protector and original packaging. Any questions? Shoot me a PM!
  12. AEIOU9

    SOLD: iBasso DX200TI + AMP 5 + AMP 8

    Purchased from a head-fier. Unit is a very good condition. Like all of the TI units the metal is not coated and this unit has 2 areas with light scratch marks that only show in certain angles of light. I am including 2 photos at the end showing the angles that make the marks visible. However...
  13. SDBiotek

    SOLD Easecase blue leather case for Ibasso DX200

    I bought this recently from a vendor on eBay. Hopefully the pictures capture the deep blue color well enough. The internal lining is a dark blue. I had bought this case thinking it would fit my DX150, but the openings for the controls do not line up (yes,I should have checked first!) My mistake...
  14. scottsays

    NO LONGER LOOKING---------WTB iBasso DX 200 reasonable fair price

    IF anyone has one sitting around----I would like a good deal--but will not lowball you--beneficial to both parties. I was thinking for around $ 700---or hopefully less. Amazon has the $ 900 brand new with warranty--- I always try to get a good deal. Have cash or a few items to sell/trade- Ety...
  15. Tex Irie

    Pioneer SE-Monitor5 + Fiio Q5 for a DX200 or WM1A [Traded]

    Behold!! A Pair of Mint Pioneer SE-Monitor5's and Fiio Q5 have appeared!! .... . I'm open to trading my Beloved SE-Monitor5's and Fiio Q5 as I will be commuting and traveling more for work. These were well kept as I was the sole owner in a smoke free home. Included in the package: New Velour...
  16. silvahr

    Withdraw: ALO Audio Reference 8 IEM balanced cable MMCX - 4.4mm (mint condition)

    ALO Audio Reference 8 IEM balanced cable (MMCX - 4.4mm) for Sony NW-WM1A/Z, ZX300, IBasso DX200/DX150 with Amp 8, etc. Used exclusively with Campfire Audio Andromeda. Bought November 2017 in ALO Audio online (imported from USA since I could't find it in any European store). Totally in mint...
  17. J

    What's the best DAP for driving 600 ohm headphones?

    So as the title says I'm trying to find the best high end dap able to drive 600 ohm headphones, such as the beyerdynamic t1's. I'm currently using an ibasso dx200 via the balanced output. However I'm concerned I'm not getting the most out of the headphones, and wanted to see if I could find any...
  18. wantmyf1

    For Sale: Ibasso DX200

    Hi Everyone, We all know the legendary name that Ibasso has around here. I am selling my Ibasso DX200. I've recently purchased the AK380 and prefer the profile of that to the DX200. Not to mention I also have the AK120 as well. So I have no need for all of those and have decided to part with...
  19. jessnie

    FS ibasso DX200 AMP4

  20. silvahr

    Removed: ALO Audio Reference 8 MMCX - 4.4mm (mint condition)

    ALO Audio Reference 8 MMCX - 4.4mm (for Sony NW-WM1A/Z, ZX300 and IBasso DX200 with Amp 4). Bought last November in ALO Audio online (mint condition). Excellent cable but I don't need to go balanced. Since I've paid customs fees, the price is only appealing to people inside EU/GB. Shipping...
  21. silvahr

    Sold: Lavricables Ultimate Silver 2x2.5mm - 4.4mm (mint condition)

    Lavricables Ultimate Silver (mint condition): - 1.5m lenght - 2x2.5mm (Audioquest NightHawk, Sennheiser HD700, Hifiman HE400S, Hifiman HE560, etc.) - 4.4mm (sony WM1A/Z, Sony ZX300, iBasso DX150/DX200 AMP 4 or 8, etc.) - Bought November 2017 (few hours of use) Paypal fee and shipment not included
  22. fuhransahis


    I have clearly been indecisive, as I sold my DX200, then bought another one, and sold that one again, and... now I realized that is the player that best suits me in all regards and I want one again lol. Will be keeping it this time. Seriously.
  23. Paul - iBasso

    DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

    The DX200 has been designed from the ground up. Interchangeable amps, a CNC case and the finest components. Retail price $869.00. Micro SD cards tested with the DX200 up to and including the Sandisk 400gb. No issues found. A burn-in cable is supplied with the DX200. When using this please use...