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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. headwhacker
    I have not done a proper test yet but for sure DX200 has the Hugo beat when I tried the HD800. When I played Daft Punk's Get Lucky, DX200 had no problem nor hint of buckling down and it clearly can handle HD800 with enough headroom to spare. On Hugo I can only listen at moderate volume as it starts to sound harsh if I push the volume all the way up.
  2. headwhacker
    This is my overall impression so far. The sound stage, imaging and details especially in the low end so so addicting. I have filter #5 (slow roll, min phase) and DX200 can't seem to sound harsh even with very complicated/busy passage of a song or a not so good mastered/recorded song. With a very comfortable iem like T8ieMKII  I feel like I can listen all day at a moderate volume level without feeling fatigue.
    I'm just thankful that iBasso brings most of what DX100 can do SQ-wise and fixed the most annoying issues in software with the beautiful and more pocketable body. I have been wanting to get another DX100/R10 after my R10 broke. But I can hardly see anyone selling the older iBasso player. Until now that DX200 is available, I can see a couple of DX100 turning up on my local classified forum. lol
  3. hung031086
    where can i buy this one in the us ?
  4. ahossam
    Mine just got about 60 hours burn in, at this point I am pretty sure that I like DX200 way more than Mojo. I have never spend more than $1000 on a DAP or DAC/AMP so Chord Mojo is becoming my standard for a good sounding portable audio gear. But now things have change, I have found a better one and its way more simple, I don't need to stack it up, just one device and I can get all of my needs, I couldn't be more happier right now in this hobby:sunglasses:
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  5. headwhacker
    Good for you, already sold my Mojo. LPG and DX200 will make I sure I won't miss it. [​IMG]
  6. warrior1975
    Anyone know how to search for a song? Driving me crazy right now!!
  7. jmills8
    Here you go use Hugos crossfeed. No way the 200 beats Hugo.
  8. headwhacker
    I have, and never like them on. so what is your point ?
  9. artpiggo

    Think same as you.
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  10. twister6 Contributor
    A few quick test notes:
    - Gapless works great.
    - Handles DSD256 with ease (playing iFi QuadDSD sampler).
    - Testing dx200 with Vega.  Unlike other DAPs, here I didn't have to switch to high gain.  But in comparison to LPG in high gain, Vega's bass is a little more under control with LPG while with DX200 the mid-bass punch is a bit more aggressive, but not exactly night'n'day difference.
    - Quick comparison between DX200 and Opus#2, very similar resolution and retrieval of details, but #2 is a little smoother, especially in upper mids/treble.  I hear DX200 sound a little crisper, with more sparkle and airiness.  Tested each from 2.5mm balanced, both have a wide soundstage but dx200 reaches a little wider.  DX200 soundstage expansion is very impressive.
    - Tested wireless connection with B&W P7W, works in open space up to 60ft away from DX200.  I was able to control volume up/down, and skip tracks forward/back (double/triple click), but surprisingly can't Play/Pause with a single click.  Also tried with LG HB730 bluetooth headset - rather limited volume range, too sensitive, and also track skip works but not Play/Pause.  BT/wireless works but play/pause control needs to be fixed.
    - Some quick test notes with full size cans (all 3.5mm output):
    * Oppo PM3 (planar) - in low gain (97/150) - clear smooth detailed, wide staging, with many daps PM3 can get veiled - here the clarity surprisingly good,
    * ATH-R70x (open back, 470 ohm) - in low gain (123/150) - smooth natural detailed, a little on a warmer side but very clear, didn't even have to switch to high gain.
    * Beyer T5p 2nd gen w/Alpha pads (tesla driver) - in low gain (96/150) - clear smooth detailed, a little smoother and more organic in comparison to other daps, and still with plenty of headroom in low gain.
    * Audeze EL8C (planar) - in low gain (108/150) - clear detailed punchy, not even a hint of metallic harshness like I hear with many other daps, but soundstage not as wide.
    Overall, with the cans above I noticed a common trend with sound being smoother, more organic and natural in comparison to other DAPs like LPG and Opus#2.
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  11. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I know we've seen plenty of unboxing photos though not sure if this video has been posted.
    it will give people an idea on the effort gone into DX200 packaging. 
    Was uploaded about 7-days ago. (not by me)
  12. Retropsych
    Any word on when Australian retailers such as MiniDisc will be selling the DX200?
  13. headwhacker
    just spent the last 2 days using DX200 in pure music mode. I think the lag as reported only happens when swiping left or right. I believe it's not a lag but a delay seems since the response time is always consistent. If you are not swiping left or right, the GUI is very usuable (i.e. toggling buttons on or of, going to a submenu and back)

    I believe iBasso can quickly fix it. I actually like pure music mode as it is very simple. Potentially, better in saving battery life. The Android mode doesn't offer more functionality relevant to me yet anyway.
  14. ExpatinJapan
    ALO Audio SXC 8 mini to mini cable with ALO Audio Continental V5 portable tube amplifier, Campfire Audio Nova IEM and iBasso DX200 Dap.


    Having some fun trying out the different outputs.

    100+ hours on the DX200 now.
  15. ExpatinJapan

    DX200 to Litz balanced cable with Campfire Audio Vegas.

    Trying out. Different cables and IEMs this past week. And also finding out more about the single and balanced ports.


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