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DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by paul - ibasso, Dec 17, 2015.
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  1. Olchon

    Thanks, I'll try a couple of apps when the unit arrives and let you all know how things go. If the roon control interface works well combined with the dx200 sound quality, this is hopefully going to be pretty fantastic....!
  2. icefalkon
    I have an AK380 in front of me now...and while I plan on comparing it intenstively until Tuesday night, I can say that right now...the sound sig of the DX200 is so close to the 380 (while maintaining the iBasso signature sound) that it's crazy. Comparing the X5 to any flagship DAP is silly. The components, the sound, depth, clarity, and soundstage are miles apart from each other. Frankly, I've heard fans of the X5 bow to the X7...and the X7 is nowhere near the DX200. I'm not saying the guy is wrong, his ears are his ears...but I am curious as to what he wrote. Can you link the page?
  3. icefalkon
    Just plugged in my Audeo PFE232's into the DX200...played James Taylor's You've Got a Friend...with these, it also sounds as if he's playing rhythm acoustic on the left channel and lead acoustic on the right channel. Extremely clear and balanced, great tonality. Less dynamic than the Heir 4ai's and the 1Plus2's. That being said...while some specific songs and genre's of music sound great with the PFE's...for my tastes it's not a great match overall. 
  4. musicday
    Can someone tell me please how is the viewing angle of DX200 screen? Is there any light bleeding when showing black colour in a dark room?
    The screen resolution is among the highest in music players especially for a 4.2 inch screen.
  5. denis1976
    is in the X5iii tread, the guy said that the x5 is more warm sounding ,page 90, but this things are all subjective...i have a ak380 copper combo and is the best i ever heard and i had Tera pawgold etc etc but is allways some one that don't have the same opinion...but i believe that for 900 euros the dx200 is a class act
  6. icefalkon
    Well everyone hears differently. I don't know about the warmer thing...iBasso has their own signature sound, that's for sure. I don't think the sound quality of the X5 is anywhere close to the DX200 though. Just sounding warmer isn't saying that it's better though...
    I'll look for the post. I wonder who it is...pretty much everyone who has a DX200 is on here posting their thoughts and reviews.
  7. bharat2580
    O man i am a poor student dont make me pull the trigger on it :joy: Though i am getting crazy deals on the 1a at 77x Euro and around 6xx lowrr ones for the zx2. Should i get it or wait for matured reviews and pull the trigger on the dx200. I can only buy one and own the dx90.
  8. Bastianpp
    burn in in this dap is important? 
    40 to 200hr have a diference of sq or something
  9. icefalkon
    Yeah, let me tell you...I broke the 40 hour mark and the SQ is insanely different already. I can't even imagine what's coming up for the 100/200/400 hour mark!
  10. headwhacker
    That is basically stating a personal preference. Myself prefer a transparent/neutral source and let the headphone do the job to give me warmth if my mood calls for it.
    That is why you should take the statement/generalization "A is better than b" with a grain of salt. Although I have not heard the X5III yet, I have the X7/Amp3 and I "vastly" prefer DX200 in SQ alone.
    The sense of space in staging, depth, resolution and overall presentation with DX200 is not most like DAPs. X7, seems to have a very shallow staging which I perceived to be flat. Although this is shared by other DAPs I have including LPG.
    This is the same magic that DX100 has which make it one f the best DAP. DX200 seems to take it a step further. Also DX200 seem to be easier on my ear that I don't get fatigued by some recordings that tend to sound harsh on other DAPs.
    I don't have the most sensitive iem in AKT8ieMKII, but in X7, there is a slightly noticeable hiss. None on DX200. X7 is very prone to interference especially if it's very near a phone. DX200 is not affected as far as I can tell at the moment.
    Of course, you should take my impression with a grain of salt as well. You may have a different taste than I am which X5III may work better than you. 
    I normally don't buy DAPs nor iems/headphones without hearing them first. But I heard a lot of iBasso's players in the past that I am confident I would like how the DX200 sounds so I pulled the trigger. I had the same expectation when I initially bought the X7 (using the same 9018 chip as DX100). It never sounded as I expected after several FW updates not length of burn in. 
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  11. Mackgear
    The x5iii is also a great device But In my opinion , Dx200 is more warm sound than x5iii.  It is not a competitor. 
  12. davidmolliere
    Oh my is this thread one of the hottest on headfi or what? Few hours away and 40 posts oO
    I tried some classical with the DX200 and I am blown away by the dynamics, layering and effortless detail retrieval... a real treat!
    The Vega sing like never before.
  13. icefalkon
    When I tried Amadine Beyer - I Quattro Stagioni....I was floored. Again...I keep saying it but it's true...it was like they were playing right in front of me...you can hear the orchestra turning the pages of their sheet music
  14. artpiggo
    I don't know if it is only me that have the problem. I wanna know whether I need to do factory reset or not.
    When I play 24bit/96kHz songs in Mango Player (Android Mode), I randomly hear the glitch sound in between the songs. It is kind of black dot sound like short circuit occur in 2.5 balanced output.
    But there is no problem when playing in Pure Music Mango OS.
    I have also checked my IEM (U12) with other DAPs with the same micro SD card, I didn't face this problem.
  15. ExpatinJapan
    I am taking notes day by day, this is holding up my other reviews :) ,
    so this weekend I will leave it to burn in and  (family willing) try to catch up on my review backlog.
    There have a been a few wow moments, firstly the first unburnt/initial listen with the iBasso IT03,
    I was struck by both. excellent synergy.
    I enjoyed the IT03 but this brought me more into a realization of what the IT03 is capatble of, I will have to revisit my review, in due time.
    And today after 65 plus hours, the low end has tightened up nicely,
    and overall the sound stage has opened up more.
    What I find most interesting, is that concurrently whilst trying to do an analytical listen, I find myself enjoying the music itself eventually (rather quickly) being lost in the 
    music so that I forget what I am actually doing (listening as a reviewer), which has seldom happened, and is always a good sign.
    Filter 4, gain 2, SE end out to Campfire audio Vega with Reference 8 cable. Music on shuffle.
    on another note I am enjoying reader other DX200 users various points of views, and especially the many comparisons with other totl daps.
    It seems there is a good collective skill set within this thread.
    having fun
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