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Drop + JVC HA-FDX1 Dual Carbon IEM...available in the US!

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  1. CobraMan
    Hey james444 or CEE TEE - do you know if the DROP offering will have an option for a balanced cable with either 2.5mm or 4.4mm jack?

    Oh, by the way, thank you guys for all the great work to bring this offering to the masses!!!

  2. CEE TEE
    Hi @CobraMan ,

    Thank you for the support! We aren't currently running this at the moment, but this would address both of those plugs in one kit:

    We have a 2-pin version of this that we keep in stock.

    If you hit the request button, you will be notified when it is available again or you can find the MEE MMCX online.

  3. jwbrent
    Good to read.
  4. CobraMan
    Thank you Christian - I hit the request for the cable. Have to do some research to see how that compares to the ISN S8/C16/H16 or the Linsoul LSC09/HC08.

    Looking forward to the HA-FDX1 - good thing I procrastinated on buying the HA-FD02's...

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  5. james444 Contributor
    JVC FDX1 Measurements Dump...

    Disclaimer: non IEC-compliant, for illustration purpose only. All graphs are diffuse field compensated.

    FDX1 filter comparison:

    (red = white filters, green = yellow-green filters, blue = blue filters)

    Personal remarks:
    • White filters are equivalent to FD01 stock tuning (all three FD01 nozzles measure basically the same). Too much upper mids and treble energy in my book. Extremely detailed, but fatiguing.
    • Yellow-green filters are "reference" tuning, slightly v-shaped with a touch of warmth, yet still very detailed and pretty close to my idea of neutral.
    • Blue filters are "relaxed" tuning, warmer and more easy-going than "reference". Works particularly well when you're out and about, where a little tilt towards the lower frequencies comes in handy.

    FDX1 vs. ER4S:

    (red = white filters, green = yellow-green filters, blue = blue filters, orange = ER4S)

    Personal remarks:
    • Even though bass seems close, FDX1 has noticeably more perceived punch (DD vs. BA)
    • ER4S has slightly more forward mids and sounds more intimate. FDX1's slight v-shape and better treble extension create a more airy and open sound with larger soundstage.

    FDX1 vs. UERM:

    (red = white filters, green = yellow-green filters, blue = blue filters, magenta = UERM)

    Personal remarks:
    • FDX1 has better sub-bass extension in comparison to UERM's slight roll-off.
    • UERM sounds a tad more intimate due to slightly more forward mids.
    • UERM's highs sound harsher and more prone to sibilance than FDX1's (with yellow-green and blue filters), due to peaks in lower treble.

    FDX1 vs. EX1000:

    (red = white filters, green = yellow-green filters, blue = blue filters, black = EX1000)

    Personal remarks:
    • FDX1's slight bass-lift makes it sound a tad more punchy and "fun" as compared to EX1000.
    • Mids are actually pretty similar, however EX1000's upper mids and treble peaks make it sound rather harsh, particularly on higher volume.
    • FDX1's treble (with yellow-green or blue filters) sounds silky-smooth in comparison to EX1000's.
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  6. Nabillion_786
    So how are the mids in general? Are these an upgrade over the oxygen and kanas pro for vocals? I like vocals sounding very clear, detailed with a life-like tone and timbre.
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  7. james444 Contributor
    I haven't heard those. I think @shotgunshane has heard them and prefers the FDX1.

    FDX1's mids are very clear with a slight touch of warmth and a slight tilt towards intimacy for female vocals. Timbre is very life-like and detail resolution is high throughout the frequency range, without any fake detail from treble peaks (with yellow-green and blue filters).
  8. shotgunshane Contributor
    Agreed. I find both male and female vocals more nuanced and lifelike. More lifelike with better note weight and more nuanced micro-dynamically with small decay characteristics that make perception more dimensional rather than flat.
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  9. Makahl
    A bit OT, but does anyone know a good shipping agent in the USA? I'd like to buy it for $250 at presale but my last directly Drop purchase I needed to pay some expensive fee, lol.
  10. CactusPete23
    Looks to me like Brasil has a 19% VAT and a 16% duty on "accessories". So in addition to shipping, Brasil adds 35%. Is that the "some expensive fee" you mean? You can thank your government for those fees.

    - Only way to avoid those costs is to either have someone hand carry when they return to Brasil, and not declare it? Or to have shipper put a lower price on documentation, and no company will do that. (maybe a few in every country will...) But neither method is really legal.
  11. Nabillion_786
    Thanks for this! and lastly I also hate vocals sounding recessed, thin or lazy due to too much warmth. Would you honestly say that these are a noticeable upgrade over the kanas pro and oxygen for vocals and soundstage? If so I will definitely get these as my next iems but I just need confirmation.
  12. Makahl
    You're right, that goes for $100+ products AFAIK. However, when it's sent via USPS it's a gambling game and sometimes you're lucky and your parcel bypasses the customs. But for courier services (DHL, FedEx, etc..) there's nowhere to run you need to pay all those things so it'd land here costing roughly $500. So my idea is to redirect the package for some agent and then send it via USPS ePacket method instead and... try my "luck".

    Well, if you don't exceed the $500 limit you don't need to pay anything. Also, it can be used as a personal item and you're free to go as well (but you need to throw away the box).

    Yep, that's the default for Chinese big sites and even Brazil has a default fine for those importing smartphones since they land here listed as a $50-100 product, but even the fine makes it worth it since the product ends up being cheaper than buying here, lol. I don't mind to pay for it, but if I can try my luck... it'd be cool in not paying twice for an item. :)

    Btw, some guy on discord told me a good service so it's all good!
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
  13. shotgunshane Contributor
    Vocals sound quite forward due to the upper mid/lower treble boost. Even though vocals are intimate, the FDX1 remains spacious, particularly in depth.

    To me, the Kansas Pro and Oxygen soundstages were just average. I know some think they are large, but Andromeda and Solaris are my benchmarks for large. FDX1 doesn’t match those two CFA offerings but does sound bigger than average and certainly bigger than what I recall of the Moondrop and Tanchjim.
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  14. Returnity
    @shotgunshane Could you please compare these with CA Andromeda (especially regarding the lower end)?
  15. shotgunshane Contributor
    That comparison will be part of my review. Hopefully I’ll be ready to post on Sunday.
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