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Drop + JVC HA-FDX1 Dual Carbon IEM...available in the US!

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  1. Niyologist
    This is great. I've always wanted to get another JVC IEM. I'm curious about the price tag for this one.
  2. Rorset
    I want it :hushed:
    "On September 5th, we're going to open up the Pre-sale.
    To really get things started, the pre-sale price is $250.
    After the first shipment lands, the in-stock price will be $280."
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019
  3. rantng
    $250 for the initial drop, $280 after

    “On September 5th, we're going to open up the Pre-sale. To really get things started, the pre-sale price is $250. After the first shipment lands, the in-stock price will be $280.”
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  4. Mal Waldron
    After using my Sony EX1000 intensively for days with the new cable, I have retaken the JVC FD02 and, although I consider them inferior to the Sony, they are still a magnificent IEM that performs well with almost all musical genres, especially with electronic music. Highly recommend!
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  5. XERO1
    Is the HA-FDX1 going to use any damping material similar the the alcohol pads that @james444 used in his mods?
  6. jwbrent
    Looking forward to this drop ...
  7. FastAndClean
    i was planing to get the Ikko HO10 next but now. . .well drop it is
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  8. jwbrent
  9. jwbrent
    I miss my FW-01 which I gave to my son. Maybe if the FD drop is popular, the FW woody series will follow.

    I hope when this drop lands, the wait time won’t be too long.
  10. mochill
    Would definitely love a woody drop as well as the fender sureseal tip drop
  11. james444 Contributor
    Just my 2c, I've had pretty much all of the JVC woody series: FX750, FX850, FX1100 and FW01. And I still like to listen to the FW01 from time to time.

    However, imo the modded FD01 (and presumably the FDX1) are technically superior to all of them. Over the course of last year, my JVC listening habits have come to 80-90% with the FD01 and maybe 10-20% with the FW01.
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  12. jant71
    ...but are the woodies about absolute technical ability??? Or do people like them for the timbre and organic nature of the woody driver sound esp. after they may tweak for better tonal balance.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019
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  13. CactusPete23
    Reserved. Would love to see some reviews. Especially in comparison with other DLC iems like the Moondrop Kanas Pro, and then TFZ No.3 Ti !
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  14. jant71
    I started Team JVC and I have a DLC in the King III buuuuut, they didn't send me one :frowning2:
  15. james444 Contributor
    No. But as far as I'm concerned, neither are the FD01 about absolute technical ability. These are still single DDs from the same manufacturer as the woodies... and not some multi-multi-BA technicality-monsters.

    Please note that this is just my subjective opinion. And note that I've tweaked both the woodies and the FD01 for better tonal balance, so what I'm comparing sounds probably less different in timbre than you may think.

    I still listen to a lot of classical music, the genre the woodies have been most famous for rendering "in their own sweet way". And to my ears, the modded FD01 sound gorgeous too, particularly with strings. They have silky smooth treble with violins... but in comparison to the FW01 noticeably more extension on top, which makes them sound more airy and open. And the cello's low range may not be quite as thick as on the FW01, but it's no less organic in my book.

    Bottom line, when I bought and modded the FD01 more than a year ago, I did not plan nor anticipate for them to become such a fierce competition for my woodies. Thing is, when I'm in a music listening mood, I usually don't deliberately pick a particular pair of IEMs, but rather go with my gut. And as it happened, I found myself reaching more and more often for the FD01 over the FW01. That's all I'm saying, I personally do not feel they sacrifice much of what made the woodies special, but they improve on them in technical aspects and have easily become my overall favorite JVCs.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019
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