DNA Stratus 2A3 amplifier - first impressions

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by budx3385, May 12, 2012.
  1. mysticstryk
    Upscale audio & tube depot is where I usually buy my tubes unless they are super rare.
  2. m17xr2b
    Sold my Yggy and got a level 2 Pavane. I'm happy to report the Stratus is transparent enough that the differences are easily spotted. Can't wait until next year when the Stellaris arrives.
  3. bigfatpaulie
    Congrats on a great DAC and the upgrade!!
  4. claud W
    OK, I'll bite. How long from ordering a DNA Stratus until it is delivered?
  5. Thenewguy007
    The wait time is one year.
  6. claud W
    Emailed Mr. North. Nice guy and helpful. I think a Stratus will give me a different flavor for my Ragg /Yiggy system. I just have to get through Dec and Jan which is estimated tax time. I may get a wild hair and send him the initial fee. We will see.
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  7. DMck2000
    The wait is extremely painful, but also extremely worth it! Just have patience and you will be rewarded.
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  8. claud W
    I have Ethers, but wonder if Senn HD 800S and Focal Utopia might match well with a Stratus?
  9. DMck2000
    I’ve heard the HD800(S) are the best pair with the Stratus, but I’m holding out for my Focal Utopias as well because these just sound ridiculously good. When I actually get the Stratus I’ll give you an opinion on how it sounds with my Focal Utopias and my Sennheiser HD800.
  10. claud W
    I actually like the year wait. Gives me time to purchase NOS tubes for it. I will order Nov or Dec. That will give me a nice Christmas gift for 2018.
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  11. claud W
    Any recomendations for NOS tubes for Stratus? What about current available 2A3 and 5U4G tubes??
  12. Frihed89
    Look, the Stratus sounds very good with the tubes Donald sends. I recommend you wait until you hear your Stratus for a while and then ease into new tubes, once you become familiar the sound. You will make better choices this way and probably save yourself some buyers remorse for hasty purchases.
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  13. bigfatpaulie
    I agree with @Frihed89 . Tubes can get very expensive, very quickly. The Stratus is no slouch with the stock tubes at all. Get a feel for the amp, let it settle in THEN start rolling if you still feel the need.
  14. bigfatpaulie
    I think it is a bit of a matter of preference. I have/had both with mine. The Utopia's have a funny unnatural papery quality that irked me but many love them so, there you go. When I first got the Utopia's my socks were blown clean off, but after the honey moon was over my love for them faded. They definitely have a lot of wow factor when you first pick them up and put them on, especially versus the HD800's but long term they weren't for me. It took about a year for the shine to wear off for me.
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  15. Thenewguy007
    Outside the soundstage, what made you keep the HD800 over the Utopia?

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