Sep 2, 2012
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    Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
    Watches, scotch, wine, food, programming and business... And scotch, in case I for got to mention that.
    Headphone Inventory:
    -HD800SDR, hardwired DHC Comp4 copper

    ~No Longer With Me~
    -HiFiMan HE-5 LFF Code-X
    -Audeze LCD3f
    -Audeze LCD4
    -Abyss AB-1266
    -Focal Utopia
    The list goes on...
    Headphone Amp Inventory:

    ~No Longer With Me~
    -RME ADI-2 Pro
    -DNA Stellaris
    -Chord DAVE
    -Audio-GD Master 9
    -GS-X MKII
    -SWA SuSy Dynahi
    -Bottlehead Mainline with Auricap XO's
    -Pass Labs INT-30A
    -DNA Stratus
    -Bottlehead Crack with Speedball, Mundorf caps, Blue Velvet Pot
    The list goes on...
    Source Inventory:

    ~No Longer With Me~
    -RME ADI-2 Pro
    -Chord DAVE
    -Schiit Yggdrasil Gen 5
    -Lampizator Level 4, Generation 4
    -MSB Analog, power base, USB, volume control
    -Bricasti M1
    -ANK AudioNote 5.1
    The list goes on...
    Cable Inventory:
    -Double Helix Complement4 Copper
    -Double Helix Chaperone2
    -Norne SolvX
    The list goes on...

    -Ton 'o Blue Jeans

    ~No Longer With Me~
    -Double Helix Complement2
    -Double Helix Complement4 Silver
    -Revelation Audio Labs USB
    -Revelation Audio Labs AES/EBU
    -Norne Draug2
    Power-Related Components:
    -High Fidelity Cables CT1 power cable
    -PS Audio AC3 power cables
    The list goes on...

    ~No Longer With Me~
    -PS Audio P3
    -PS Audio P5
    Other Audio Equipment:
    -Paradigm Reference Active 40's, 20's and CC. Krell HTS 7.1.
    ~No Longer With Me~
    -Sophia Princess 2A3 Mesh Plate, EML 5U4G, GEC u52, Pearl Reflektor 6N1P-EV "Gold Grade", Telefunken ECC83, Tung Sol 5998
    -Western Electric 422a, Sylvania Spring Top 2A3's, Pearl 6N1P "Gold Grade Plus"
    The list goes on... And on. And on...
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    ~No Longer With Me~
    -Berkeley Alpha USB->SPDIF
    Music Preferences:
    Classical, opera, blues, jazz, blue grass, Spanish guitar, anything acoustic and mix of most else.
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