1. Pustik

    Woo Audio 22 vs DNA Stratus vs Cavalli Liquid Fire

    I'm wondering which one in the long run will be fun to have? Woo Audio and DNA Stratus have much flexibility, you could try many tubes, play around to find your own sound. Or and this is more philosophical question would you want to settle down for something as cavalli liquid fire where amp has...
  2. froger

    DA&T AC Filter Impression

    I have thought hard before writing this review whether this is the right time for it as I am still waiting for an important piece of my set-up puzzle, the DNA Stratus. But heck, if my current less-than-perfect set-up can yield a performance that I have never experienced before, I have no doubt...
  3. Jademalo

    Need advice on HD800s + Amps

    I'm in a situation currently where I can potentially get myself a pair of HD800s. I had a listening test with a pair of them and some HD700s yesterday, and I absolutely love the sound of them.   I also would be in a position to get a Lehmann Black Cube Linear Headphone Amp, and from what...
  4. lordglum

    Looking for headphones for a 2A3

    Hello, I'm new here.  Some background story...   I bought a set of grado SR80's years ago.  Never really thought much of them until I recently built a BB Cmoy.  Wow I am now hooked on the headphone bug.  I got a pair of astrotec's to pair with the cmoy just to take to work with me.  ...
  5. DannyB

    Looking for comments regarding pairing the HD800 with a 2A3 amp (nt)

  6. clasam

    Good "tubey" sounding amps for low impedance phones

    Was looking Woo WA2, but that doesn't look so ideal for low impedance phones like Mad Dogs, ESW9, etc.  WA6se, Ray Samuels, Eddie Current seem to, based on other posts, be more "SS sounding".   So the question is...what are some good tubey sounding amps for low impedance phones (<$2000)?  ...
  7. iim7V7IM7

    Tube amp for Sennheiser HD800s: deciding between some SE & balanced options

    Gear: DAC: Grace Design m903 Tube Amp: ? Headphones: Sennheiser HD800 Single Ended Candidates: DNA Sonett 2 Eddie Current Zana Deux SE Woo Audio WA2 Other? Balanced Candidates: DNA Stratus Eddie Current Super 7 Woo Audio WA22 Other? Amp Criteria: maximize bass performance, sonic...
  8. iim7V7IM7

    HD800 + $1,000-$2,500 Amp = Sonic Bliss?

    Hi,   I had an earlier post last week where I was asking about tube amps for an HD800.  But I have been thinking a bit more broadly about it and considering also solid state or hybrid amplifiers as well. The thought for a tube amp was because so many experienced HD800 users preferred them, and...
  9. BaudlyDamage

    What amps have you got your eye on?

    Ladies and gentlemen!   What amps would you like to see on your desk? I'm especially interested in entry to mid level but I'd love to hear about anything exciting on the high end as well.    Eyecandy is great so post pics if you've got them : )
  10. Solude

    How do 300B, 2A3, 45 sound in comparison to each other?

    I'm trying to tie down which amp I will pursue next after I compare the LCD-3 and HD800.  Stereotypically what is the sound of the above tubes in transformer coupled amps?  Amps wise I'm considering the Woo WA5LE, DNA Stratus and EC 2A3.  Also let me know if I've missed any in that similar price...
  11. budx3385

    DNA Stratus 2A3 amplifier - first impressions

    I pre-ordered it in December, 2011, and expected delivery in February. I waited all afternoon by the front window yesterday watching for Fedex. It arrived at 7:10pm.  The box weighed ~35 pounds - quite a bit heavier than its little brother, the Sonett. My Sonett is sort of maxxed-out now --...
  12. Hun7er

    Headphone and amp upgrade

    Hello everybody,   Currently my rig is based on a Stax system with a Audio GD19DSP + SRM007t + SR507.   My opinion is the same as DavidMahler on SR507. There several negative point about SR507 : -small soundstage -lack impact and body   Positive point : -liquidity -detailed...
  13. Hun7er

    Amps recommandation for HE800

    Hello everybody,   I'm going to buy a Sennheiser HD800 and probably a Audeze LCD 2.   I want to know what amp can fit the best with HD800 and others cans like LCD 2, HE6.   I have read numerous topics and several amp win suffrage :   WA22 seems to be a bit too tubey sound DNA...
  14. DNA Stratus 2a3

    DNA Stratus 2a3

    The DNA Stratus vacuum tube headphone amplifier is specially created to drive all dynamic headphones with the life-like fidelity uniquely provided by the 2A3 directly heated triode. The 2A3 is my all-time favorite directly heated triode vacuum tube and is normally used for powering high...