DNA Stratus 2A3 amplifier - first impressions

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by budx3385, May 12, 2012.
  1. claud W
    Bought Senn 800S on Ebay tonight. Sorrodje talked me into them. I figured who best to consult with in 800 vs 800S purchase. Bought some nice NOS tubes so far. In a week or so I will post tube porn pics.
  2. claud W
    Started a thread in this High End section of Forums for tube rolling the DNA amps. Please post your experiences for others. Please specify the headphones used as well as supporting tubes.
    I have been through all the posts in this thread, and just thought to start this thread so we have one like the EC , Woo etc. folks. It may save some of us some money.
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  3. m17xr2b
    When I get the Stellaris I will listen to all my tubes and maybe post my thoughts. I have ten different pairs of 2A3 and a quad of AVVT incoming.
  4. m17xr2b
    I have to say the Stratus has the best tube glow hands down 20171217_162415.jpg
  5. claud W
    Which 2A3 mesh plates? Sophia or EML?
    Guys on Audio Asylum think the EML tubes are worth the extra funds.
    So, OK, do the EML mesh plates sound better, and how, vs the Sophia mesh plates ??
  6. m17xr2b
    You need to calm down with the tubes. No one knows what you like, how your dac, headphones and cables sounds on the Stratus and this has a much bigger difference than tubes. Besides you can only tell so much on how the power tube sounds because the input tubes can affect them. I can roll the input tubes and get sound from warm to cool with the same power tubes. Not to mention that tubes sound different in different amps so taking advice from somewhere else can get you no where.
    Don't go for the big bucks tubes just yet. I do have the EML 2A3 solid plate and it sounds great very hifi, none of the romance of the NOS ones and I never listen to it anymore but I don't know if you would like that kind of sound.
    I still recommend the WE275 if you can get a pair under 200 like I did, great to start with and have a benchmark to compare. Btw I don't find EML is in any way better than the WE275, different yes.
  7. claud W
    Sorry I upset you, m17xr2b. I have been mostly buying the small input tubes and a few NOS rectifiers. Thats what I will roll first after a month or two using stock tubes. The WE275 you recommend is the Psvane replica tube?
    I am mostly a Cary tube guy, and have lots of EL84s,12AU7s,12AT7s, 12AX7s, 6299s, 7308s ,6201s, 6SN7s and a set of 6CA7s for my V12R if the Gold Lions ever bite the dust. Stratus is a new adventure and I am trying to learn my way.
  8. m17xr2b
    Not upset in any way. Just trying to steer you into not buying uber expensive tubes based on other impressions with other gear.
  9. m17xr2b
    I'm saying this because I also bought the KR and EMl 2a3 and u52 based on impressions here but after the honeymoon was over they weren't my cup of tea.
  10. claud W
    The only power tubes I have bought are NOS RCA and Sylvania dual black plate pairs. One of each. I also have matching RCA and Sylvania rectifiers so I can try out the old school sound. Thank you for your concern.
  11. Bigsecret
    I have to agree with m17xr2b - you may want to temper your tube buying until you hear how the Stratus reacts to the rest of your gear. Stock tubes are nice. There are improvements with better quality tubes. But nice tubes are expensive and everyone has different preferences. It would be nice if there was some kind of tube lending library to try before you buy. But, there isn't. So, caution that you may end up like many of us with thousand$ in tubes that sit unused. I've also tried to pay attention on this forum to those who seem to have similar tastes to mine in music and headphones.

    But, I also understand the excitement of getting your Stratus and wanting to have an option to upgrade right away. You kind of can't go wrong with most of the tubes recommended here but you will likely spend a lot of money before knowing what YOU prefer best.

    Having said all that, the EML 5U4G rectifier is very full and deep and probably the best of new production rectifiers, whereas the U52 (to my ears) is more neutral and open sounding and a little less tubey than the EML. And there are even different versions of the U52 that sound somewhat different. Also, my two favorite power tubes have been the Psvane WE275 and Sophia 300B 2.5 Carbon Princess. And, if you want to search for a special driver tube, I think everyone with a Stratus should have a box-plate/triple mica 6N1P to roll in and out. They are becoming hard to find but they are out there on eBay and much more affordable than rectifier and power tubes - and you only need one.
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  12. m17xr2b
    Yep look at me, I'm trying to sell my top tubes for a good loss.
  13. claud W
    Big secret, I think I have found your triple Mica 61NP s-l1600.jpg s-l1600.jpg
  14. m17xr2b
    No, that is 6N5P, I know sellers say it's 6N1P but it has slightly different specs I believe and unless it's blessed by Donald I wouldn't use it. I managed to get a pair of true 6N1P triple mica a while ago from Russia. They are very good but not the best for my tastes. Look for 6N1P-E. Only the E variant has the triple mica.
  15. claud W
    I have emailed Mr. North, seeking his blessing. I will report here. You are of course right, that is a 6N5P, and the Ebay sellers say it is a 6N1P-E as well as a 6N5P.

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