DNA Stratus 2A3 amplifier - first impressions

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by budx3385, May 12, 2012.
  1. claud W
    Bought Senn 800S on Ebay tonight. Sorrodje talked me into them. I figured who best to consult with in 800 vs 800S purchase. Bought some nice NOS tubes so far. In a week or so I will post tube porn pics.
  2. claud W
    Started a thread in this High End section of Forums for tube rolling the DNA amps. Please post your experiences for others. Please specify the headphones used as well as supporting tubes.
    I have been through all the posts in this thread, and just thought to start this thread so we have one like the EC , Woo etc. folks. It may save some of us some money.
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  3. m17xr2b
    When I get the Stellaris I will listen to all my tubes and maybe post my thoughts. I have ten different pairs of 2A3 and a quad of AVVT incoming.
  4. m17xr2b
    I have to say the Stratus has the best tube glow hands down 20171217_162415.jpg

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