DNA Stratus 2A3 amplifier - first impressions

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by budx3385, May 12, 2012.
  1. claud W
    "Thanks for your mail. I have not tried the 6N5P yet. Looking at its specifications, it should work in the Stratus however the gain will be reduced, which could be beneficial with very sensitive headphones like the Utopia and TH-900 for example. I will try to order one and test in the Stratus and report back.

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your family too!"

    This is my reply from Mr. North.
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  2. ogodei
    Holidays are here ! Finally able to do some serious listening.


    Identical load outs in the Stellaris and Stratus: WE422A, Russian 6N1P-EVs, Shuguang 2A3C-T Nature sounds. Have a few other identical sets around but starting with this since Im so used to it.


    Lots of other tubes to throw at them as well including EML 5U4G and 2A3 meshes, but for the moment the 2A3s are on the Aficionado

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  3. mysticstryk
    Very interested in hearing Aficionado vs Stratus vs ZDS comparisons.
  4. m17xr2b
    Eager to hear how you feel about the Stratus vs Stellaris. Is yours balanced? I've decided to keep the Stratus to compare against the Stallaris once it arrives. I love my Stratus so much I'm not taking any chances.
  5. m17xr2b
    Now that I had the WA5 for some time and I got to really know it and how it sounds with all my headphones.Time to let it go. This was always my intention, to see which one I like more. The woo is make no mistake exceptional with the tubes I have on it , Elrog with TSRP and U52 and the second best amp I heard over things like the GS-X MK2. Stock sounds like sub a sub 1000$ amp.
    I don't want to go into detail about the differences but in the end the Stratus has a wider soundstage with a much more delicate but accurate sound where the woo sounds a bit more thick and so loosing some very fine details.
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  6. ogodei
    Yes, that was one of the primary reasons for the purchase over the Stratus for me. Purely for convenience.
  7. Rossliew
    Can one use 6DJ8/ECC88/6N23P tubes in place of the 6N1P tube?
  8. ogodei
    No, not electrical equivalents. And that is per Donald North.
  9. adamaley
    Are your Elrog 300B tubes the latest iteration since Michael took over Elrog, or the older versions? I'm looking to purchase a set for a new speaker amp. Please PM me if they are available for sale.
  10. Rossliew
    Thanks for the confirmation. Believe the 6N1P draws more current than the other iterations but good to know the other tubes are not compatible with this amp.
  11. DMck2000
    [​IMG] Guess what came in this Christmas???!!!
  12. DMck2000
    Also Merry Christmas to all and God Bless!
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  13. claud W
    Looks like someone is going to have a VERY Merry Christmas indeed!! Stratus or Stellaris?
  14. DMck2000
    Stratus! Man is it incredible, especially with the HD800!
  15. DMck2000
    For the Focal Utopia, should I have the output be "IEC" or "Low" ? The Utopias are low impedance, but not extremely low impedance, so I'm just wondering which setting would produce the most neutral listening experience.
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