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DIY Earbuds

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  1. GREQ
    I painfully (not painstakingly... definitely painfully) braided a 4-core cable for my Sabia V6.
    With the technique finally down, I might try a few more.
    Not sure if it really needs a heavy duty Y-split and looks natural enough without one... maybe it depends on cable quality and use/abuse? I personally can't see it being an issue.

    Suggestions welcome, this is my first DIY earbud re-cabling, normally I stick to full size headphone modding.
    The only thing I would change is a smaller heat-shrink strain relief at the plug, and maybe transparent instead of black.

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  2. HungryPanda
    I have used those drivers in a mx760 shell. I added a horseshoe tuning foam and they sound great
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  3. robar
    Thanks, I'll give it a go then! In the pictures I already see one layer of foam on the drivers (white), do you mean that you added one additional horseshoe?
    I've also found these two mx500 drivers in the store, are you familiar with any of them?
    I started to read through this thread and I see that you recommend a lot of stuff from Chitty's store, like mx500 drivers, shells etc. but they are only available in lots. Do you think it's possible to order only 1 unit?
    Thanks a lot :)
  4. HungryPanda
    You can usually buy a pair only. The first mx500 link I just used recently and have created the earbuds with the most bass ever. They sound close to my HD650
  5. robar
    Wow, thanks, maybe I buy one and put it in a vido shell :)
    About Chitty, yes I meant to buy only 1 pair of drivers for example. I only see listings there which only let me buy 10 units minimum, which is overkill and too expensive for me :/
  6. Jsingh4
    Umm which drivers are talking about can give the link again?
  7. HungryPanda
    The first link in robar's post above
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  8. HungryPanda
    Tonight's little build

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  9. Jsingh4
    Hi @subwoof3r did you receive the 130ohm beryllium driver. Waiting for your review.
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  10. subwoof3r
    Oh yes, sorry, completely forgot that

    I received at the same time as with my TY Hi-Z 32 ohm and the 32 ohm PET drivers tjhat were recommended by @HungryPanda (thanks to that!)
    So I will make two reviews instead of one :D

    15.4mm 130 ohm beryllium drivers :
    They are for now my new favorite/reference and king of any drivers I found for now since I DIY. I just ordered a backup pair since few days already.
    The sound is exceptionnal, truely a "TOTL" one, many DIY potentials with some kind of shell mods.
    Sound is extremely transparent, fun and natural, with a nice touch of warm. Thanks to its dark (not cold) background and presensation, the soundstage is incredibly deep (and large when it needs to be), instrument separation at its top notch level.
    Details are extreme with a rare kind of precision (I keep rediscovering all my tracks with them, this is the first time I feel that on a DIY earbuds).
    Bass is punchy with nice mid-bass presence, sub-bass rumble has the right amout without beeing overwhelmed (maybe some will find this part lacking), mids are just insane (vocals singing just in front of you), never enjoyed that much from any earbuds I listened I think. Highs are never sibilant nor harsh, the tune is exceptionally good, they achieved micro-details without any listening fatigue at all (for me it is a crucial point). Good drivers always need to be like that in details/highs area, this is the way you recognize good drivers.
    Brillant tune and build quality done on these drivers. Highly recommended! (I recommend to buy on Chitty's store as they do excellent shipping packages, never disapointed until now).
    I would say.this is the kind of drivers that hurts a lot "TOTL" already-made eaburds over 200$+.

    They are now included in my new best 15.4mm DIY project (which I recently added a good looking Y-splitter) :


    15.4mm 32 ohm PET drivers :
    They reached directly my second best drivers to date and they just beat my previous 150 ohm 15.4mm reference that I recommended few pages back.
    They are overall performing very good for a 32 ohm drivers.
    Just had to re-work the cotton tuning a bit as they were a but loose or badly placed on my received units.
    Good bass, mids too, but highs a little crispy sometimes, so I just have to fine tune that with some shell mods later.
    They are very transparent and natural sounding too. Good details too (but I don't rediscover my tracks like on the 130 ohm beryllium).
    They could be good drivers for mid tier level I would say.

    Will share later some photos of my DIY buds equiped with them :)

    Last edited: Aug 13, 2019
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  11. Jsingh4
    Wow thanks for the super review I am glad that I asked otherwise I would have missed a gem.
    BTW what cable is that and I think you also follow hakuzen's cable page, so have you ever tried the UPOCC one which he recommends?
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  12. subwoof3r
    I forgot to precise but, beware if (like me) you guys generally replace the stock (bad quality) tin solder "balls" from each drivers to replace it with my WBT-0800, the solder balls are extremely near to other solders on the mainboard, so just be careful to be fast to unmelt+suck them and replace.

    This is the exact same cable as Blox TM9/YIN :wink:
    I'm still a bit lazy for now doing cables by my own, so I did not found anything better than this cable which I really likes the "premium" look and its softness/flexibility. I just added an Y-splitter to look even more good.
    Copper quality looks to be a normal/cheap one but (can't say precisely as I have no idea of the exact material used and Blox did not mentionned it either). Anyway it's better to have basic inculated PVC coated copper like this instead of those very basic and cheap OFC cables that we can find by many and which I don't like at all (even if for some, sound quality is the same for each cables).
    My dream would be to make an UP-OCC or pure silver cable by my own. I currently have some ideas of material which I will use from @hakuzen post. But we calculated with hakuzen and doing a cable by himself is almost the same as buying it already made. The store is named Electro Acousti on aliexpress, recently have an issue with the seller (still didn't received my pure silver cable since 1 month now), waiting to fix this first before recommending it again on head-fi.
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  13. seanc6441
    I have that cable, the copper litz UPOCC 4 core version. It's very clear-clean and pronounces the soundstage and imaging. It doesn't emphasis the low end or low mids like my thicker copper cable. It simply sounds neutral-balanced.

    I removed the plastic earhook on mine


    Simply gorgeous looking and built to a high standard with solid plugs and lovely wood/chromed metal finish.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2019
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  14. KevDzn
    Sounds like an excellent driver to get for diy. Thanks for the heads-up.
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  15. robar
    This looks really comfy! I've actually wanted to make something like this for a while, I mean a 15.4mm driver with the smallest possible shell. I actually ordered a really cheap set of buds as a donor, and I just happened to see that you've already built something with it. Is it 15.4mm compatible ootb or you had to glue/modify something? I read that you used some sort of „sweet vocal drivers” with it, do you remember where to find them? Sorry for the many questions :D
    this is the shell I'm talking about
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