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DIY Earbuds

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  1. subwoof3r
    My first ever wood build is born today !


    Sans titre-1.jpg

    Those shells that we can easily find aliexpress are really cool. The wood is good quality and they are well finished. Sound is very good overall, but my only issue with them is that they only fit big ears (which I don't have..), unless wearing them without any foam at all, but strangely they don't sound so bad at all foamless (which is a good thing depending on the drivers used) !
  2. Jsingh4
    Are these the Carbon 32 ohms?
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  3. HungryPanda
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  4. subwoof3r
    Proud to present you my first ever metal build !


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  5. Merlin-PT
    I ordered those mmcx connectors and the wood shells, do you have an idea if they will fit?
    About those metal shells being conical near the driver and the wood shells being round in the same part, does wood take too much more space in the ear or it's +- the same?

    What about the shell material, metal vs wood vs plastic, are there differences that you can point out, like is there a warm/bright shell type?
    What about stage and voice image based on those shell shapes, any conclusion or comments?
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  6. HungryPanda
    Very nice build
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  7. HungryPanda
    My builds from yesterday

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  8. Jsingh4
    What are these shells
    Where did you find them
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  9. subwoof3r
    This is the first thing I tried to see once received, but unfortunately the cavity is very small due to wood thickness, so the usual mmcx connectors we can find does not fit as the main wire hole is too big, so the only sort of mmcx connectors that should fit are those ones, but the included nuts does not enter in the cavity to be screwed. We can always try with some kind of glues but on wood, its always a bit special and I doubt it will be securly fixed forever. I think those already made wood shells are better to be used with thin wires only.
    On my metal build, I perforated the main wire hole to let enter freely the mmcx connectors that I quoted, which are better fit than the ones included because thicker and shorter.

    The wood shells will only fit big ears with usual MX500 drivers plastic covers, while the metal ones are more standard, I can have the same (if not better) fit than plastic shells.
    My only cons in those both metal and wood shells is that drivers need some glue to be fixed and stay in place. Otherwise on the metal ones (especially) drivers rotate freely and does not "snap" like we can see on standard plastic shells.

    After experimenting that, I can say that I returned back to standard plastic shells, because metal sounds (typical) slightly metallic and slightlmy less natural, otherwise it was very close to plastic, so I rank them in my second best choice. I did not spend too much time with wood, but it here also has the characteristics we can wait from wood, so everything is a bit tamed and bass a bit more bolded due to other freqs tamed.

    Those shells sounds VERY different from each other, best way is to experiment (price is very acceptable anyway), but beware of the metal that is extremely fragile around the drivers "snap" part. Also the included grids to cover the holes are not correctly glued to the metal part better use custom filters.
    They are both recommended for fun experimentations, but I personally prefer standard plastic shells for now (easier and funnier to make holes mods, mainly).

    Very nice builds,
    Does the shells you used in your "old reclaimed drivers" build, is snapping well without glue generic MX500 drivers ? (15.4mm) // I recognize the RY4S shells type
    Also, how is the fit and comfort compared to most commons MX500 shells ?
    I'm looking for a shell between comfort of MX500 and yuin PK :)

    Here is the links of the shells I used :
  10. Merlin-PT
    I got the connectors (B) from here, acceptable price for only 1 pair:


    I also have these taps, useful to make several screw thread sizes, other sizes can be bought:

    If the wood wall was thick I could only screw the connector, but I don't know if it's that thick to hold, I'll see when it arrives.
    From the photo the nut can't be much smaller.

    I had bought several of these cables to cut the mmcx connector and use only the wire and jack in my projects, but they are so good, I couldn't cut them yet:
    (I don't have many different to compare, but I liked this model the best for it's price and quality, so I bought more of these)
    They are very good and were around 5 eur with coupons at the time, search for the better price, many sellers have them.
    They also have the 16 core version, but I don't think 8 wires can fit 1 shell, but they must be good to use with mmcx.
    I got the 8 cores version to cut the mmcx, but I liked them so much that I bought more to also use them with mmcx. I think 4 wires could fit the shell.
    I used a x-acto knife to cut the stiff transparent sleeve only leaving like 4mm out of the mmcx connector, then I trimmed the sleeve edge with a nail clipper.

    Transparent sleeve length cut (photo wire color is bad light reflection, real wire color is all copper with no oxidation)
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
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  11. Jsingh4
    Guys which is the best 14.8mm driver?
    And did anybody try any good 14mm driver?
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  12. subwoof3r
    For now, my best 14.8mm drivers are these ones.
    I will tell if I find better one day
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  13. Jsingh4
    Thanks and what about 15.4mm, I have a feeling it's going to be more than one
  14. Dhulfiqar
    Hello Everyone!
    the Cone in my Earpods detached from the magnet, so I curiously disassembled the earpods and found a 14.3mm/14.2mm Driver inside it, I found lots of 14.3mm drivers on Aliexpress [like this one] and I wonder if you could recommend a good 14.3mm Driver on Aliexpress if you know any?
    if not, Please recommend any good earphone driver from Aliexpress [any size] because I want to build my own earphones... I'm not an audiophile but like Rich Sound with deep Bass
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  15. robar
    Hi! :)
    I would really like to build an earbud with smooth natural sound in an mx760 shell. I've found this DIY set which seems nice, but this would be my first project and I'm not sure if it's any good. Has anyone tried this before?
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