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DIY Earbuds

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  1. HungryPanda
    I have one in my aliexpress basket and will buy in the sale on the 28th, £3 off in the store and I have a $3 coupon
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  2. subwoof3r
    New tonight fun mod (featuring the really good 32 ohm PET drivers (which are still my second favorite best drivers) :)

    Looking good on those wood shells, and they adjust perfectly (no need to fix them with any glue, they almost snap directly)
    Also, the sound is extremely good on them! will keep them in this configuration for a while.

  3. subwoof3r
    And my yet best DIY that many of you begin to know :D
    (still featuring my favorite 130 ohm Beryllium drivers with my magic custom shells mod)
    A black edition is already created, pictures soon!

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  4. flamesofarctica
    Hi, a quick question. I've couple of earbuds I'd like to try my hand at recabling, so need a soldering iron, ideally with all the other bits you need (total novice). I don't want to spend too much. Loads of choice on Amazon but basically too much choice and I don't know if they're any good. Anyone have any recommendations? Btw I'm in the UK.
  5. HungryPanda
    Built 2 sets today with the 78 ohm drivers and replaced emx500 drivers in a pair of Kube V2's that had one bad driver:

  6. KevDzn
    Red mx shells.....nice. A good choice for colour.
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  7. subwoof3r
    I have to agree that the red shell has something really special on its own
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  8. JackFlash
    I actually don't have the TS100 myself but, as you know, it's a popular unit so you might have good luck with a Google search. I ended up going with a Quicko T12 and am very happy with it. For portability, though, looks like the various TS irons are just about the only game in town.
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  9. robar
    So I've taken apart a cheap apple-style earbud to find out whether I can convert it to flat-head. The metal shell is pretty nice and small, however my mx500 drivers (vido etc) are a bit too large. The difference is about 1mm, so not huge but simple snapping is out of question. Would a 14.8mm or 14.2mm driver snap on this shell in your opinion? Or do you have any tricks for adapting larger drivers to smaller shells?

    I bought it from here, this is a pretty widespread oem design. (unfortunately the back is closed, the vents are only decoration)

    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
  10. HungryPanda
    If the driver is too big for the shell, gluing the driver to the shell is an option. I use E8000 glue
  11. robar
    Thanks, I wouldn't like to use glue because I'd like to experiment with different tunings, speakers, shell mods etc. I have no idea how the sound will turn out.
  12. GREQ
    I find hot glue is a reasonably good solution too, especially for modding, re-modding, re-tuning, re-cabling... it's a very forgiving glue.
  13. robar
    In the meantime I've found a random earbud I saved from going to trash. It was a stock headset bundled with LG G2 mini phones. I believe this is a 14.8mm shell as I've seen something like this on Aliexpress advertised as pk. Its driver fits the small shell above really well, it doesn't snap but it doesn't wiggle and the glue residue holds it together, so I can try it out at least. I believe 14.8mm drivers should be the compatible then. The sound is of course pretty tinny at the moment because the driver itself is of bad quality. I'll research glue in the future (as the shell is metal so it's a bit harder) but for now I'll need a decent driver first.
    this is the driver donor btw:
    here is an indentical shell from chitty store
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
  14. GREQ
    I tried two very similar shells and both sounded pretty terrible. Upper mids and bass were very quiet compared to the heavy/thick upper-bass and lower-mids.
    Treble response was just horribly messy and uneven.
    I think it might not have enough venting, or the acoustic cavity is too small.
  15. robar
    Which shell do you mean, the LG one or the small metal apple-style which I linked few posts above? I didn't want to use the LG one, it just saved the day because I don't have any other 14.8mm shells or drivers to check what fits the little metal shell
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