DIY Earbuds

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  1. golov17
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  2. calico88
    any recommendation top 3 16mm driver ?
    or 15.4mm ?
    and where to buy?

    btw, nobody ever do the review of drivers ?
  3. golov17
    Just share
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  4. calico88
    does anyone has a detail picture of the original shell of MX500 ?
    I wonder what's the hole next/sides to the cable at the back for ?

    I don't see it through the chamber of the driver on my fake mx500 shell.

    I wonder if it's function like "horn" for single driver home speaker ?

    since I don't have original MX500 and never seen it, can some one can show me that hole photo?
    or it's just a cosmetic ?
  5. DBaldock9

    For some earbuds that I assembled in MX500 shells, I used a small drill bit (turned by hand) and a dental pick, to open up the air channel into the back chamber.
    The clamp that's shown, was only used for holding the bit at the correct angle for the photo.
  6. calico88
    does it sound better after you drill ?
    is the original mx500 like that ?
  7. silverfishla
    I just cannot get a good solder on a 2.5mm TRRS plug!! I've burned up two of them already. Any one have any good soldering methodology to help out? Those plugs are just too tiny and don't have a great surface to adhere to. I wish they made those bigger.
  8. calico88
    photos ?
  9. DBaldock9
    I haven't assembled any earbuds in the AliExpress MX500 shells, without opening the air channel.
    I've only been buying earbuds for less than a year, and have never seen an original MX500.
  10. sososerious
    I struggled for a long time and found some connectors were just too small / plastic to heat without damaging.

    I found a few solutions...

    1) use a decent separate flux and high quality audio specific solder

    2) buy some 2.5mm female sockets and plug the connectors in; you can solder all the pins on the female to a long length of thick guage wire and it works like a heatsink.

    I still mess up connectors sometimes but the above gives me a fighting chance! Dual 3.5mm for my pono is much easier to achieve!
  11. DBaldock9
    I'm using an old XYTronic Auto-Temp 168-3C adjustable temperature solder station, that I bought back in the early- or mid-1980s.
    It has a fairly small tip, but not as small as I'd like - since electronics are a lot smaller now, than they were in the '80s. :wink:
  12. silverfishla
    Thanks, I will try that. I have a Pono too! Yes, much easier to make a cable for that, I agree! :wink:
  13. sososerious
    No problem, they can be a real pain!

    Something else that helps me (but others may recommend against) is using a very high temperature but very short 'contact' with the pins/pads.

    Depending on the way the connector is shielded, this may work brilliantly or may leave you with a molten plastic mess!
  14. noknok23
    imo better keep low temperatures... high temperature may damage your soldering iron end (150Celcius is enough to melt the thin, higher than that... not good afaik). Better use a third hand, specific pliers, with a magnifier and a light helps a lot.
  15. snip3r77
    why is it so difficult to diy an earbud?
    is it a tool or skill issue?
    from what I read, mostly it's due to "burning" the driver.
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