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  1. vladstef
    After months of delays, finally finished my DIY PF. It uses Fengru EMX500 drivers but can fit inside any 15.4mm MX type driver. Had many problems given that this is my very first diy project when it comes to audio. Inside, the brass had parts that needed to be sanded down in order to accommodate the front MX plastic shell, which also had to be sanded and thinned out on the sides plus shortened so that the brass back can fit (and the brass back had to be sanded in some ways as it wouldn't fully close without it). Tuning was also very difficult as this driver isn't exactly properly tuned for this kind of shell, so I removed the drivers at least 50 times before deciding that I had to use just a regular shell and no tape/foam/cotton on vents nor any inside walls. Cable, although beautiful imho, transfers a lot of noise while walking and is stiff. (Didn't have any heat shrinks, but would've used some, not that it actually needs any at this point).
    Currently, these things provide details for days and the sound stage is just massive beyond imagination, but there are some resonant peaks going on across the frequency response, and somehow, only happens when pushed loudly. These peaks are not unbearable and never come close to being sibilant, although there is some low-mid range bloat especially with piano (ironic...). With a different driver and perhaps someone to properly do the tuning for that given driver, these could easily be the most valuable pair of headphones that I've seen. Obviously, these shells resemble Final's way too much and there is a question of ethics (although, this is diy and not a real product..). Personally, I am still looking forward to buying the real deal, this was just something to bring me into DIY world and keep me entertained, but it resulted into a very good and beautiful thing.

    20171023_200426.jpg 20171023_200749.jpg 20171023_200953.jpg 20171023_205636.jpg 20171023_210057.jpg
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  2. vladstef
    I've had to remove these beautiful but ultimately unusable cables. There is only so much that I can tolerate and stiff cables are not it. So, I took a few photos of the inside. Sorry for the terrible soldering job (lack of proper equipment and experience) and micro pore tape all over the place (this is needed in order to keep the driver in the plastic shell plus EMX500 driver is very sensitive to the pressure on the sides, so many people have given up on fixing the rattling EMX membrane but it's fixable here where there is a lot of pressure around). As you can see, I've kept as little plastic as possible, just to barely hold the driver in place.
    The only nice thing about this is that there is residue glue left on the notch and I don't need any more glue to keep them together, there is more than enough friction to hold everything.
    20171024_145327.jpg 20171024_145157.jpg 20171024_145622.jpg
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  3. DBaldock9
    Wong Kuan Wae, the maker of "Blur" Earbuds, showed me a technique for modifying a Neutrik connector to make a compact right-angle plug - and I've used it to assemble this 2.5mm TRRS Plug -to- 2.5mm TRRS Jack extension cable, with 4-ft of "PAPRI 8 cores Trenzado Teflon OCC Copper Cable". I still need to fill the housing with Silicone or Epoxy glue, and slide the strain relief in to place.
    The 2.5mm TRRS Jack is from Eidolic, and it's the best one I've found, for making a very secure connection.
    This cable is fairly stiff, and will be used at home, with my Onkyo DP-X1 DAP or Walnut F1 Amp.
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  4. seanc6441
    Bought some Yuin Housing's and two drivers to test in them. One is the Senfer PT15 without cable for €8.50 the other is from 'chitty's store' on Aliexpress named the PK1 pink diaphragm 32 ohms for €9.71.

    Going to test them both and see how they sound. Need to buy a cheapish but nice cable for them. Still looking out for one unless anyone has a suggestion. Probably want a braided cable, or a softed coated cable. Have these in mind but I heard a few people mentioning Rhodium plugs and since I'm a bit suspicious of hifi cables and their exuberant prices, I would like to try one out but only if the price is right.
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  5. voxdub
    Does anyone have any experience with drilling out additional holes in Mx500 shells and the differences it makes to the sound in general? Got 4 pairs of Vidos to rebuild with new cables and shells, plus some EMX500s, interested for any suggestions for how I can make them all sound different just to try.
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  6. DBaldock9
    Finished the companion to the 2.5mm TRRS Extension Cable that I built.
    This one is a 3.5mm TRS Extension Cable - using Neutrik connectors at both ends, and 4-ft of the 8-Strand Braided wire -
    Now I have quality extension cables for my Balanced & Single-Ended earbuds.
    Since this wire is fairly stiff, these extensions are for use in my home system.
  7. voxdub
    Has anyone tried the Aiyima 16ohm drivers? They cost approx. $8 for 10 pairs on AE, totally blown away for the price, lovely high end extension and bass is present.
  8. hellfire8888
  9. richardstring
    Hi just want to share my diy buds from Chitty store. 150ohms has great Mids and clarity very neutral sound and 300 ohms has warm sound sig. These buds have large amount of sound like a headphone. Anyone can recommend a good sounding driver from AliExpress? Thank you!
  10. dennisopk
    Please provide the link to where you purchase the female 2.5mm TRRS plug.Thanks
  11. DBaldock9
    That particular photo is of the 3.5mm TRS Plug and Jack extension cable I made.

    You have to go up a few posts, to see the 2.5mm TRRS Plug and Jack extension cable.

    For the 2.5mm TRRS Female Jack, the best one I've found, for making a very secure connection, is from Eidolic, but it it doesn't have a back-shell - you have to use heat-shrink.
    In the USA, they're most easily available from:
    Double Helix Cables -
    Norne Audio used to have them as well, but it looks like they're not currently stocking them.
  12. Merlin-PT
    Hi, I'm also having some language issues with them.

    I asked if they would send me 6pcs Y1 + 6pcs Y2 + 6pcs Y3 + 2pcs Y4, for a total of 20 pieces, 1 lot.
    Could you please confirm if the advertised "20 pieces/lot" are 10 pairs of tuning cotton?

    Maybe I need to make it simple and ask only 2 thickness, for example 10 pcs of Y1 and 10 pcs of Y2.
    What thickness do you recommend?

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  13. Niqeres
    Are you talking about these? Do they fit the standard mx500 shells?
  14. voxdub
    Yes they fit standard mx500 shells
  15. Niqeres
    Thanks a lot
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