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  1. DBaldock9
    For any of your DIY Earbud projects, have you been able to find a "Mic / Audio Control" module (Android), to install on your own twisted/braided cable?
    On AliExpress, I've found a number of replacement cables, which include a "Mic / Audio Control" module, but not any separate modules.
    I'd prefer not having to break one open, to try and install it on my own cable.

    Any links would be appreciated.

    David Baldock
  2. slappypete
    I couldn't find any specifically listed as DP100 covers, but I believe these are the same. They come with drivers in the covers, but you can easily rip them out if you don't like them.

    In my last post I said "the front cover for both the DP100 and mx760 looks identical in design". This actually isn't true. They are very similar looking, but I noticed just now that the DP100 looks to be based on a mx760 cover, but not identical. The standard mx760 cover I believe is like this listing. The hole pattern in the cover looks very similar but notice on the DP100 cover the center holes are all drilled through except for one, and on the mx760 none are drilled through, they are just little divots. I confirmed that my DIY Graphene front cover looks like the first link, with holes drilled through.
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  3. slappypete
    I found a couple by searching "diy mic" on aliexpress. Here they are, one and two. They were on the first page, I didn't go through the rest so there may be more. Also, I'm not sure if they are for android or not.
  4. rggz
    I received my second batch of Vidos yesterday and this time all pairs have shown an imbalance on FR. I wouldn't call this new batch bass-heads either, just mid-bass bump at the best over my 1st pair which has some impressive sub-bass for an earbud. I think the major problem isn't the driver per se but they haven't a secure seal or any glue on front cover causing some alignment issue creating this slight imbalance when we measure them.

    Btw, I got some measurements with these new 3 pairs (foamless) in here (my humble rig is just to check the channel balance not the FR's accuracy, so don't mind my graphic for that).
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  5. slappypete
    Interesting, thanks for sharing. I am pretty confident saying the difference in FR between channels in the white Vido I have is due to driver variation. I Don't have all the measurements anymore to prove this, but I did measure the earbuds before ever opening them, and these were glued firmly. I also measured them after opening them, and after recabling them. One driver always had better treble than the other. Bass response on my rig was practically the same for all of these measurements. I noticed changes in FR in other earbuds when the drivers weren't aligned properly when snapping onto the rear shell. The V or U notch in the rear of the driver, where the voicecoil wires travel through, should be aligned so it is aiming straight up (away from rear shell shaft, or direction of cable) when attaching to rear shell. I have two pairs of new Blue Vidos, I will measure them when I have time.

    When you are measuring your Vido's are you taking multiple measurements per channel, and averaging your results? Are FR results in bass region fairly repeatable?

    I take at least 5 measurements per channel and re-seat the earbud on my coupler for each measurement, then average them. If I didn't do this I would have lots of variation. I also don't like foamless measurements on my rig. I find it very hard to get a proper seal on the coupler, and more measurements are required to find a decent average, compared to using foam. Of course I don't know what your measurement system consists of, so this may not be an issue for you like it is for me.
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  6. DBaldock9
    Thanks for the links.
    The first one, with the Volume Control buttons, has this note in the description - "This remote now work for Iphone itouch ipad. If you use this remote on other device the volume control function maybe not work." - so it may not work with Android devices.
    The second one, doesn't appear to have Volume Control buttons, just a Mic - so it will probably work with any sort of device.

    I'd like to find a Mic w/Volume Controls, for my Android phone.
    I might order #1, just to see if it works.
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  7. rggz
    Haha, thank you for the suggestions too! It's just a small thing and I think for its price isn't fair expecting the perfection though. But, I'd say my experience with DD in earbuds were constantly impressive regarding the channel balance, even the Monk+ which has a similar price has a perfect channel match. That's the first time I found something odd with earbuds, the last time was building an IEM with BAs and if the damper wasn't 100% in the right place the difference between the channels were huge.

    I bet you're right, I was just imagining a possibility for that regular problem in every pair. Would be nice check your new measurements!

    Yes, I've measured at least 2-3 times to check the avg and it was enough to see if there's a big difference at the treble, but just 1 pair had the bass not matched. Another example: I did a small experiment using a sealed earbud with adhesive around the housing and one without any glue or adhesive - here. I measured twice per channel and the results were pretty the same. The curves have a similar pattern but the treble peaks are different in practically every Vido.

    Well, at least they're cheap and sound quite nice. To be honest, I think I was expecting a bit too much haha.
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  8. knudsen
    Sometimes this happens why I try to solder - the left "solder base" is gone and now attached to the solder iron. I can't even see what it was connected to on the driver, so I'm rather puzzled. Can I still use the driver? Can I avoid this somehow? Thanks
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  9. DBaldock9
    It's a somewhat blurry image, but there is an etch, arcing down the left side of the circuit board (under the insulated coating), from under the top-left Blue Dot, to where the solder pad was.
    If you're careful, and don't use a soldering iron that too hot, you should be able to scrape the coating off a bit of the etch, and solder the wire to it.
    It would probably be a good idea to glue the wire down to the circuit board, to keep from over-stressing the etch that's already been damaged.
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  10. knudsen
    Thanks a lot David, will try to check what you mean tomorrow in better light. Do you think the problem arises from too much heat in the first place?

    And sorry yes, the image was not supposed to turn out that large:)
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