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  1. golov17
  2. sodasoda
  3. Makahl
    Hey, has someone with the two versions of Vido (mic and no-mic) spotted differences in the vido's drivers? I was reading the fb page today and apparently the Mic/No-mic version has a slightly different configuration. But I didn't understand exactly what are those differences.

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  4. KookaBurrra
    The "mic". The only difference is the mic. This is what change the sound (maybe by changing impedance of cable?)...
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  5. slappypete
    I just opened a non mic Vido to compare. The drivers and tuning configuration are the same. I suspect any changes in FR are due to driver variation. My white Vido has one treblier driver than the other. I mentioned it in past posts. I do think the driver with more treble is better, and having two matched drivers with that response would be the ideal Vido IMO. My white Vido is recabled and measurements didn't change from the recable job. BTW for anyone thinking of recabling, the blue non mic'd Vido I just opened was extremely easy to open, I just used my fingers. The white Vido was very difficult by comparison. Here is a photo of the two Vido's tuning config and drivers:
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  6. Makahl
    Thank you, slappypete! So the variation is a real thing. I should've bought more pairs :frowning2:. So now do you have a pair with the FR matched? I'd imagine this improve the stereo accuracy.
  7. slappypete
    Not yet, but I plan on it :) Not expecting any drastic quality differences overall, but it will be cool to have.
  8. DBaldock9
    Most of the order has arrived - I received 1 lot of each of Y2 - Y6, but no Y1.
    I guess I'll have to contact the store, and see if they have the Y1, and whether they can ship it, or refund my $9, if it's not available.

    I used a couple of the Y2 (thin) Tuning Cottons on a set of earbuds I finished assembling this evening.
    They're made with this "16mm DIY Subwoofer Speaker" [ ], mounted in the modified MX500 shells, and including some of the Acoustic Insulation in the cavity behind the drivers.
    With a short listening session, I think that the drivers I used in the previous earbuds, the "15.4mm Bass Driver" [ ], actually has better low Bass response.

    For those who have done some experimenting - if you use thicker Tuning Cotton, do you generally get increased or reduced low Bass response?

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  9. noknok23
    A guy did experiment with tuning foam. In short: the denser the foam the brighter it will be.

    Wondering what level of sq do you have with this? Does it sound any good? At what range would you compare it with?
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  10. slappypete
    Nice job on your earbuds, they look awesome.

    I don't think there are too many rules of thumb here. I think results are very much driver dependent, and what works well for one driver won't for another. For example, the DIY Graphene uses tuning foam glued to the rear shell ports, and tuning cotton applied to the rear of the driver for its tuning configuration. This works really well for this earbud, and bass extension and quantity is quite good IMO, but this same tuning configuration when used on the EB200 yields significantly different results. There is a mid bass bump and upper mids peak on the EB200. I also used this tuning configuration for a Monk+ mod in the past and it looked decent in graphs, but the bass response was very poor in practice. I should mention though that even though all three of these earbuds used the same style of tuning configuration, I can't say if the densities of foam/paper were the same in all.

    I haven't compared the different thicknesses of tuning cotton that you have, since I don't have them, but I have experimented using more than one layer of tuning cotton, which I imagine would be somewhat similar. I've done this on a few earbuds, but here is a graph showing the difference between one and two pieces of tuning cotton on a Monk+:


    In this case the difference wasn't that big, which isn't to say it couldn't be on other drivers. Unfortunately I don't have the measurements with 3 or 4 layers used. I run out of open measurement slots in REW all the time when modding so I delete things as I go. I can tell you though, that eventually you get to a point where too much dampening is used, regardless of the type of dampening, and at that point the mid range becomes flattened in the graphs, and a big peak will form in the upper mids (usually around 2k on my graphs). The graphs will look like the bass extension is still ok, but in practice it will not be good at all, and the earbud will sound harsh. IMO each driver is different in terms of where this over-dampening point will be. Here is another graph of the Monk+ showing stock tuning foam configuration vs two layers of tuning foam (2nd layer of foam just resting on the first, not glued):


    You mentioned in your post that you have acoustic insulation in the cavity behind the drivers... If you haven't already, you might want to try listening to the earbuds without this extra stuffing to see if it is over-dampening similar to the last graph.
  11. DBaldock9
    Thanks for your insights & suggestions.
    I'll probably spend some time this weekend, trying some different tuning ideas.
  12. vladstef
    Here is the Fengru EMX500 driver. These are hard to get into, some prying was necessary and had some glue on the driver, after scraping it off, driver comes out of front cover with ease, similar to Vidos.
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  13. silverfishla
    I'll tell you, the more I bust open the lesser expensive earbuds, the more I can apprecaite the Monk+. It's well constructed and has a great cord. In fact, I put a Monk+ cord on a pair of Edifier H180 and it sounds fantastic. What a difference, and I already liked the Edifier as is. What a great combo, huge soundstage, big luscious bass and clarity in the mids. A real winning synergy.
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  14. noknok23
    I think monk+ and asura 2 share the same build quality so yes it's very good!
  15. chaiyuta
    I look up to the taobao site. They say for black DP100 shell is sold without the front cover meanwhile transparent DP100 shell is sold with the white front cover. Do you know any further website that sell the black front cover or any DP100-compatible front cover?
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