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DIY Cable Questions and Comments Thread

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Discussions' started by wje, Aug 10, 2013.
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  1. imas69
    Ah, now I see why Viablue is a good option, https://www.cosmic-cables.co.uk/wire-and-cable
    Sorry to point you here again but at least you can see what you are looking for, not sure of stockists in Germany, be a bit careful
    of wire on AliExpress as this can be very stiff, Neotech is a bit stiffer than the other wires but still very flexible when braided.
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  2. Angelic
    Thank you very much. I suppose my next steps will be to read the cable DIY forum completely in order to take the proper decision on how many silver / copper wires i will need to make 2 meters of braided cable).
  3. imas69
    Probably start off with 4 strands, so you will need 8 metres of cable, cable will end up a bit shorter than 2 metres after braiding, it's a bit more effort but you will
    end up with a better cable, search 4 strand round braid on youtube and just twist the two strands together after the split to the headphone end
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  4. chrisdrop
    This weekend I gave a related go...

    Neotech UP OCC Copper 4 core 1/4" to mini xlr (for zmf headphones).

    Sadly I didn't quite complete it yet. Here is the so far... 4 pin mini xlrs defeated me .. until next weekend !!!

    I did manage to braid, wrap and get one end done :)

    All materials via cosmic cables (and paracord from kind donor).

    20191117_214906.jpg 20191117_214841.jpg
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  5. imas69
    audeze.jpg If you make a small bridge between the two solder points with a small naked piece of wire and solder your Neotech wire to that then your life will be easier in the long run. Good luck.
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  6. chrisdrop
    Well THAT looks you are actually able, unlike my enfeebled self!

    Are you saying just solder to the bridge wire, not one of the cup points for the non-bridge actual wire? Interesting.
  7. imas69
    Ha, I'm sure you are capable, just make sure that you prime the solder tip and be quick, use a piece of solid core wire to join solder cups 1 and 4 and do the same for solder cups 2 and 3, solder that in place and
    then solder your wire to the solid core. Oh and fill the cups with solder first, don't try to use loads of solder as there is no need.
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  8. imas69
    Oh by the way, it's not my picture I found it on the www just to show you what I meant. Perseverance is key
  9. chrisdrop
    Tx for that. I found associated blog article. That pic looks stable and uses solid core wire. I was using multi-strand hook-up wire. What do you think of mixing wires like that? I I assume I can just get a meter of the same Neotech wire but in solid core.. I assume you think it is no issue based on your suggestion but thought I'd ask anyhow.
  10. imas69
    Truthfully, it's so tiny that it'll make no sonic difference, or strip 1 cm piece of the Neotech flux it and apply solder, hey presto a solid piece of wire.
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  11. koudairanger
    Some brief questions:
    Should I use rosin free solder of something with rosin to solder bath litz wire?
    How do I actually braid a 2 braid wire(4 braid when it reaches the Y split)? I tried manually twisting but my finger hurt as hell... Are there any tricks to it?
    How should I get some cheap good heat shrink in US? My supplies from china are depleted.
    BTW any interesting OCC silver in US? Tried neotech and failed to satisfy me.
  12. Paladin79
    I will just answer the first question.

    You use rosin free solder in solder pots but first dip whatever you are tinning in liquid rosin. The pot would burn the rosin up otherwise, it would just sit there and smoke.
  13. Matthew420
    No rosin in the solder. Apply rosin flux to the wire, but use non-flux solder in the pot.
  14. Matthew420
    And no, I have not found any good OCC silver sources. You have to buy massive spools, I think.
  15. koudairanger
    Seems like It's the reason why my pot burns...tine to get some appropriate solder.
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