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DIY Cable Questions and Comments Thread

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Discussions' started by wje, Aug 10, 2013.
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  1. Angelic
    Good point, the connector's rigidity is also very important. But there is another question: What is the point of using miscellaneous expensive cables (OFC, SPC or pure silver), since the maximum difference that will be heard is that between the various solders and the purity of the alloys used, as outgoing signal is already degraded by the usage of far less conductivity alloy or standard solder, even with 4% or 10 % silver?
  2. Matthew420
    The distances that the signal needs to cross these barriers of lesser conductivity are very short. So the overall degradation of signal is fairly slight. But it’s undeniably there.
  3. imas69
    Interesting but I'm guessing if the experts think that Rhodium and beryllium are the best sounding connectors then that is probably the case, I must say that having
    experienced both the Eidolic and Furutech they are both amazing in both quality and sound. Which wire are you planning on using.
  4. Angelic
    I am still between 2 options: 1st is a MOGAMI 2534 Neglex Quad studio microphone cable, as I read mostly positive review about it, and the second option is ViaBlue™ EPC-4 Silver headphone cable, which looks also fine. Currently I am using silver plated copper custom cable, made by one Russian guy, and while the cable serves me perfectly, I still want to try something new.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
  5. Matthew420
    I recently swapped out a Neutrik XLR connector with the usual brass pins for an Eidolic one, with Tellurium Copper alloy plated in Rhodium. It was pretty startling to me how noticeable the improvement was.
  6. imas69
    Personally I would go for the Mogami as it's much more flexible than the Viablue, although I doubt either is going to be a massive difference over the stock cable, @ Matthew420, yes I've noticed myself, the
    Neutrik are well made but lack the quality materials of Eidolic or Furutech.
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  7. teknorob23
    imo the furutech sound almost the same, but the eidolic are so much easier to work and solder
  8. Angelic
    Can you advice me another cable, which can give audible difference in SQ ? And do you think about silver plated copper vs pure ofc copper cables?
  9. imas69
    It really depends on budget and how far you are prepared to go with the making of the cable, if you can handle the extra work load then I would definitely go with
    Neotech wire as this would be quite a big jump in sq, Neotech is OCC Ohno Continuous Casting, OFC Oxygen free copper is considered the lesser of the two in
    terms of quality. If you really want great sound quality then you could go to Neotech pure silver if you have a big wallet or even better a rich partner.
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  10. sennfan83261
    Yup, that's right for Hifiman cans like the Ananda as I found out this weekend :):

  11. teknorob23
    I'll second this, the UPOCC copper should give you a noticeable step up from most OFC wire, which i what the majority of stock cables and many after market cables are made of too. Its pretty good value versus peformance choice. The silver is expensive DIY option, but not if you compare it to the price of shop bought equivalent, which you could 2 or 3 times more for.
  12. Matthew420
    The other reason to go with something nicer, like Neotech wire, is that microphone wire isn’t the most flexible stuff in the world.
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  13. Angelic
    Which exact wire OCC or silver you can recommend? I found one on Neotech's website, NECH-3001, but it looks very stiff, probably I am on wrong cable, as I choose the sub-menu for EARPHONE / HEADPHONE CABLE.
  14. imas69
    Where on the Planet are you, perhaps we can point you in the right direction, if you buy direct from Neotech you would have to buy 100m or more.
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  15. Angelic
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