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  1. v3kt0r
    Hi Buke9,

    I'm about to use 2.5 trrs and already have multimeter which I've used before to do 2.5 trrs balanced for HD600. 4-pin for JH is a bit different in compare to Sennheiser. There are 4 pins for: highs, mid, lows and ground as on picture bellow. It's not like simple HD600 signal and ground for each side. So I was wondering how to terminate all 4 wires on 2.5 trrs jack. Should I solder all three wires (high, mid and low) to signal for right and the same for left and ground as usual?

    Thanks all for any advice.

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  2. Paladin79
    private message me your address and I will get some things out to you early next week. I have some 24 awg ofc in two colors that you might like and three wire braiding is not hard to do. This reply was meant for Demevalos.
  3. v3kt0r
    Guys, anyone? :)
  4. Allanmarcus
    Have you contacted JH and asked them? Have you googled? Have you posted on the JH threads? The LH approach is rather odd to me, at least, so I have no idea.Many others probably don't either.

    Once you find out, let us know.
  5. v3kt0r
    I didn't contact jh support because have had really unpleasant experience with that department. Don't want to waste my and their time. I assume they have sort of agreement with Moon Audio so they're kind of monopolist for their v2 iems cables and don't think they are going to share that info easily, but could be wrong of course.
    I googled it and found that picture but not really a lot about setup with no attenuator, but there is one for sure which you can get through moon audio website.

    Anyway, guys. I would be glad to get some info if you have and will be looking for resolution. Will keep you updated.
  6. Sharkhunter
    I plan to build a iem cable to isine 10. I have purchased the 2 pin 0.78 mm connectors. I want to build a Litz OCC silver plated copper cable. 24 / 26 / 28 awg confuses me while shopping for the cable. What can be used for my iems and where can i buy them from.?

  7. Paladin79
    24/26/and 28 awg.....AWG stands for American wire gauge, the smaller the number, the larger the wire gauge ergo 28 awg is smaller than 24 awg and would probably be fine in your application. It should cost you less.

    Now Litz occ silver plated copper IMHO is mixing terminologies and I am not so sure it exists as such. Litz wire is often used for transformers and often it has an enamel coating on each strand. I have also heard people talk about litz braiding so you may well be using that term.
    Personally I try to talk people out of buying silver plated copper unless they just want it for looks. The reasoning behind such wire is, with the skin effect the signal travels on the outside of a given wire and silver is a better conductor therefore they use just a thin layer there. (it might also be used to keep down oxidation but that is another story.) The skin effect usually kicks in at frequencies around 100kilo hertz and you will be listening to a signal that should be at an audible range of about 20 to 20k hertz (if you are lucky) so paying for silver plating makes little audible difference.

    You can find Litz wire on ebay and you can find OCC copper, silver, and probably silver plated there as well. Just be a little cautious where you buy it, OCC is a Japanese invention and if you buy it from a Chinese source it makes me wonder about authenticity.

    That being said, if you get a chance, try to listen to a decent quality OFC wire and compare it to some OCC copper lets say, and see if you can hear a difference. If when blindfolded you can pick out the OFC compared to the OCC all other things being equal, then by all means buy the OCC. I have the luxury to have at my disposal most types of wire made and in my own testing, it is rare to find someone who can consistently tell a difference.
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  8. buke9
    Toxic Cables has 26 awg silver plated Litz for $2.50 a foot for not their brand and $3.50 a foot for theirs.
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  9. kubig123
    +1 for Toxic.

    I have the cooper and the silver plate cooper, easy to solder. I usually double them.
  10. Paladin79
    Litz wire is generally not very easy to solder. Was there a coating on the individual wires? That appears to be a rope braid (how each strand appears in the wire itself.) On litz wire I generally use a solder pot because you have to remove the coating from each individual strand and that may well be what Toxic is offering.
  11. kubig123
    That's correct, you need a solder pot.

    Otherwise you can go with Double helix, they are selling 2 version of a OCC Copper Wire, 24 AWG, that is very easy to solder.
  12. buke9
    Yes the Nucleotide wire is nice and very soft and flexible but solder fast as the cover melts very easy.
  13. Paladin79
    Interesting, I have not dealt with any of it in about a year and I am more used to the classic definition of Litz wire and its usage.
  14. CarlosUnchained
    Can somebody explain why the Color Series HCP is so cheap compared with the rest of the cables?
  15. Oscar-HiFi
    4N OFC vs 7N UPOCC...

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