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  1. NTK1
    Where can i find a good selection of y splitter?
  2. Allanmarcus
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  3. XenHeadFi
    Very nice of you to share!

    @NTK1 - Double Helix Cables probably has the largest single collection of them. ViaBlues (fake and real) can be found all over eBay, but are larger in size (40mm long and 20mm in diameter). Searching eBay for "pant rca splitter" gives you some more varieties.
  4. Hippocamp
    Here's a newbie question...

    I want to make an RCA to 1/4" female TRS adapter cable (so that I can connect my headphones to the pre-out RCAs of my Audio GD NFB-11).

    The wiring would seem to be really simple, but just wanted to make sure I have it right.

    Four wires (24 AWG Canare) . + and - to each male RCA connector. Then, for the female TRS, Left+ to the tip, Right+ to the ring, and both negatives to the sleeve.

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  5. Whitigir
    Sound just fine to me for standards
  6. lotech
    Another newbie question.
    While I've been soldering for a long time, never anything so small as .78mm 2 pin plugs, or .2.5mm TRRS plugs.
    I'm looking for something to practice on, especially for the 2 pin connectors. I'm not willing to sacrifice a bunch of them while I hone skills.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? I've looked for cheap connectors but can't seem to find any.
  7. Paladin79
    Where are you located. I might be able to send you some small connectors gratis.

  8. Allanmarcus

    Solder the wire to a small finishing nail to practice.
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  9. Guerito
    Hi all - I've made a few headphone cables recently and this thread has been a fantastic resource, so thanks to everyone on here. I've been using either copper wire with a clear insulating sheath or random colour wire sleeved in paracord, all using 24AWG stranded. I've seen a few photos of people using wire that has a brass coloured insulating sheath. I've been looking all over but cannot find this - I've even been checking jewellery suppliers for it. Is it a trick of the light showing this colour in pictures or is there a supplier somewhere that I've missed?

    For reference I'm talking about something similar to a cable that Pinkypowers posted for Meze 99 Classics back in early Feb:
  10. Paladin79
    I have seen some litz wire that is that color, there is an enamel coating over each strand and sometimes the wire also has a clear jacket. If I can locate a good supplier I will post a link.

    It may still be copper wire in that photo but the gold portions certainly look gold so I suspect the wire is more of a bronze color.

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  11. Paladin79
    This is not a bad idea and it certainly works. When I offer to send connectors and such it is because I receive a lot of samples and oftentimes we do large, one time projects, where we have to buy extra connectors. Occasionally I get connectors that I have to reject because a small percentage is defective and I can either dispose of them or offer them for training purposes. I have a large amount of RCA connectors from one supplier that fell into that category.
  12. lotech
    Thanks for the offer, PM sent.
    and I'll probably try the finishing nail idea before I start on actual connectors.
    I've got a decent amount of wire from some previous builds.
    I'm sure not going to use DH wire to practice!
  13. Paladin79
    If I think of it I will try to include some star quad and probably some of the OFC 24 awg I like to use.

  14. Little Bear
    I have a Weller WP25 soldering iron, but it only has the tip it came with, which is a fairly large, flat one that looks too large for a job like this. Any recommendations for a better size and or type to use? Maybe a conical shape?

    Also, the solder I have is Kester .031" 60/40. Good choice for soldering connectors?
  15. Paladin79
    I will have to check on the Weller tips but that solder is what four of my people use day in and day out to attach connectors to cable. I have purchased larger and smaller but 90% of what we use is the .031 Kester.

    here are a couple Weller tips, a medium and pointed. I just did a search for WP 25 tips on that site and each add list the models they accommodate.

    These are the styles I generally use, the medium is great for 1/4 inch and xlr's, the conical tip is better for small connectors. Normally I use 800 degree tips but I get by with 700 on occasion. It looks like your iron is rated in watts so I have a feeling most any tip made for it works at the same temperature all the time.

    Here is a link showing the iron with the part numbers for other tips.
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