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  1. Paladin79
    Paracord is not expensive and it is sold by the number of pounds of force it can withstand before breaking. This has more to do with the internal strands of nylon cord as opposed to outside diameter of jacket. Sometimes you just have to buy a few sizes and experiment.:smile_phones:
  2. i luvmusic 2
    Good idea i did this back then but most of the Paracord(550) end up onto my work boots(shoe lace).....:ksc75smile:
  3. Paladin79
    LOL, on occasion I will help someone with a cable and use paracord. Unfortunately it gets down to "no I want a color blue in between the two samples you are showing me". One day if my company offers paracord to DIY folks I will be sure and measure the inside diameter of the cord when it is stretched so folks have a decent idea if the cord will fit over certain cable. I may also have to list how the colors come out on a pantone color chart to make choice of color easier.:smile_phones:
  4. WayTooCrazy
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  5. NTK1
    Should have just ordered W2820 and re-do my cable, 5mm OD. I used W2534 for my build. Online store doesn't sell this one by the foot and that's why I missed it.
    • #24AWG conductor version technically similar to #W2534 NEGLEX quad Mic. Cable except for smaller and slippery outer jacket.
  6. Paladin79
    The charts shown are somewhat helpful but that is outside diameter of the paracord I imagine. Since it does give a bit; not nearly as much as techflex, that could be some fairly useful info even if outside diameter.
  7. Sharkhunter
    I have a ZY H800 Cable with 1/4 inch jack.
    Will i be able to terminate the cable and make it a balanced with 4 pix XLR?

    I read somewhere that i could do the same with a Stock HD800 Cable.
  8. Paladin79
    If you have four separate wires (two grounds) you should be able to change out the 1/4 inch with a four pin xlr and make a balanced cable. Basically any cable using dual entry into the headphones can be turned into a balanced cable IMHO.
  9. Sharkhunter
    True. just need a second opinion before I cut the cable with the scissors.
  10. Paladin79
    Hopefully you have an ohmmeter so you can tell which ground is which, you will want to maintain left channel with left ground and right channel with right ground. Otherwise with two black wires you have a fifty-fifty chance of being correct.

    Often I will use mini four pin xlrs to pig tails so the same cable can be used for balanced or unbalanced applications. I prefer the Rean (Neutrik) xlr's and I know of at least two other people on here who have tried this method. It gives you a lot of flexibility without investing in several cables.

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  11. Sharkhunter
    yes I do have a ohmmeter.
  12. Paladin79
    Cool you should be set then. Depending on which amp you are going to, it is not too hard to find the pin-out on the standard size four pin XLR. Check to see which wire is which going to the headphone connections and you are in business.
  13. Allanmarcus
    I usually post deals in the Deal thread, but this one pertains to DIYers. Amazon Prime will have the PanaVise 301 on sale in the early morning
    Price before sale is $48.95

    The PanaVise 312 tray base is a great companion.
    The PanaVise 352 PTFE Jaws is also good as they might be more solder iron resistant.

    But it's the 301 main vise unit that will go on sale. Price $35.09.

    20% savings isn't uncommon
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  14. posnera
    I'm considering converting a set of MMCX iems into a "modular system". What I'd like to do is shorten the length from the iem so that the jack terminates just behind my neck (collar length) with a standard 3.5mm male jack. That way I can either attach a longer 3.5mm for wired use, or a stand-alone bluetooth receiver for wireless.

    So I have a few questions (I'm new to most of this - I have successfully replaced a headphone jack from the end once before).

    1 - what is the smallest male sized jack that I can work with, so I can limit weight (is there one with a shirt clip? doubtful)
    2 - is there anything special I need to know about cutting above the y-split? I don't think so, but any advice would be great
    3 - better yet, does anyone know if a short MMCX cable is already available for sale? (my soldering skills are limited, so I'd be happy to pay for the work!)
  15. Paladin79
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