Dita Audio Flagship - "The Dream"

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  1. deafdoorknob
    the difference between the truth and the dream is rather more marked than answer v. truth. Dream is cooler in tone without being clinical, the subbass is tighter with better texture, and the mid and upper bass is a fair bit tighter than Truth. The mids are also a bit cleaner, without being overly thin.

    i find that if you love Truth but want even moar of what makes Truth special, you might enjoy Brass Truth a little moar than Dream. Dream is tuned for maximum detail retrieval whilst maintaining an engaging musicality.
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  2. WCDchee
    Soundstage, imaging, layering, air, is significantly improved, bass quality and impact, resolution, basically it's all all round SIGNIFICANT upgrade in every way.

    Tonally, it's a leaner more reference sound, but it's upper end is more controlled
  3. Agul
    Thanks a lot guys. Precious comment.
    Hm one more question, what sources do you use to drive the Dream?
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  4. deafdoorknob
    i was using the sony zx2 as well as the zx2 + alo national+
  5. WCDchee
    I use a balanced modded mojo.

    The New Sony players are excellent choices too.

    That said the mojo is my source of choice ONLY if you have a good transport, despite what many think transport truly matters, and a mojo can go from sounding just rudimentary to being the best damn portable source you've heard depending on the transport.
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  6. Agul
    I see. I own a ZX2 too. Seem to be a good news.
  7. Sleepow
    The ZX2 did a decent job with the Dream, but you might want to consider an upgrade or amp in the future to get most out of it.

    I have the ZX2 but upgraded to the WMZ1.
  8. Agul
    Yeah that can be foreseen. Once you get a passion to try something at hi-end level, you definitely want to stretch out the full potential of it. haha

    Anyway it needs patience till Dream is back on sale. I could stick to ZX2 for now. I actually quite like it for the past 2 years.
  9. nogi replicant
    I just picked up a WA8. The Dream (very burnt in) sounds incredible out of the WA8 3 tube mode. If you get a chance try it.
  10. Oscar-HiFi
    I can imagine them pairing well with tubes, but unfortunately the high output impedance of most tube amps means it's not feasable. The transformer-coupled WA8 looks perfect for them!
  11. Galm
    What material is the Dream Driver?
  12. ranfan
    The Dream definitely has one of the most impressive bass sound that I've heard in the IEM realm. I like how it is able to control itself, not to congest the stage, or decrease the tone clarity. Amazing how this DD manages to create a precise sounding overall notes - not overly-thick, nor lean - and at the same time releases such a gob-smackingly good bass power and depth. I'd definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a good bass IEM, not to mention a precise, and detailed sounding one as well.
  13. ranfan
    Sharing a few photos of my DITA Dream. :D



    First impression, these DD babies deliver a real good punch in the low-frequency. It has a fast responding bass, with a good image size. The sub-bass has a good rumble, and the reach is very deep. The mid-bass hits hard, but doesn't leave the stage congested with its size, it's quick. The stage is quite spacious, and midrange pretty clear. Sounds very good for electronic, and pop music. The jack replacability is nice, and convenient. You can change between 2.5 BAL, and 3.5 SE easily.
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  14. SeeSax
    Dream thread is quiet these days!

    Had a question regarding the cable. I bought these from the classifieds and they came with the normal retail version of the Dita cable. Mine sticks out of the 2-pin sockets further than the photos I see in here. The seller mentioned it and I don't think it's a big deal or anything (he actively posts here too) but I wonder if it is actually different than the one bundled with the Dream. Anyone else have the issue where the cable protrudes out of the IEM further?


    That said, I'm using the Rhapsodio Golden cable with them right now and my goodness, the ergonomics are so much better. I really can't stand wearing the Dita cable, but it just feels so wrong not to use it with these IEMs! :)

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  15. Galm
    That photo looks to be sticking way further out than normal, like they arent even going in all the way. I don’t think it’s other peoples photos that unit just looks wrong.
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