Dita Audio Flagship - "The Dream"

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  1. nogi replicant
    To my ears the Tia Fourte just has a much bigger, richer, and textured sound. More realistic and organic sounding, and more musical. It is a little darker though, so that could be percieved as a + or a -. I have over 200 hours on the Dream. I think the Dream has a great price performance ratio compared to the other TOTL's. My Fourte's cost twice as much as the dream, they are not twice as good, but they are definately quite a bit better.

    The other reason is that I have tinnitus in one ear, and the Dream doesn't have any hearing tech so the tinnitus flares up more.
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  2. nogi replicant
    double post - don't know how to delete
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  3. Galm
    Thanks! Helpful!
  4. Shure or bust
    I am on the opposite of the spectrum. The Tia Forte wasn't impressive at all, the Layla ii beat it. Not counting the Forte is ugly as hell. I'd say its down to the re-2000, Rhapsodio v1/v2/v3, and Dream. I wasn't impressed by the layla ii, and tia forte. Would take a kse 1500 over the two and choose from the 3.
  5. nogi replicant
    The Fourte are ugly, there is no doubt about that. The Dream on the other hand look pretty awesome, especially with my 1z with black Dignis case.

    So I have decided to hold onto the Dream at this stage. I tried the blue bore Noble tips with them and the sound and comfort lifted a little. I have been listening to the Dream predominantly over the last few days. In saying that whenever I put the Fourtes' back in my ears I am just like 'wow - ok, that is how music should sound'. The Dream are more forward on the details and it feels like they are trying harder technically to impress me (and I am impressed), the Fourte though seems to just step up to the plate with confidence and delivers a big organic and effortless sound. The Fourte to me sound very different to most other high end iem's I have heard in that they focus less on trying to impress me with the technicalities (which are all still there) and instead just evelops me with an organic and musical sound. The relaxed nature of the Fourte and the cohesiveness of the sound I think could be a bit of a turn-off to some. I actually think the Fourte and Dream do compliment each other, and they both have killer bass which is nice.
  6. WCDchee
    The blue cored noble tips are superb, I use them on all my IEMs
  7. nogi replicant
    Once you get a good 300 hours or so on the Dream's I would be interested in any comparisons you could provide between the Dream and the Utopia. My Dreams are at about 300 hours and out of the 1z I am finding the sound to be getting bigger, airier, clearer, and more settled and with better timbre.

    I don't have any headphones but I have decided I am finally going to get a set. I have nearly dived into headphones about 3 times but I will just get so many less hours out of them compared to iem's. But with the Fourte and Dream on hand I figure I will sell my Zeus XRA and 1960's cable (I love them but have had them for a while) to buy some cans. I know if I start at the mid tier I will only just spend a zillion dollars upgrading so keen to go with a more high end set, probably either the HEK v2 (so I will need to get an amp also) or the Utopia (which I believe sound pretty great out of the 1z balanced).

  8. Galm
    Guys how on earth do you clean these things if the screen gets clogged... It's so fine I can't clean it with really anything thin on hand.
  9. deafdoorknob
  10. Galm
  11. deafdoorknob
    no scrubbing, it's a tacky substance that doesn't leave residue it picks up the dust and debris
  12. Shmuel
    Can anyone comment on how the Dream may sound in relation to my akg 3003?
  13. Binsterrrrr
    Can anyone comment on how the 2 different Dita cables (Copper and SPC) affect the sound of the Dream?
  14. Agul
    I am quite interested on how much Dream has actually improved from Truth. Based on all of your impression and description, I am sure it is (maybe even not "one of") the best DD IEM of the price. However, so was Truth. Since both of them had been the best of a genre for a period, is there any remarkable progress from the Truth to the Dream?
    You know, the Dream now costs twice the Truth. It really requires some determination for me to place the order - well, when it is back in stock. Just want a final reason to convince myself.
    Big appreciate if someone could offer a comparison.
  15. WCDchee
    The copper I said fuller, warmer more musical possibly depending on your tastes but the silver has a superior air, stage and more importantly precision. Different Flavours I would say.
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