Dita Audio Flagship - "The Dream"

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  1. WCDchee
    One of the things I so love about Dita is the fact that they never use off the shelf parts. Every element of the design is custom specced to their needs.

    This includes the 2 pin plug connector and socket. Most companies use off the shelf comnectors and pins. As such the socket is almost always the same, 2 thin metal contact rings set in plastic, and these invariably loosen with repeated plugging and unplugging.

    Now as for Dita, if you had a look you would see that they have extremely think chunky contact rings as sockets that are far less likely to loosen with time. Besides this, there are actually metallic spring leaves within the sockets which grip on the pins, enhancing contact and durability.

    As a result of this, the stock cable pin design is actually slightly different from the standard 2 pin connector. The pins are longer, and are specially tapered in a way that actually makes them snap into the socket somewhat like what FitEar sockets do, albeit to a smaller extent.

    That said, the dream is indeed compatible with standard 2 pin cables.

    I would enquire about the stock cable with the previous owner if possible.
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  2. Galm
    Wanted to post an RMA experience.

    So I was having issues with my left ear bud and sent it in to get fixed. They said it was measuring fine and sent it back. I was still having issues though and realized it was the cable connector.

    I asked for a new cable and got it really quickly, and it instantly fixed the problem. So I was really happy with Desmond's responsiveness and helpfulness in resolving the issue!
  3. waxiboy
    Hi guys..I pulled the trigger and bought DITA Dream the bad news is I have tinnitus and it triggers it...what can you suggest to lessen its brightness/sibilance or should I say make it warm..
  4. SeeSax
    Sadly I think this IEM is probably not very good for someone with tinnitus, but you can always try a warmer cable and/or Comply foam tips. I tamed the treble a bit on my Dream with a Rhapsodio Golden cable, but any copper cable might do the trick for you. Differences will be slight and you will lose a bit of that Dream resolution-magic, but it could be the difference of loving or hating the IEM for you I suppose. Check out something like the PW Audio no5 cable or the Rhapsodio Pandora Dwarf, two of my favorite copper cables.

    And then I'll buy the stock VDH cable from you of course :)

  5. musiclvr
    I would definitely look into purchasing the Comply Ear Yops with the Wax Guard filter. Those are probably the warmest tips around and, in my experience, helps to take the edge off of bright earphones.
  6. musiclvr
  7. Kunlun
    Turn down the volume by 1/3. Keep it down.

    Also, see an audiologist.
  8. nogi replicant
    This is the main reason I sold them. Having tinnitus myself and having owned many in ears the only recommendation I have is Adel tech. Much better than Apex for tinnitus. Both of which are much better than no hearing tech at all. Something open back like the lcd i4 is also good. That is what I am currently using. But for a sealed iem Adel is the boss.
  9. waxiboy
    Do you also have sensitive ears?
  10. waxiboy
    Have you tried changing your cable with a pure copper cable? If yes is it still too bright for you??
  11. waxiboy
    My Dita always lose its sound on the right I think it has a problem with the cable...this is my chance to ask for a copper replacement cable hahaha
  12. Galm
    If anyone was looking for a pair of these I'm letting mine go... Thought I'd mention it since they're rare in the U.S.

    Easily the best bass I've heard in any iem.
  13. audiojr
    Hi guys, I’m thinking of getting a aftermarket cable for the Dream. What are the options out there that provide better comfort (the stock cable is rather stiff) and offer sonic upgrades, while maintaining the same sound signature.

    Feedbacks and suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks.
  14. SeeSax
    I'm not a fan of the stock cable either, but oddly enough I find the ergonomics of it much better on another pair of IEMs I have (Earsonics S-EM9) due to the angle of the socket.

    My favorite cable with the Dream so far has been the Leonidas from Effect Audio (mine is sort of a one-off version), but the ergonomics of Effect Audio cables are generally very good; soft and supple and you don't really notice them. I have an Eros II coming in that I'm going to try with the Dream and can let you know on that. The Leonidas is pretty darn expensive, but then again these already come with a $500 cable. @PinkyPowers is also currently testing the Dream with a Leonidas I think, so maybe he can chime in on cables as well since he too did not fancy the stock cable.

  15. PinkyPowers
    I agree. Leo is indeed a great, great match for DITA. I like the sound, and ergonomics better than the stock cable, if indeed you can call a $500 cable "stock". :)
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