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Darkvoice 336i & 336SE Tuberolling PartII

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Jul 31, 2008.
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  1. Slade01
    Hey JKDJedi...it looks like your ElectroHarmonix 6SN7EH is the new one (reissue) right? Did this tube require burn in on your DV....was there any initial hum issues with this?
  2. JKDJedi
    I honestly don't remember. RCA Grey Glass is a better tube IMO.
  3. Slade01
    Cool Thanks. Another tube to put on the bucket list to try...Yeah, I was only asking because i'm 2 for 2 for hum on new reissue tubes. This thing loves only the stock and any NOS i throw at it which I have had zero hum on any of those. Lol. Not that its a bad thing...
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  4. JKDJedi
    And with all that my NOS tube I just got in has the hum...LMAO... well the positive note on NOS tubes with hum is that you know your popping its cherry! Burn in time for my spanking brand new Westinghouse 1957 D getter 6SN7GTB (left), I'm told it's miles ahead of the 60's halo getter version (right) so really anxious here, (oddly the 60's version had no hum when I got it) So we'll see.. ..
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
  5. DarkDrummer
    Use it....It works Great....but...be sure to use the spray and not the brush-on crap. The crap just will NOT dry.
  6. Keno18
    The 7236 just arrived this morning and already loving it. Nice bass slam more detail in the mids, highs are etched in. Also more gain. Will report more as the tube burns in.
  7. ggillies
    Yup.. I have stocked up on Tung-Sol 7236s.... I love the way the Tung-Sol 7236 works with various 6SN7s. I listen mostly to rock, EDM and punk music, so it takes a fairly fast responding tube and one with really good bass to make my music sound right. The Tung-Sol 7236 paired with the Philips is to my ears, the absolute perfect combination of speed, impactful but tight and deep bass, soundstage and a great midrange and sweet but crisp high end.

    The Tung-Sol 7236 pairs incredibly well with

    1. The Philips JAN 6SN7WGTA
    2. The Sylvania 6SN7W
    3. The Ken-Rad JAN-CKR-6SN7GT

    After a monumental amount of listening, those are my top 3 combinations to use with the Tung_sol 7236.

    Cheers, and happy rolling!
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2019
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  8. adeadcrab
    Enjoying the 6080WB today. Missed that tube sound :L3000:
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  9. Keno18
    Boy, the DarkVoice is fussy about it's 6sn7s. A new production Tung-Sol 6SN7GTB hums, one vintage TS mouse ears has a noisy right channel, another branded Motorola has a low level hum. Finally found one the DV likes, a vintage TS mouse ears branded as a Raytheon. The ones the DV didn't like are slated for the Schiit Vali 2 which doesn't seem to care but then again doesn't quite come up to the DV.
  10. JKDJedi
    This from Ripper2860

    "The DVs are very highly regarded, but there was a an issue w/ DV336 (including SE's) that exhibited hum due to a design or build flaw. DV336 uses AC (Alternating Current) heater circuits as opposed to DC (Direct Current). With AC, the 2 heater wires going from the transformer to the tube heater pins should be twisted for shielding purposes to prevent hum. Quite a few DV 336SEs did NOT have a twisted pair of wires but instead were straight and side-by-side. This creates a real problem with hum and varies in intensity from tube to tube".

    Ripper2860 helped me pick out my last tube (which is phenomenal) had some hum, but with 12 hours of burn in went away COMPLETELY.
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2019
  11. attmci
    Have you tried a Syl 7236? Curious about the difference between the two.

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  12. JKDJedi
    The double getters are extremely intriguing for me, does the 5998 have double getters? and thanks..just bought one...gonna find out for myself :wink:
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2019
  13. attmci
    Yes. My favorite c-top 5998 has a pair of bottom getters.

    I don't have Syl 7236. So please don't blame me if they are not good....:)
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2019
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  14. JKDJedi
    LOL.. I won't , but just for the fact of the two getters... I didnt even think about it... BUY NOW!!! :D I'll keep you guys posted how they sound.
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  15. Keno18
    Thanks for the explanation. Two things then, 1. I'll put the humming tube back in and give it the appropriate burn in time and 2. When the warranty period is up open the box to check the heater wiring.
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